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_from the Roots in the Right Direction_ Tour 2017 - Canada


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10 June 24

Hi Guys,

here for you a brand new video ;-) You Have Been The One

so many cool memories in 10 years of friendship.. by Oz Photography

just check it out and let me know what you think of it 

stay always cool & tuned


8 June 24

it's always nice to do sport after returning from a concert.. in the dark and in silence.. great fun..

7 June 24

for the first time, in a shoes store (@ Heinrich - Das Schuherlebnis)
for the Kulturabend Holtenauer Straße, Kiel
cool concept idea..

(me at the shoe store)

2 June 24

good vibes @dirkscafetoka on a sunny Sunday afternoon..
(memory of the day)

1 June 24

Beautiful to play @bbschaalseeklause at sunset..
(check out the sunset)


21 May 24

I was towards the end of my shift, on Grafton Street..
the next day I'd have left, I was playing the last song, and here Jimmy appears and listens..
let's joke for a moment, he confuses "Heroes" (by David Bowie) with the one I had sung, which was my original song..
I decide to sing another one of mine that I knew he liked (he took 2 of mine USB sticks some days before).
then slowly we walk along Grafton Street..
he was nervous, because he saw so many police..
we arrive at a certain point and we go to see the statue of
Philip Lynott, where we take this photo..
we then continue to the statue of Luke Kelly and there, with his voice, very soft, calm and sweet..
"can you hear the cicadas?"
I look at him "Jimmy, this is the sound of the ventilation of the Mail next door.."
he smiles "yes, I know.. but they look like cicadas.."
he smiled under that little mustache and those glasses, he was very sweet..
he was like an angel, almost every time I finished the day in Grafton Street, he always appeared and I was feeling better.. he was calming me down and just hearing him talk..
made me smile, that is, it warmed my heart..
(picture with Jimmy @ the Philip Lynott Statue)


20 May 24

you're in Dublin and you don't get a Guinness?
(me & Dag drinking a Guinness, Cheers)


20 May 24

I was walking, I said to myself "you should cut your hair" I saw the sign and I went up to the first floor.. a fantastic place!
(pic of the barber shop, elegant & beautiful)


19 May 24

big or small, it depends on your point of view
(nice pic of the spot where I was playing)


17 May 24

a day in Howth..
(memory pics of the day)


13 May 24

faces of Dublin..
(memory pictures)


12 May 24

whatever you have, take It out !
At Grafton Street on a rainy Sunday..
(memory picture)

11 May 24

4 days in Dublin, an incredible school,
I thought I saw something, actually no.

pros and cons in everything, but Dublin definitely has an edge..

One of the few cities where there is a license to play on the street which includes amplification.. for a musician it can also finally mean the freedom to be yourself
(pic memory)

8 May 24

happy to have played in Grafton Street..
if we want to be honest there is a kind of "sound war" and my speaker is not very powerful, but the voice however defends itself well.
it looked like a film, with gangs of kids who at a certain point started throwing rubbish bags into the middle of the street or doing damage.
met several musicians, from different parts of the world.. here with Joe Hajso

(memories of the day)


5 May 24

done also the Italian version of the project "Music On The Roads" with some cool pics from my tours.. 

2 May 24

and here the introduction of Music On The Roads - Streets Of Berlin
realized with my friend Oz John Photography

this will be part of my future


1 May 24

on a difficult day, with a lot of wind..
suddenly a couple starts dancing in the square and they are good.. shortly thereafter several children with their parents start dancing and so out of nowhere, a square turns into a dance floor..
this is the best memory of yesterday afternoon

let fate do its part..

28 April 24

it was nice to go around Berlin with my friend Oz John Photography last weekend..
songs, people, places.. here we go again, @ Music On The Roads

21 April 24

Playing among people...

it's a way where you let fate act, making you meet destiny.

it's what makes people's paths cross, it's a call between souls..
(Gromitz memory)


12 April 24

one of the saddest days I remember..
I had a concert in a musical instrument shop in Hamburg, but no one showed up.
The crypto market has dropped a lot, resulting in problems for all my bots.
But what really made an incredible splash was the email from the TTC:
"Dear Antonio Piretti     

We regret to inform you that your audition was not selected for our 2024-2027 TTC Underground Sounds Subway Musician Licence."
they took a part of my life away from me.. I'm shocked


5 April 24

I'm relieved
finally the project is accomplished, it took more than 2 months.
here my testimony regarding, why I started this song writing project
(I became more used to this program that manages the effects and I was able to create this one)

Testimony - Why I Started This Song writing Project?

let me know your opinion, it took a lot of efforts ;-)


15 March 24

ehi guys,
here I'm with the last 2 videos recorded live on September of the last year. I used the video effects also for these two videos, 
We All Are One
They Are Still Here
in the next days I'll put together the real interview.. where I'll explain why I began this songwriter project 20 years ago and I'll extract some parts of the recorded songs as samples of what I mean with songs with meaning, with messages.. that was and still is my goal
stay tuned, it will be nice


8 March 24

I spent time on a program that is adding effects on the videos..
I like them, even if I know I have to improve managing them.
here a couple of samples:
My Dear Faraway Friend (Charcoal)
I'm On My Way (Colored Pencil)


1 March 24

today I submit my self for the new TTC Undergrounds Sounds Subway Musician Audition, to received a license for the next three years. I recorded the video during the night and the camera that I had with me was not the top.. however, here my video

a live performance with a medley of 3 songs in 5 minutes

looking forward to see the results

22 February 24

I had the time to edit a couple of videos that I recorded the last September in Bologna, here a few:

Love Is (live studio recorded)
C'era Una Volta (live studio recorded)
My Name Is Not Important (live studio recorded) 
Let It Go (live studio recorded)

a big thanks goes to Boat Studio Recording and to Pietro Ballardini for the great hospitality and assistance.

These and other songs are part of a larger project, which I hope to complete as soon as possible


27 January 24

I released a new video, Love Is (Piano Version - featuring Altin Furxhi painter)

The song "Love Is" was written in 2007 for a contest of Paulo Coelho, regarding a compilation for the soundtrack of the movie of one of his book "The Witch Of Portobello".
This song, over the years, has been recorded in different types of arrangements, this is a version just voice and piano. On piano Matteo Gamberini who also followed the arrangement.

Every now and then, projects are born from a simple joke.
I was in an appliance store and I asked, jokingly, the clerk who was following me: do you have a discount for a musician?".
He laughingly tells me, I'm an artist too, I'm a painter..
We started talking and I told him that I would have liked to associate a painting of him with one of my songs, creating a video. We stayed in touch and eventually that quickly thrown out idea has now materialized in this video.

Thank you Altin Furxhi, painter and art professor ( Coincidentally, the location that Altin Furxhi chose is a spot that I know very well, in Riva Del Garda (Italy), with a beautiful view of the lake in a magical garden.
Every time I go to Riva Del Garda I pass by that point and often take my guitar with me and play for a couple of hours... it's simply beautiful.


10 January 24

I returned to Germany.
In this period I'm trying to best structure the project created last year on crypto currencies,
I have to say it's g
oing very well.

I hope, soon, to have the right time to write new songs, compose..
to have my head free from problems and find the right mood and tranquility.

This year will be important, I will try to live it to the fullest, as always!


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