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18 June 21

nice acoustic Italian mood this afternoon and evening at @ Ristorante Hotel Italia in Aumühle
I started before 6pm and I kept on just until before 10pm.
there were good vibes on the large airy terrace.

I came back home quite late around 11pm and I went running for 15 km.
it was nice, in the silence of the dark, surrounded by the nature and the moon..

16 June 21

pushing harder every day with training.. today 90 km biking.. (just before to start)

13 June 21

the mood at Sunday 7 pm.. (a memory)
let's close this intense week with an hour's swim..
5 gigs and a strong increase in training.. 
today it was nice to play on the terrace @ Das Thomas in Salem close to the beach.
ps: so beautiful to see how longer the daylight is reaching during the evening/night..

12 June 21

the season of the garden concerts started today..
cool vibes in Kittlitz with Andrea on the percussions.. (a memory)

11 June 21

nice acoustic vibes @ La Masseria Lubeck today at the sunset.
surrounded by pizze & horses.
a memory of the day

10 June 21

it was since a long that I was not playing live.
they have been two good days.. one in Travemunde and the other one in Boltenhagen, places that I like.
playing is like feeling alive somehow.. it's a flow of energy & vibes..
in my case I need several days to mentally come back to the right mood..
somehow, after along cold winter, now summer arrived also here.. and these were two great days close to the Baltic sea.
Pleasant even the sun on the skin and play until sunset..

08 June 21

thanks to Stefano Virgilli, Voxlab.net and Alfonso Oliver for the cool "zoom" interview (Italian language).
Ps: my voice was in pieces, but we worked it out ! 😉 here the YouTube video link

01 June 21

with the beginning of June we are three months away from the race (Iron Man).
I raised again my training time for all the disciplines this time.. running bicycling & swimming.
(during winter I was only running & bicycling)
so, I finally started swimming in the lake.. (here two pics.. one - two )
I tested both the wetsuits that I bought for the race and honestly I don't feel too comfortable in them..
I hope, however, to become used to that soon.
it's tough, not only for the fatigue, but also for the time that it requests.. at least a couple of hours per day

22 May 21

my new single is just uploaded !
my best friend asked me to set a poem from him to music.
I changed the lyrics and got out this song: "Volo Via Con Te".
it's a passionate song,
 a message of love, a promise.played mostly voice and piano, sung in Italian.

here to the Spotify link 
here the Apple Music - iTunes link
here the link from this website on my music page
(the song is available as well on all the other main music platform as Deezer, Amazon, etc..)
Let me know what you think. charge !

18 May 21

I spent a week in Italy.. to bring back my Mom here in Germany to let her spend time with her nephews..
it was nice of course see my friends and go around my own city (here a pic of the central statue of Neptune).. but how weird or said was to be forced to come back home for the curfew at 10pm..
for the first time I made a swab for customs, which promptly asked me for absolutely nothing.
however, happy to have the option to spend time with my Mom and see her playing my children.
here a beautiful dawn when I came back home.. (see the pic)

9 May 21

almost finished a new song, called "Volo Via Con Te"
for the first time ever, I wrote a song with another person.. Nicola Catelli, my best friend.
for my birthday he gave me his old classic guitar.. a fantastic one, handmade by the famous luthier Sergio Piretti in Bologna (Italy), many years ago.. (here the picture).
I didn't know what to do for his birthday and he suggested to add music to one of his poems..
so I worked on that, I edited it and finally a new song was born.. so I'll release it.
happy for the result..

21 April 21

I bought a new bass.. I really like it and I love its sound, so warm and full-bodied.
It is just great to play it and feel its vibes..
from the next song, I'll be able to record it by myself.. cool !

14 April 21

this picture is summering the nights of the last two months, working with Protools, fixing my old songs and mixing & mastering my new ones.
see the pic .

after some many attempts, tutorials and telephone calls with my friends.. I feel I improved.. for sure I have still so much to learn, but at least something I reached..

31 March 21

today at sunset.. (see the picture)

the IronMan race in Hamburg, has been moved from June 6th to August 29th cause by the pandemic restrictions.

Not a so good new for me, considering I've been training hard since the middle of November 2020, through the daily cold, wind, rain, snow and ice of a long rigid German winter.

The only positive point is that I'll have more time for the swimming.. cause still the pools are closed.. but the water in the lake will be warmer in the next weeks..

25 March 21
it was cool to perform today at Riders Cafe for the streaming event by 
"Kulturfestival Schleswig-Holstein"
really nice place, stage.. I had good time.
here the YouTube link to the 45 live performance.
(the above link is set at the right moment when I started, in case goes to the 14':40'' for the first song)
there are also a couple of new tunes.. 

22 March 21

Happy to perform "live streaming" on Thursday 25th at 3pm (Berlin Time) for the "Kulturfestival Schleswig-Holstein", here the links to follow live the event:
Live Stream concert (from Riders Café, Leinweberstr. 4, 23556 Lübeck)
on Facebook  -  on YouTube

21 March 21
you can see/feel that the day light is becoming longer day by day.It's still cold and windy, but better day by day.I bought the wet suits for the swimming training, but still the lake temperature is too cold to use them.pushing on my daily training, but I don't feel to be there yet.. I'll increase my hours in the next weeks.working on the video of the new single.. Semplicemente Noi.

03 March 21

from today I'm re-starting to push strong again on my training..
the post production of the new song "Semplicemente Noi" is basically finished and I'll begin to create the video soon.
I had a strain or tear in the calf of my right leg which after about ten days finally passed.
Let's keep up the good energy Power System Energy Bars !

We are happy to renew the great partnership with Power System for this new IronMan Challenge !
Power System started to collaborate with us during the last Tour "Not Only A Currency", keeping me powerful and in shape along all the long journey throughout 16 European countries for 6125 km for 98 days.
Now all the efforts will be focused just for June 6th, the Hamburg IronMan !

26 February 21

it took me approximately the last month to study and apply what is necessary to create a mix & a master with ProTools and all its plugins.. Waves, Native Instruments, Izotope, etc.
During this period Martino (Metropolitan Music Studio) helped me so much with advises and teachings.
The process is not completed yet, but I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Soon there will be the mastering process and then the new song "Semplicemente Noi " will be done.
It's a love song.. but upbeat.. dedicated to my wife, who is telling me that I'm not too much "communicative" in sweet speeches.. so I thought to write this song for her. I theroy I was hoping to finish it for San Valentine, but I'm still here..  ;-) not for long, I hope

20 Febraury 21

since I'm dedicating so much time to learning how to mix & mastering a song, I have to say that my training momentum has decreased..
I was really in a good shape around NewYear's Eve.. but then starting to go to bed around 5am and waking up around noon.. caused me a kind of drop in the dedication to my training..
in general I feel more tired, I'm not sleeping enough (cause I still have to wake up when Maya is crying or requesting attention..) and I want to be back normal as soon as possible. 
always cool running surrounded by snow in the dark (see an example).

15 February 21

around 10 days of really cold temperatures here in Germany..
it is not possible to train with the bicycle, so I'm using the new "cyclette" that I received for my birthday.


5 February 21

I spent my birthday with my family.
In theory we were thinking to go to Italy and celebrate with my friends and parents.. but still the restrictions of the virus are still up we decided to stay quite at home.
It was nice, and I'm happy to have time to spend close to my children.

1 January 21

we are only at the beginning but there are already several projects for 2021.
I'm recording a new song, "semplicemente noi", a song that I really like and that I will try to make the most of it, maybe even in different versions.
I am also training for the IronMan race which will take place on June 6th in Hamburg, for which I am dedicating alredy several hours a week.
then as soon as the restrictions caused by the pandemic are lifted, it will be possible to plan something interesting for this 2021.
step by step, let's proceed confident