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25 March 20

recording a new song named "Something More"..
written last year and reflecting a thought for a couple like for instance my wife and I..
but also appropriate in a period like this in which we find ourselves at home following the indications of our governments..

20 March 20

a note to our fans, partners and sponsors:
"due to the restrictions on mobility adopted by European countries, we must delay the departure of the tour "Not Only A Currency". As soon as the conditions will allow it, we'll resume the project and carry it out with passion".

13 March 20

This little guitar plectrum, (see the pic here) represents a great hope of positivity and trust for us..
it's our first gadget, just arrived today.

What is "Not Only A Currency" ?
It's a music tour by bicycle. (see the presentation here)

Respecting all the sanitary & health rules that each country has or will put into effect, from April to July, with courage we @hippiehappyholistic & I, will cross with a bicycle & a guitar, 16 countries that use € as currency throughout Europe..
strengthening the European spirit of unity and collaboration, so important in a time like this.

10 March 20

we, my wife and I, are working hard everyday.. and we are creating a great tour.
I have to tell that I'm sad and worried about the epidemic caused by the corona-virus, which is spreading in Europe. We have been working on it for a year.. and we will make it true !
let's win this virus all together and keep on creating good music !

9 March 20

today we received a fantastic news..
we are waiting for a new little boy.. expected for August 12th
this time I'll decide the name that will be: Nicholas Daniel Piretti

8 March 20

we have opened a new Instagram account: Music On The Roads
Maybritt will follow for the most this account with which we'll try to let you see with pictures and videos what is happening daily in our adventures.. feel free to leave some comments..

6 March 20

setting and try the G3 Zoom multi effects for the live performances..
really cool distorted sounds.. guitar & voice too.. 
it will be a catchy show !

4 March 20

took the camper from the deposit and brought it to the garage for the yearly audit

28 February 20

we are happy to announce that "Solectric GmbH" & "DJI" are among our partners !
Solectric is a company in Germany specialized in Camera Systems, LED Light and Drones. 
Solectric is one of Europe´s biggest Partner of DJI..
we are looking forward to shoot every step of the upcoming tour.. ;-)

25 February 20

a great welcome to our new partner MEI Digital, Distribuzione Indipendente !

I'm sure, we will create a great collaboration..
AudioCoop & MEI are an historical brand for independent artists & labels in Italy !
stay tuned for update regarding the Italian gig..

23 February 20

I've tried for the fist time an energy bar by Power System.. and it was fantastic !
80km training.. "una sgambata" ;-) 
I've tried the chocolate & yogurt flavor, really tasty

20 February 20

thank you for this nice interview to our friends Fabrizio Intravaia & Corriere Italiano Montreal: 
"Una bicicletta, una chitarra e l’Europa"

19 February 20

pushing harder with the training.. today 65 km in 2 hours @ Intinity Club Ratzeburg

17 February 20

welcome in our team to our first sponsor.. from Luxemburg,
BikeTours, Personal Guided Bike Tours, Rental & Coachings
you can see how this appears on our Tour Map..  Luxemberg became green ;-) !

15 February 20

welcome in our team to some new cool partners..
Power System Sport, Products For Your Workout that will support us with energy bars
Bikers Dream, The Smallest And Strongest Mini Foot Pump In The World that daily will pump up  our bicycle's tires 

14 February 20

for San Valentine the new album "Three" is finally out !
available on all the major music platforms, follow the link:
Spotify - Apple Music - Deezer - Amazon - SoundCloud - BandCamp - or on this website at the Music Page

let me know your feeling about it.. ;-)

11 February 20

working on the new gadgets for the tour..
3 cool tour's jerseys (male, finale and long sleeves) and custom guitar picks..
stay tuned for updates..

10 February 20

everyday playing at the piano, practicing and improving reading music sheets..
but still I miss playing freely in the subway ..
I miss that mood, those vibes, the great energy and the daily warmth of the people.. 

8 February 20

2 long days at "Oohh!", the fair for campers and "around" in Hamburg..
we were looking for partners or sponsors for our upcoming tour.. 
it is a good fair, and we had some good connections..

Maybritt and me.. exhausted.. 

5 February 20

my Birthday ! Good time with good friends !
thanks Prinz & Giada  to visit us..
here we are (Prinz & me) during the barbecue grilling time..

3 February 20

released the final version of the logo for the upcoming tour "Not Only A Currency"

1 February 20

today, first day in the gym for the preparation of the tour..
thank to Infinity Fitness & Wellness Club, in Ratzeburg & Molln (24/7).
50 km as entry point.. 
me before to begin.. when done, I was "done"..

31 January 20

ehi, here we are, this is the bike with which we'll cross Europe !! (see the pic)

Thanks to our partner KOECH 2-RAD
(bicycle store - Koech 2-wheel technology - Langenbrücker Straße 12 - 23909 - Ratzeburg)
if you pass by Ratzeburg, right in the center. go and say hello.. really cool bicycle store !

27 January 20

updating this website and the presentation of the tour, here the new version, let me know what you think.. 

24 January 20

we are happy to introduce new partners of the upcoming European Tour
Adidas Runtastic - Fitness App Experience
EnjoyToz.it - Travel, Event, Art & Fun
Dp Informatica - Networks, Security, Communications, Systems Engineering and IT Security


21 January 20

we are glad to announce our first partners of the upcoming Tour "Not Only A Currency"
Desa Comunicazioni: services for artists - Donatello ;-)
Metropolitan Music Studio: Music Studio, Musical Production, Mastering, Service - Martino ;-)
Pedaling.it: travel e.magazine, to enhance the travel cycle mode - Sauro ;-)
Infinity: Wellness & Fitness Club - Molln & Ratzeburg - Arsalan ;-)
Koech 2 Rad - Bicycle Store - Ratzeburg - Marcel ;-)
stay tuned for the next update.. ;-)

17 January 20

preparing the material for the project #Tozmovie, I found these old pics..
Me and Jorg (Byblos)  -  Me by Riccardo Franchetti  -  Me and part of the Fandango staff during a party
let  me know your comments.. 

8 January 20

we have just updated the presentation of the fantastic upcoming European Music & Sport tour:
here the link to: "Not Only A Currency"
check it out, it's really a cool project ! and let me know your comments 

6 January 20

the new album, "Three" is on its way.. thanks to Metropolitan Music Studio for the mixing and mastering 

2 January 20

a new year just began, with a big challenge, the European Tour, "Not only A Currency"..
working on that.. stay tuned 


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