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_from the Roots in the Right Direction_ Tour 2017 - Canada


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27 May 23

throughout my musical journey, I have never canceled a gig.. not even if I had fever, like today
(here the pic of the today gig)

26 May 23

with three small children.. for everything, it takes more time.. 
(memory pic thanks to Oz Photography)

18 May 23

I spent a week in Mexico..
even if the days of the flights were devastating (more than 20 hours travelling in both travels, round trip), the experience was beautiful.
The climate is beautiful (more than 30 degrees), melodic music that was heard in the clubs and on the radio, 
nice people, warm and sincere and nice company too, Jorg (together our hotel) the owner of Byblos (the most beautiful place in Italy in the 90s) with whom I worked many years in the past.
We went for a convention that was held on the weekend of May 13th and 14th, but we got to see both Guadalajara, where we were, and other villages, such as Tequila (here a couple of pictures) where the famous liquor is coming from (pictures of the visit to the Tres Mujeres Tequila company production).
We also finally met the founders of Billions, a company that performs cryptocurrency arbitrage, and we were therefore able to remove the doubts we had.
Maybe some sidewalks could have been kept better, but overall Mexico was a really nice surprise..

27 April 23

a day to remember, but in a negative sense
already driving to Travemunde, not only I was late, but I was talking on the phone and I didn't make up the right mood that usually I have arriving there..
unfortunately, as during all this April '23, the weather was cold and windy..
I had the wind on my front/left for all the time.. around 21 km/h..
as usual I started before 1pm heading to 5 pm.. 4 hours, this is what gives a sense to my day there.
I felt cold, it was difficult to move the left hand (I was losing the sensibility of the fingers) and I also had a drop in my voice, an aphonia.. that happened just 2 or 3 times in all my music years (since 2006)..

needless to say I was tired, since in the last several nights I didn't slept enough, the kids were often waking up while sleep..
nothing was working well but I was still trying to share good vibes..
I'm always convinced that a song can change your life.. 
I heard some passerby saying "today is too cold"

(I don't know German language, but this I understood).

always cloudy and for a few minutes also raining..
30 minutes before the time I thought to stop, the urban police arrived..
they were three, one man and two women.
The man was talking and he told me that the speaker is not allowed in the Lubeck area.

I was trying to understand what happened, because where I was nothing was around me.. I was on the little promenade along the Trave channel..
while I was explaining that my sound was not loud and the people were always happy about that..
one of the 2 women said something to the man..
and he asked me "my colleague is telling me that we met already last year.. is that true?"
it was true..
so he said to me that if they had seen me again with the speaker on, they would have confiscated it and there will have been a fine of 70 euro
the lady asked me also my id and started to write down my data (it took quite a bit)..
honestly I felt treated as a criminal..
my intention has always been to share good vibes and trying to make the elderly people in Travemunde more happy.
so, that was it..
after several years of good vibes and magic moments, my time in Travemunde was vanishing surrounded by 3 police officers who were applying the so called rule..
I know what I did there.. I know how many people complimented me, how many cried, how many smiled, and how many had a good time.. everyday I was there..
but no one was there in that moment..
nothing, no one said a word, silence..

only a man approached me when the police left and said something is German..
he was wondering why I was not playing anymore..
I said what the police told me..
he said something in German, shrugged and walked away..
that was it, around 6 years of fantastic memories, sunsets and struggles.. 
the wind was still pushing its cold breeze..
slowly I walked away..

PS: sometimes while I was playing there, I was used to joke with myself, saying:
"one day, in this spot, they will erect a statue with my name"

I suppose I was wrong..

8 April 23

Finally the new USB pen drive of the #STRONGER album!!!
it's been rare to sell CD
s or Usb sticks for some time now..
but the previous ones have been sold out  😉 !
check it out

6 April 23

I was running very quietly..
I heard a "toc" and a little pain in my right knee..
I stopped, I didn't feel much.. it seemed to me that I had maybe put my leg in a wrong way touching the ground..
I didn't know.. I said to myself, maybe it will stop soon and I continued..
the little pain was not disappearing..
I did my usual standard 6 km..
stretching, shower and slowly I couldn't move my leg anymore..
no sleep..
I went to the hospital the next morning but the only thing they could do was x-rays..
ok, they confirmed that there are no broken bones.. but I already knew that..

I'll have to do more detailed tests in the next few days.
in the hospital, however, they suspect the meniscus .. ouch..

17 March 23

Santiago Xavier Piretti
after a long journey, he reached us..
well, now let's start the adventure together
(check here for his firs picture)

7 March 23

in 2002 I created enjoytoz, in 2023 cryptozlead, always forward.
take a look, there are 4 courses, I think they are all interesting.
I believe everyone should know what will be part of our future anyway 😉

23 February 23

In these days I'm dedicating a good part of my time to a new project that I'm following since several months, connected with cryptocurrencies. Regarding my music project, since there are no gigs in these days, it is nice to grab everyday a different guitar (I have 4) and review some songs or just improvise something new.. or try a different piano version of one of my songs.

15 February 23

During February, I had the opportunity to play twice at the Windmühle Siebenbäumen e.V., Siebenbäumen and it was really nice. It was a pleasure to mix my performance, not only voice & guitar but also with an old piano and the atmosphere with all those candles was really cozy. 

24 January 23

I just released my new live video voice & piano, recorded in an old vintage windwill..
Una maNo : link the video
I'll see you there for my next upcoming 2 gigs
(Windmühle Siebenbäumen e.V. Mühlenstr.18a Windmühle 23847 Siebenbäumen)
check the tours page (in the menu above) for tickets and more details

19 January 23

so, there are 2 upcoming events.. same very cozy place, an old windmill
Windmill Siebenbaumen eV Mühlenstraße 18A 23847 Siebenbaumen

on Feb 10th, personal concert, original songs, voice, guitar & piano
link for the tickets

on Feb 14th, celebration of San Valentine, love music, voice, guitar & piano (originals & covers)
Italian food, drinks by candlelight
link for the tickets

pass by and show some love ;-)

13 January 23

are you ready for the next gig?

In an old windmill, cozy acoustic atmosphere.. voice, guitar & piano.

Friday Feb 10th - 7:30pm - Windmühle Siebenbäumen e.V.

Windmill Siebenbaumen eV Mühlenstraße 18A 23847 Siebenbaumen

Eventbrite link for the tickets

pass by and show some love

04 January 23

like in fairy tales.. you enter the mill and find a piano.. you sit down and play by candlelight.. wind and rain outside. (memory pics of the day)
see you here (Mühlenstraße 18A, 23847 Siebenbäumen DE) on February 10, 2023 at 7:30 pm, for an acoustic concert, voice, guitar, and piano.
link to the online tickets


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