"from the Roots in the Right Direction"

Tour 2017 - Canada

for Canada’s 150th anniversary I went on tour with a bike and a guitar, bringing music to people from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. From the roots, combining the naturalness and the purity of biking with the most natural way of singing, just voice and guitar.

starting 27th April until 4th July 2017, I cycled an average of 140 km per day and hosting concerts along the way.

During my tour I supported Art Takes Action for Charity. The organisation hosted 3 art events for charity across the country: Vancouver: 27th April, Toronto: 10th June & Halifax: 6th July. Art Takes Action for Charity is supporting children's health and education. Meaningful art for meaningful causes. 

this was a great challenge, beginning with a long tough training during a cold German winter and definitely along the bicycle ride. I had to support, from the just third riding day, an entrapment of the Ulnar's nerve on my left hand; that caused me the impossibility to move my pinkie & ring finger properly for a long time and therefore the impossibility to play normally my guitar.

after all of that you can really feel & appreciate the power of the Nature and find a reason more to respect it. 
the most beautiful moments..? the amazing sunsets that I admired along the roads of this fantastic country.

TOUR ' 1 7 - "from the Roots in the Right Direction"

27th April - 20th July - Canada - 15,929 km - 102 days - 13 shows - 5 time zones
biking stats: April 28th Vancouver - July 4th Halifax
biked: 6034 km -  avg speed 24 kmph - elevation gain 45.6 km - 258 h biking
max elevation 1664 m - dehydration 216 liters - max speed 72 kmph - calories 164.801

The Merchant - Toronto - 20 July
The Company House - Halifax - 6 July
Café C'est La Vie - Moncton - 1 July
Piatto Pieno - Montreal - 20 June
Heart & Crown
- Ottawa - 17 June
Avant-Garde Bar - Ottawa - 15 June
The Merchant - Toronto - 10 June - (Art Takes Action For Charity)

Konoba - Sault Ste. Marie - 3 June
Thunder Bay Country Market - Thunder Bay - 27 May
Garbonzo's Pizza Pub - Winnipeg - 20 May
Artful Dodger - Regina - 13 May
Vern's - Calgary - 6 May

Studio Records - Vancouver - 27 April - (Art Takes Action For Charity)

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