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29 June 22

swimming without wetsuit is definitely harder. As usual, I swim in open water for 1 hour for each workout session.. my face after the one of today.

26 June 22

a really nice Sunday afternoon at the Schlick Cafe in Hamburg.
this place is in a very particular location that was also on the Triathlon race path.
(while I was driving I recognize the streets.. it was a pleasant sensation be there again,
from that area starts the best part of the biking portion, where you can really push)
however, the Cafe was very cool, staff very kind and the stage was in a super spot.
(me during the sound check)

25 June 22

it was pleasure to be part of the "Straßen Musik Tage Schwerin 2022"
kind people and very particular stage. 
(check it out here)

15 June 22

finally, It's ready on all music platforms this new fantastic version of "Semplicemente Noi (Librasonus Remix)" !

check it out & let me know your vibe - (Spotify) - (AppleMusic) - (Dezzer) - (Amazon)

12 June 22

nice vibes and cozy atmosphere at the Schaalsee-Camp in Seedorf - here a memory
This summer we are going to plan a new tour right in the camping grounds in Italy, Spain, Germany.

8 June 22

great, the IronMan race video summary is ready ! here the YouTube link

I put together the videos taken by my wife during the day (from her mobile) and the best pictures available about my race

5 June 22

second IronMan accomplished !!! What the F**K !!!!! ;-) I'm super Happy !!!
7 months of training for one day. Fantastic !!!!!
A unique experience that I'll keep forever among the most special feats I have achieved in my life.

Thanks to all the people that supported me in this fantastic adventure. (pic of the finisher shirt)

Swimming Portion:
I felt prepared for swimming, I had covered the total distance in training many times and the temperature of the competition lake was warmer than where I usually train.. but I had not foreseen the "bumps and knocks" during the competition.
This year the athletes were more than double compared to the year before and near the bridges it was really a struggle. I will have received thirty (at least) strong blows all on the right leg that led me to stiffen and therefore unexpectedly I got very aggressive cramps for 5/6 times that forced me to stop for a moment and change my style. In the end I was definitely tired with a gap of 2 minutes compared to the previous year, but relieved at least I had completed the first portion of the race.
(pic of the start and the arrive of the swimming)

Cycling Portion;
In the portion of the bike I went quite well, an average of 29.58 km/h which with the bike I had is almost a feat.
I was happy because I had improved the time of the previous year by 8 minutes. The route was beautiful, initially we were in the center of Hamburg and then went out for about fifty km, there were two laps of 90 km each.
The best part was the one outside the city, where you could push long straights and have fun.
Despite the poor performance bike, I really overtook a lot of people, covering 180.2 km in 6h07m09s.
maybe one day I'll take a serious bike, who knows?
(pics during the cycling)

Running Portion:
during the marathon I encountered some unexpected problems. I was feeling ok, but I was very thirsty after the bike portion. I drank some water at the filling stations, but the water was really cold, I'd say too cold and this added to the constant wind that I took on my stomach during the journey along the lake caused me a stomach congestion. During the middle of the marathon I was without strength and struggling to breathe, so I had to walk for 10 km to avoid failing to complete the race. I started running normally again in the last 2 km.
I was angry to have walked for so long because I was not able to beat my previous year time but I was very happy to have managed to finish my second full IronMan !!!
Beautiful experience and magical adventure! Indeed a challenge with yourself.
(pics during the marathon)

4 June 22
I checked in the bicycle, the red and blue bag (pic of the bike)

2 June 22
we moved to Hamburg for the race preparation process.
I registered on June 2nd and here me finding my name on the IronMan board (pic)

28 May 22
here the weather is quite cold.
Me thinking one second before to start to swim in the cold water (pic)

27 May 22
I was driving home and I saw one of the most beautiful rainbow of my life (check it out)

22 May 22
today I played in a boat..here the picture
a nice and relaxing Sunday at Salem See bar

21 May 22
I replaced the chain, the front and rear spools on my bicycle
I took a picture of the chain.. because I'l never see it so clean again (pic)

14 May 22
Good vibes last Saturday at @ Gute Stube Hamburg
Very cool people & place (memory of the gig)
and a special thanks for this drawing on my guest book

11 May 22
it's always beautiful to be back in Boltenhagen, great place
even more relaxing with the bike (instagram pic)

7 May 22
despite the very nice venue & kind staff, we are far from where we should be. There's no point in planning an event if it's not organized how it should be. Our fault yes, but I'm starting to get tired (instagram pic)

6 May 22
first swim in the lake of the season
water temperature 10 degrees, outside temperature 16 degrees
little desire to laugh (instagram pic)

4 May 22
Travemunde, Songs & Nature (instagram pic)

1 May 22
ok the color, but the scent is magic (instagram pic)

29 April 22
running with the sun.
longer days, but still quite cold (instagram pic)

25 April 22
starting pushing harder on the training for the IronMan race.
between playing 3/4 times a week and training everyday..
I can say that, at the end of the day, I'm usually pretty tired

15 April 22
the days are longer, the workouts harder
(pic after the training day)

8 April 22
finally released my new single, "Dammi una maNo" (Spotify direct link)
after two and a half years of pandemic, I felt the need to do something, this is my contribution.
a huge thank you to Metroopolitan Music Studio and Max Vol 
I tried for the fist time "AudioMovers - ListenTo" and I have to say that it worked very well!
I was able to work sharing my ProTools session above the distance, with friends even if they weren't beside me.. a big step, also thinking about future productions ;-)
The Single will be available online in a few days..
happy about  what came up.. I'm improving step by step..

31 March 22
current society surprises me every day.
All to comment on the gesture between Will Smith and Chris Rock.
I saw the video in question and I can't understand how a comedian can pronounce such an offense against a sick person in the audience at the Oscar award ceremony.
That was not a joke, it was in my opinion, an offense in bad taste.
Then I read the comments of many famous people (eg K.A. Jabbar, who I always followed as a child with his incredible "sky hook") who claim that Will Smith dishonored blacks because he reacted on impulse, he didn't respect women because he didn't allow them with his gesture of defending themselves and many others bla bla bla.
I wonder, are we kidding?
Will Smith tried to defend the honor of his wife and family, unfairly ridiculed by an offense in a public ceremony (the audience was laughing at the joke/offense about his wife's illness).
A slap is wrong, but the offenses, mostly towards a sick person who is suffering, are wrong too.
But of all, why all these people are judging?

I feel that only those who have experienced the disease and the consequences of that can tell us how much harm Chris's words about Will Smith and his wife have done.
God said, "let him who is without sin cast the first stone"
in his time no one threw the stone but even now, no one should speak.
It is too easy to posthumously criticize something personal and emotional.

The point is that we are men, women that is human and as humans we react.. there was a bad offense or provocation and a bad reaction, this was. They should both apologize and understand each other's shortcomings, but also the people in the audience laughing should apologize and finally also the organizers of the evening, who have allowed that the presenter would foment such a confusion.
Why for once there can't be a bit of silence since none of us are perfect and nobody can say how we would have reacted if we had found ourselves in that situation?

Have we always been perfect in every circumstance of our life?
no, so why do we allow ourselves to judge?

and if this is judged as absolutely guilty (from the most), then I ask, but what do all these "judges" comment about how the various governments around the world treat citizens by forcing them to inject themselves with a substance they call a vaccine but unfortunately it is not such (the results speak, but just the time it took to create it is clearly not in line with the procedure that doctors have always recommended) and they are so aggressive in imposing it to the point of suspending people who do not comply with their indication from work and force them to marginalize?
Therefore, everyone is scandalized by a slap, but instead forcing "everyone" to inject a substance (which unfortunately in many cases has also proved harmful, let's check how many people died during sport races lately or had to stop their carrier for problems connected to blood circulation.. aspects that can reasonably be linked to the intake of this substance (called a vaccine) how is it judged?
How much hypocrisy is out there?
As soon as someone dissociates from what they are forced to say or do, they are labeled "homophobic, Nazi, racist, violent, etc.. the list is long"
but someone still has the head that works?
I am disgusted by this type of mental nullity, indeed I would say stupidity

21 March 22
Spring is here, at least on the calendar
I'm increasing my IronMan training and fantastically, as for this period, the daylight is becoming longer day by day.
I started with the swimming pool too, June 5th is not too far

05 March 22
I started recording a new song that I'm going to name "dammi una maNO"
this tune is what I feel and think about these last 2 years and half of "pandemic isteria".
soon it will be done.. stay tuned 

27 February 22
regarding what unfortunately has been happening in these last days, this is my thought.

What life has taught me is we must learn to live as roommates on the same planet, if this can help, this song is here to remind it - We All Are One - Spotify link - Apple Music link

16 February 22
Hi Guys,

after several months I finally completed a long job, remastering all the old albums and reloading them on the music platforms from which I had removed them years ago.
It took a long time, even to synchronize most of the songs with the lyrics, but now everything is ready.
So, you can find all my past and present from now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and all the others, just searching for "TOZ Antonio Piretti" as an artist/musician and then you can search and listen among all the albums, single.
If you can, remember to put a like to the songs you prefer and to follow me, so you can be updated when I will upload some new songs, which I am already working on.
I hope you can enjoy and discover some new/old songs that you may not have known.
Thanks as always for the support and let's proceed great !!!

7 February 22
thanks to Demar Grant (Toronto Star) for this cool article: 
TTC buskers to return to subways after nearly 2 years. Here’s what they did with their time off

5 February 22

thank you guys for all the birthday wishes (Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Calls, Msg, etc.)
it was really something !

2 February 22
a bad experience
I was running in the dark, it was raining & blowing a lot of wind, as well as obviously being cold
(as always).
I couldn't see anything, no even the asphalt (but this is how I run in the dark every time)
I thought I was in the middle of the street, but this time, that was not true.
Suddenly I was on the ground.. I fell badly with incredible pain in my left ankle
While down, I thought about a hole in the asphalt that I didn't see.. but then
I realized I was unfortunately in the left very hand side.
The sole of my left shoe (Hoka One One, with high sole) was sore on the margin of the street,
causing the twisting (bad sprain) of the left ankle.
It was too dark and in the fall the portable light (which I use to let cars see me) got out of my hand.
after several minutes a car was approaching
I asked for help, but the car slowed down and then started again.
bed situation..
I was still totally in the dark with an unrecognizable pain in my ankle.

With the light of my watch (Garmin) I looked for my portable light and finally I found it in the grass after a long time (around 10 minutes of rain).
I breathed a sigh of relief. then I realized I had to do other 4 km to reach home,
with an ankle that really was hurting me.

I didn't have my cell with me (for the statistics of the run I only need the watch)
so, in the rain I start slowly limping home.
after a week (when I'm writing) I'm still not perfectly recovered
but luckily it wasn't broken.

25 January 22
ain't funny?
I traveled through 16 European countries with a bike during '20, I played many gigs and accomplished an IronMan during '21 and I got this now in '22 at home while I was rehearsing alone.

22 January 22
at home every time I was looking for a pen, I never found it

so I had them done, the new gadget has arrived, (see  pic)  and I like it

11 January 22
just released a new live recorded video: C'era una volta (Acoustic)
song dedicated to all the Italian immigrants & emigrants that I met during this long journey
we are little pieces of Italy, but we are really many and everywhere
we bring our homeland up high, which we miss day after day

8 January 22
thanks to MusicalNews & Giancarlo Passarella for the kind article
"Il video del brano My Name Is Not Important di Antonio Piretti (alias Toz) in versione acustica"

6 January 22

here a new live recorded video: My Name Is Not Important (Acoustic)
thanks to Metropolitan Music Studio for the sound

I'm attached to this song, I often sang it in the subways of Toronto and every time something beautiful happened.. between me and me I started calling it the song of "miracles".
I wrote it many years ago, trying to lend a hand to a boy who did his utmost to help children in Africa..
the song was written imagining what an African child might think of our Western world.
The text seeks precisely to solicit more concrete and important help.

Ps: I used this guitar for the first time. This is a rare "Piretti Guitar", handmade by luthier Sergio Piretti (Bologna) many years ago, even before I was born. I received this guitar a present from a friend last year.

1 January 22
this year has to be better !
let's make it a great one !