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TOZ Antonio Piretti - Germany


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31 December 19 - Lubeck - Germany

I had fun playing voice & guitar and djing at San Michele Ristorante in Lubeck !
nice atmosphere, cool people, cozy place... (my pic on Instagram)
I was really impressed by the fireworks that I saw just through the window.. it seams that Germans are really into that.. waow ! 
we started early, at 6:30 pm and we finished around 3am

25 December 19 - Seedorf - Germany

Christmas with my family, Maybritt & Maya and... ops..

23 December 19 - Toronto - Canada
I woke up at 4.50 am, I just wanted to do it,, make it real..
while I was walking in the cold dark morning, I was happy, I was feeling good..
I arrived at Queen's Park Subway Station before it was opened.
I waited and I got the spot.. I started to play around 6:15am..
as usual the same stream of people.. but this time, that early morning shift was special, that day (December 23rd) is special..
that was my Christmas wish and my Thank You to all the people that during the year supported me playing in that subway station..
Michelle who was scheduled there that morning showed up at 10am and I left, but it was worthy to live that experience.. a real Christmas atmosphere

18 December 19 - Toronto - Canada

I have always thought that playing in the subway, it’s like to have a window on the life.. people are passing in from of your eyes, life is passing in from of you every day.
when you have your own routines, somehow you see or meet a certain kind of people and you attend to certain places and somehow you become used to them.. but when you are standing there taking out everything that you have, you are just facing new experiences every day, unpredictable..
so many different kinds of people.. and looking at them walking, sometimes, you can live their feelings, their happiness or illness..

17 December 19 - Toronto - Canada

just a relaxing day on a set.. 
sometimes to rest and distract myself I have agents who book me as BackGround Artist..
I think it's charming to see how the crew is operating with cameras, lights, etc.. and it's also a nice way to meet new people..
today I'm downtown Toronto for the set "The Green Room"..


16 December 19 - Toronto - Canada
a nice review of my upcoming album "Three" in Italian language, click the link 

and here a nice interview by Sonia Bellin, click the link

15 December 19 - Toronto 
- Canada

it's really nice what I'm experiencing while I play on the subway.
people are nice and kind..
today for example a cute old lady brought me a cup of coffee right when I started..
I nice girl brought me a muffin because I was playing her favorite song..
a woman came to me crying telling me that the song that I just sang was the favorite song of her Mom who passed last week..
I could keep on and on.. the point is that you are out there among people and the music the vibes that you create are the connections among souls.. this is what I feel..
so even if it's tough to play an average of 6 hours per day, it's also a unique way to experience circumstances or episodes in which you would never have found yourself had it not been there.

14 December 19 - Toronto - Canada

many things happened in this 2 weeks of Toronto..
I'm really playing very hard in the subway and enjoying with the costumers this Christmas atmosphere..
I saw some friends and I'm following many interviews connected with the new release "My Angel Yours Always"
the weather is cold, but honestly it could also be worst..
surfing the moment.. ;-)


27 November 19 - Toronto - Canada

finally it is online the new video of my Christmas song
it is a lyrics and animations video..
it took me a lot of time to edit all those details..
let me know if you like it.. ;-)

26 November 19 - Toronto - Canada

waking up early this morning.. finding yourself cuing at the Tim Horton at Dundas & University at 8:00am..
mah.. weird..  

25 November 19 - Hamburg - Germany

this time I've counted them !
to reach the airport in Hamburg.. from the highway to the airport.. I don't know how this is possible but you have to pass through the city.. ok.. do you wanna bet how many light crosses you have to face before to reach the airport..?
the terrible number is just 38 !!!!! it's insane...

13 November 19 - Seedorf - Germany

Excited to announce the release of the new single, "My Angel Yours Always", a Christmas song dedicated to my baby little daughter.
Click the link to listen to it on SoundCloud and check the cool cover
Available on all the music streaming pages as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, BandCammp, etc.. just dail "TOZ Antonio Piretti" and "My Angel Yours Always".
the video will be released soon.. 
Let me know your comments

10 November 19 - Seedorf - Germany

thanks Lifoti Magazine for the nice article 
just click on the title..
Music meets Adventure TOZ Antonio Piretti a musician with muscles

9 November 19 - Seedorf - Germany

when I left Bologna in the morning it was raining..
a leaf was stranded in the windshield wiper of my car and even if I when through snow and 6 hours of rain.. that leaf was still there when I arrived at destination.. sometimes things happen that are hard to believe.

8 November 19 - Bologna - Italy

Mission accomplished, the new album has been finished !
Martino (Metropolitan Music Studio) and me worked 9 days together starting with the mixing and then with the mastering of the 8 tunes. 
that has been a cool experience for me, in which finally I was able to follow each step and decision regarding each sound, effect, compression, etc..
I learnt a lot and I gave my best to let the songs sound as I was feeling them.
The first single will be "My Angel Yours Always" and will be released for Christmas !
stay tuned ;-) 


7 November 19 - Bologna - Italy

driving my vintage '69 "Fiat 500" and my vintage '72 "Piaggio - Vespa Special 50" it's just amazing !

4 November 19 - Bologna - Italy

with my friend Prinz we have fixed my car.
Since 1 year there was a weird oscillation during the during the acceleration process.. and we (i was just making the right light for him) in the end fixed it !
Very happy about that. 


29 October 19 - Bologna - Italy

after 1351 km and 9 hours driving.. I'm back in my own town.. Bologna

24 October 19 - Travemunde - Germany

I was setting up my equipment, in a gloomy day, along the promenade in Travemunde..
ops.. with big disappointment I saw that a seagull just shit on my trolley.
while I was cleaning I just remembered.. people say this is a lucky happening..
I smiled and I started a day that was everything except promising..
at the end it was quite ok.. and even if it stayed covered and grey for all the day..
I thought about that seagull.. 

22 October 19 - Seedorf - Germany

Finally After 2 weeks of editing and working on words, animations, etc.. 
this is the new video lyrics, for the song Together:
take a listen and let me know which animation you like the most.

28/29 September 19 - Seedorf - Germany

we have done a 2 days photo shooting in our place.
a set for each instrument.. many of them are cool..
so be ready to see me with bongos, keyboard, cajon, shakers, tambourines, guiro, Eko guitar, Yamaha Guitar, Coxx guitar and dj console too.

25 September 19 - Seedorf - Germany

finally finished the editing on my new songs..
it took me sooooo long.. but at last I'm sure it's done in a good way..

21 September 19 - Ratzeburg - Germany

today it was my gig #400 at Lile Cocktail Bar in Ratzeburg.
and nice article on the local newspaper (see the picture).
it was very nice to see people coming for the second time after the first gig in July..

14 September 19 - Travemunde - Germany

it's always a pleasure to play in Travemude..
a mix of freedom and nature.. sun, wind, the sea behind me.. a great spot with great people.. 

8 September 19 - Bad Lobenstein - Germany

driving back in the Hamburg direction..
today is the birthday of my Mom.. it's very weird to figure how time is running fast.
happy Birthday Mom !!!
above the km driven, spent a nice afternoon with M&M at the Ardesia Therme here in Bad Lobenstein.

2 September 19 - Riva Del Garda - Italy

finally arrived finally arrived at Riva del Garda for a week's holiday.. 

31 August 19 - Bologna - Italy

mission accomplished !
finished just after lunch.. happy about what we did..
then it will be the time for the mix and mastering.. 

26 August 19 - Bologna - Italy

today I'll start an intense week all dedicated to my new album..
at Boat Studio, all mornings and afternoons.. a full time week of recording and ideas that become true.

20 August 19 - Seedorf - Germany

working on the new album.. finally some relaxing days at home 

16 August 19 - Travemunde - Germany

it was cool to play tonight at CasaGrande (Travemude) for friends that traveled a long journey to listen to me after 1 year that we met.. it was beautiful to feel how they appreciated and knew my music.
Thanks Sylvia for the compliments and the attentions..

12 August 19 - Tating - Germany

a really nice weekend on the North Sea.
Not only for the great gigs at MS Glücklich am Meer (Huzum) on Friday and  
at Deichgrafenhof, Restaurant The Duke (Tating) on Sunday but also because we (M+M+A) went around with our old camper.. and it was quite challenging but fun.
we met very great people in both of the places and the welcome was fantastic !


11 August 19 - Tating - Germany

a pleasure to play in this such a nice place, Deichgrafenhof, Restaurant The Duke - Tating
Moin Moin..

10 August 19 - St Peter Ording - Germany

a relaxing day in St Peter Ording.
walking in the center I just saw where was the venue where I played 3 years ago..
you can see only the sign nowadays.. the place is not existing anymore..
(here the sing)


9 August 19 - Husum - Germany

the owners of the MS Glücklich am Meer (Huzum) were so nice that they set up the table fo our camper and serve us the dinner on the camper.. while I was playing.. Unique.. a good reason to take a break.. 

8 August 19 - Husum - Germany

it's pleasure to be back at Husum after 3 years..
walking around, from the old square to the canal without water cause by the tide..
really nice place and great memories.
There was a strong wind, but it was nice jogging among the sheep.
a shot during the jogging (see pic)

19 July 19 - Travemunde - Germany

It's so special to perform at the sunset, outdoor.. as tonight on the patio at Casagrande in Travemunde.
the perfect summer combination.. sun light until late, a nice breeze, the smell of the see and the good vibes of the songs..

18 July 19 - Boitenhagen - Germany

when I finished to play he said to me "ehi amico".. and he came to me.
he told me "your music is really nice, but there is a very little desynchronization between your voice and your guitar.."
then he started to tell me about the tuning at 432 hz (the past measure) vs 440 hz (the actual measure).
he gave me many reasons about this subject so, curious, I checked better when I arrived at home.
I tried to tune the guitar at 432 hz and I have to say that I feel the sound somehow better, from both the voice and the guitar..
Thanks Agostin for this interesting hint.

11 July 19 - Boitenhagen - Germany

a nice surprise at Malibu Club in Boltenhagen
it is very cool to play on the beach during a warm summer day:
a cool memory from the bar (see pic)

10 July 19 - Timmendorfer Strand - Germany

it is great to play at the sunset in a place on the sea.
join me for the best sunset every Wednesday of this summer at Wolkenlos
here a pic from the bridge after the last song (see pic)

5 July 19 - Travemunde - Germany

always good vibes at CasaGrande in Travemunde.
Very nice people and very good place with a great patio for cozy summer concerts at the sunset.
check my new summer music attire (see pic)

2 July 19 - Seedorf - Germany

a quite of warm impact.. the weather is really hot here in Germany.
I had a couple of gigs @Casagrande Restaurant in Travemude and I played also in Gromits, Boltenhagen and Schharbeutz.
it is only the beginning of the summer, but the scent is very positive, good vibes and great people

7 June 19 - Toronto - Canada

it was unreal walking downtown Toronto during the Raptors game.
nobody on the streets.. and every place packed of people watching the game with big screems and loud sound.
and of course, you could clearly understand when the Raptors were scoring.. 
Let's Go Raptors..!

I went inside a place in time to see the last minute of the game.
not good, lost for 1 point... it will be the next game, charge!

28 May 19 - Toronto - Canada

you can't imagine how many children & babies we made happy with these little picks..

When they come to me, fearful and curious with a coin that their parents just gave to them.. when eventually they understand where to lay the coin.. they do it in so different ways and you can see how relieved they feel then... before they leave I stop to play and say to them..
"You can take a pic if you like.. choose the color, so one day when you'll play the guitar, you have already a pic".

So they carefully check among all the pics and with a HUGE SMILE come back running to their parents showing to them along all the way the colorful trophy kept up in their little hands.. I've lived this soooo many times..

It's fantastic to see & feel how so happy they are.. for so little.. It's the magic of an unexpected surprise combined with the genuineness of the child.. just BEAUTIFUL ! (photo)

26 May 19 - Toronto - Canada

for the first time, we brought Maya to the BlueJays.
She was wearing her uniform and she received also the BlueJays Fan Certificate, 
it is always special to see a baseball game..   (photo)

20/21 May 19 - Niagara Falls - Canada

we have spent 2 beautiful days in Niagara Falls.
we celebrated the birthday of my wife May who saw the falls for the first time.
very nice view from the hotel room and of course fantastic, as always, to see them live.
photo 1  -  photo 2  -  photo 3

13 May 19 - Toronto - Canada

here the link to the presentation (first version) of my next tour in 2020: "Not Only A Currency"
check it out and let me know your opinion ;-)

12 May 19 - Vaughan - Canada

it was nice to play as a Dj for the 18th birthday of GianDonato today.
Very nice people and family.
The most touching moment was the dance with the Mom (Rosa) and the son (Giandonato).. they were dancing slowly in a long embrace on the dance floor.. and all the guests were surrounding them with a human circle, keeping each other hand by hand.

5 May 19 - Toronto - Canada

very nice vibes today @ the inauguration of the Dufferin Club Coffee, created by Hiulio & His wife.
It was a long time since when I played in a Gospel Church, and today somehow there was the same vibes. Hiulio requested me to play only songs connected with God and this is what I played about.
The first day in Toronto with really sunny and warm weather (around 16 degrees) ;-) 

2 May 19 - Toronto - Canada

very cool day at Queen's Park Subway Station,
great people and great support!

22 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

working on the artwork of my next tour, "Not Only A Currency" in Europe 2020.
here some ideas, which one do you prefer?
just drop me an email with your comment ;-)

21 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

a really nice Easter afternoon at Finch Subway Station.
best wishes to all !!!
ps: I've never seen soooo many people walking with a glass of coffee in their hands as today ,-)

14 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

Cold rainy Sunday at Spadina Subway Station.
a weird day with several "particular" episodes.
however, playing is a vibes stream.
when you feel good, you can transfer that with your music... no matter which song are you playing, the people feel that.. and of course, it's true the vice-versa...

13 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

never judge from the first appearance.
the reality is different from what it seems.
I was approaching the spot at Spadina Subway Station and I saw a woman playing there.
I went close by, but she was not showing here license or number plate.
I waited she finished the song and after I asked "are you part of the system'"
she said, "yes"
me: "do you have a kind of license or sign?"
she "yes, I'm the nr 73, I'm scheduled here today until lunch, do you wanna see my sign?"
and she took up the white sign that she had in her guitar case.
I turned it, and there was here nr.. then I saw her folder stick for blind.. and everything made sense.
she just put the sign on the opposite side, she couldn't see it.
so I waited that she finished her shift.. very nice voice.

both yesterday and today, 2 people, a girl, and a woman, while they were passing by, I thought by myself.. they will never care about my music... but both of them came back with money to me.
I was really surprised.

ps: while I was playing the song of miracles "my name is not important" a weird woman stood in from of me for almost all the song. At one point she came closer and kissed my right arm, as a blessing move.. and moved away.

12 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

a cool Friday a Queen's Park, always great people there!
on the train going there, a guy seated near me asked me "is that a guitar?"
I said, "yes, it is".. then he asked me "do you speak another language?"
and I replied, "yes, Italian".
and he said "arrivederci.. or Buona Sera".
so I asked him "how many languages can you talk?"
and he told me that could have said thank you in.. I can't remember how many, but really many, languages.
then he said.. "my job is to write jokes"
I said.. "cool".
he started "a guy is ordering at Starbucks, and to name his cup they ask him, what's your name?
and he answers "Tim Horton!"
 I laughed and then that was my station.
his name is Martin..

7 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

a good slow Sunday at Spadina ;-)
for the first time, few announcements from the TTC, so the atmosphere was cool.
not too many people around, but nice!
just remember 3 ladies passing by.. and looking at me..
they kept on looking but they didn't give anything..
and I heard the middle one saying to her left friend.. "the next time"
and the friend answered, "yes, I was thinking the same"..
oookkkaayyy.. happy for them all happy.

6 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

very good Saturday at Spadina Subway Station. 
very good acoustic hallway and very nice vibes from the people.
a special thanks to that person who when I was playing "Hallelujah" had the sensibility to carry up with her hands her cart to avoid noise from its wheels.
and in general a great thanks to all the people who cheered up, smiled and complimented me today!

5 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

very good Friday at Queen's Park Subway Station!
very good people there.
above all the compliments, smiles and thumbs up.. I remember a girl passing by saying to "sorry".
after a few minutes, she came back (she had to do long stairs) with coins.. and smiling at me put them in my treasure chest. 
I stopped to play and I said.. "you just said to me, sorry a few minutes ago".. and she said, "yes, because I couldn't find my coins, now I found them and here I'm".. her is Romaissa.

today is my father birthday.. 
my last song was "They Are Still Here", song written for him.. Ciao Papà, ti penso spesso. ;-)
there is only one person that every year sends me a text on this day, my best friend Ncola. 
so my last second song was "Anche Se Lontano", song to him dedicated. 

4 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

I was waiting at Don Mills Subway Station that the guy before me finished playing, I was sitting with my tea and my German book. He was playing covers, for the most Beatles.. and as usual, I thought "but is me only playing original songs in the subway.?"
at one point he played "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.
I paid attention to how he was playing that song.. and guess what..?
around the end of the song, I heard a pedestrian asking him "where is the bathroom'"
this is not acceptable, really without sensitivity, troglodyte behavior!
how can you not see/understand that there is a singer playing.. and you interrupt his performance asking where is your fucking bathroom..? you have no respect and knowledge of your surroundings, you are a loser!
and the song was even "Hallelujah".
that was his last song and I heard him calling my name after that.
when I went to him I said "this happened many times to me too"
Ps1: a very tough day at Don Mills.
in the rush hours, they were coming up from the stairs hundreds at a time!
it happened several times that nobody, I repeat nobody gave a coin.. probably fleets of more than 200 people at a time.
honestly, I would have been ashamed if I had been one of them.

Ps2: the ambient background noise was amplified by the fantastic announcements of the TTC that as the usual start when the people are approaching your location, so my voice not only tries to emerge in the general confusion but it has to overcome even the announcements from the microphones located in the ceiling. I still don't understand why the TTC goes out with so many announcements, always the same, always repetitive.. (in a song of 3 minutes and a half usually you can hear 2 of them).. it seems to be in a hospital for crazy.. how can they not realize it..?

I finished my long day at Finch (Below The Buses) at 11pm.. it was cool ;-)
just a funny episode.. I was playing and I saw a couple walking by, he took out a 5 dollars bill and gave it to her lady because she brought it to me (sometimes I do the same with my wife when we are around).
but something when wrong, because they kept on walking.. so probably she refused.
but during the same song, a guy, coming from the same direction where they were walking to, came to me with a 5 dollars bill.  ;-)  I like to imagine that cool man, after the rejection of his lady, asked a guy walking in my direction to give it to me. ;-)

2 April 19 - Toronto - Canada

a Ryerson journalism student contacted me to write an article about TTC performers.
she was hoping you I could provide her with a comment about what it is like performing in the TTC.
here my reply:
"Playing in the subway is like having the opportunity to watch life moving in front of you. 
Every kind of people is passing in front of your eyes. 
Performing without a microphone is tough, passion, energy, solitude, anger, sadness, and happiness.. you live every possible emotion because this is diving into life in a strong stream of vibes.
It's a unique experience but if you wanna make a living from that, it's something not for everybody, 'cause it's hard"

30 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

a nice long Saturday at Main Street Subway Station.
I was just at the beginning and I was playing my second song.
I person with 2 heavy bags was in front of me, 5 meters distance and he was facing the way to exit.
he was not moving.+ and it was impossible to see his face because his jacket had a hood. 
I was watching him thinking.. what is wrong with this guy..?
I was keeping on singing and he was just there motionless.
when I finished the song, he slowly turned to me and walked to me.
I thought.. "another weird one. problems.."
he came close to me and handed out his hand. 
shaking his hand, with the palm of your hand he gave me a note of 5 bucks.
then he smiled at me and said something regarding the music.
he was a short genuine poor guy, but he gave a lot and he gave with his heart..
I could only thank him.
slowly he came back to his heavy bags and walked away

the day went on smoothly and the people there are very nice, many families and little babies.
only one guy played a bad joke on me.
he was interested in my last album, #stronger, that I released only on USB stick pen drive.
he told me that 20 dollars were a lot so I said, "but this is an 8 Giga pen drive".
and for fun I proposed him, "let's do even or odd if it will be odd I win, if it will be even, you will win".
the number came out 7, so I won..
he gave me 50 American dollars, saying he was from Manathan.
he took my USB and I gave him 30 Canadian dollars back.
then minutes by minutes I had a bad feeling, I checked, again and again, the 50 dollars bill.
I brought the bill to the booth that is on the same floor of the station.
the lady told me.. "we can find out only with water".
she got her finger wet and said.. "if the paint flakes, it is false"
 the paint flaked and she, giving me back the bill said, "this bill is completely false"
so not only I gave to this Gentlemen my USB but I gave to him also 30 dollars as change.
it's already enough tough to make your day with coins, that losing 30 dollars & a USB Stick with your last release, is not a nice way to go. this was the first time, It won't happen again.

29 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

finally the first two days with a normal temperature/weather, around 9 degrees.
they turned in two good days at Queen's Park, very nice people.
in particular, I remember Elisabeth, who sang with me an improvised song, that came out really cool, very nice voice.. and this man...
I was playing and I felt a presence behind me, I just saw a kind of shadow.
I turned suddenly and I saw a person very very close to me, with his white stick and a coin in his hand.
he was blind and slowly it was trying to reach me.
the spot where you can play at Queen's Park is between an escalator and other stairs.. so he just came to me to give me the coin because he couldn't see where to put the money.
fortunately, we didn't clash. I just stop to play and thanked him.
he the complimented me on my voice & music and slowly followed his way along the long hallway.
these unexpected and special episodes give you vibes & feelings that you will always remember.

27 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

I was playing at Queen's Park Subway Station.
Among all the songs that I've written, there are several connected with God or with a better way of living, caring about one another... but in particular, there is a song that I recall the song of the miracles, it is "My Name Is Not Important".
I wrote this song many years ago, to give a voice and to take action for children/individuals who are in 
need and cannot help themselves by providing education, medical care and fighting hunger.
Indeed, this song is my way to be in touch with Lord.. so, every time that I play that song, I ask Him, "what do you wanna tell me?", and I pay a lot of attention about what is happening, what the people are saying to me, etc.. so if He wants to tell me something, He uses the Angels to communicate with me.
Every time something happens, it's as incredible as fantastic, but this evening it was very touching..
a man, with glasses, came straight in my direction, took out from his pocket a coin and put gently the coin in my chest and passing me by, he stroked my shoulder with a small tap and after weighing the escalator behind me, he looked at me with his thumbs up and he smiled...
I experience every day these special moments.. and these are the food for your soul and your faith.  

24 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

walking on the downtown streets during a theoretical relaxing Sunday.
I came to Toronto 10 years ago and I've experienced so many constructions and noises.
I always thought that one day all this would have ended, and we could have enjoyed the living here, but still, it's keeping on exactly the same.
every inch of space will be transformed into a skyscraper (expensive but for the most, ugly, because cheaply built).
you walk, but in reality, you just pass from destroyed and damaged sidewalks to holes and dirty all over. We pay a lot of money for these units and in general to live here but your environment is honestly so poor and not human being level. This city is a great money machine but it seems that nobody (city hall, constructions company, etc.) is caring about the conditions in which we live. From the noises to the dirty and third world conditions of the streets to the ugly view with tower cranes everywhere.
Tracks & constructions everywhere, noises at every moment of the day and night.
After 10 years I can express a kind of surprise and disappointment for this.
this way to go is not respecting the ambient and the normal human needs, there is cement everywhere and too few poor parks.
it's a worshiping the money & business, trampling on the normal human conditions of life. 
 at least for me, a wrong way to go.

22 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

I was scheduled at Finch Subway Station (below the buses)  from 6 pm to midnight.
probably one of the coldest time ever for me.
the outside temperature was around -3 degrees but there was a constant killing breeze/wind coming from your right.
I put my bag and guitar on my right trying to protect me.
there was a kind of "hole" between the treasure chest and my bag, so I thought to cover it with the plastic box in which I carry my lunch/dinner.
the only way to being able to keep on playing was to constantly move and dance while I was playing to maintain your body temperature enough warm to be able to move your fingers to touch the guitar in a proper way (you have to make chord with the left hand and play the strings with the right hand).
when I took a pause and I tried to eat my chicken nuggets.. surprise, they were frozen !
now I ask myself, where is the limit of all this?
when all these sacrifices will come to an end, and everything will make sense?
or when I should stop facing these conditions?
I can say that something will change quite soon, because I'll make it change !
it's enough.

16 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

finally finished to paint the unit, it's cool 
I like the white halls and their echoes.
listening to bBeethoven& Bach.. relaxed..
I went to play all week, it was tough.. cold..
what the most I can't stand, above the cold, are the constant announcements from the TTC speakers..
they kill the atmosphere all the time, really annoying..
however, a big thanks to all the people who support me every time.. 
I feel it's time to write a new song..

7 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

today a good day..
computer fixed, the Roland amp back (thanks to Steve's Music Store Toronto), hair cut done (thanks to Hairmarket125) and new costume/dress chosen (thanks to Thunder Thigs Costume rental).
finally, the mattress arrived.. so tonight I can sleep normally

6 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

crazy days in Toronto...
going around with my bike, buying essential items to let a house be a house.
from the broom to the filter of the fridge.. from the head of the shower to the dustpan.
the little detail is that outside the temperature is around -10/-14
ps: cherry on the cake, the screen of the computer was broken.

5 March 19 - Toronto - Canada

back in Toronto.. and spent all the night just moving boxes from the looker to the unit..

4 March 19 - Hamburg - Germany

Lufthansa canceled my flight.
they rebooked me with British Airways.. but when they found out that with British I can't bring with me my guitar (even if with a soft case.. I should have paid an extra seat).. they sent me to a near hotel.. and I had the option to spend one more day with my family, M&M.. it was fun in the pool, but I was planning a kind of romantic dinner, but Maya cried all the time and me and May ate giving us the shifts trying to calm her done..

19 February 19 - Seedorf (Ratzeburg) - Germany

happily immersed and focused on the arrangements of the songs of the new album..
surrounded by my loves, M&M..

15 February 19 - Travemunde (Lubeck) - Germany

it was a pleasure to play yesterday at Casagrande restaurant.
Cozy romantic atmosphere, kind polite people for a pleasant evening.
We'll meet again soon...

7 February 19 - Seedorf (Ratzeburg) - Germany

Ich habe angefangen, Deutsch zu lernen

3 February 19 - Seedorf (Ratzeburg) - Germany

if you'll be around Travemunde on San Valentine Day (#Valentinstag), we can spend it together ,-)
I'll play @ Casagrande - On the dredging 7 - 23570 Lubeck from 7 pm.
I'm looking forward to a cozy romantic atmosphere. 

30 January 19 - Seedorf (Ratzeburg) - Germany

back next to the Lassahner See lake.. with 3 guitars & a keyboard

26 January 19 - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

a beautiful weekend with my Uncle Marco & Ant Anna.
Fantastic food and company, long chats & unique hospitality.
first time for May & Maya in Cortina, a nice walk along the historic center

24 January 19 - Sesto (Trentino) - Italy

and what about two days full ski immersion!
with the friends Prinz & Giada at Sesto on the Dolomiti !
ski during the day & spa later ;-)
ps: Prinz and I broke our ski boots the same day.. mmhh  :-(

21 January 19 - Bologna - Italy

recording songs in the studio and seeing old good friends..

12 January 19 - Bologna - Italy

BIG day, Baptism of my little Maya..
nice to celebrate with the Italian & German families & friends..

9 January 19 - Bologna - Italy

after a long long road, back in own town, Bologna.
for all my friends, see you on Friday 18th January @ Cuvée Bistrot
Bologna - Via Porta Nova 14 - doors 21:00
voice & guitar - English & Italian 

3 January 19 - Hamburg - Germany

landed in Hamburg.. back with my loves.. 
relaxing time for us..

2 January 19 - Toronto - Canada

thanks Toronto.. I'll be back in March
Hamburg & Bologna, we (A&M&M) are coming !

1 January 19 - Toronto - Canada

nice & happy party yesterday @ Posticino Restaurant !!!
I had fun among good fellas !
today, the day of packing my stuff.. put everything in my locker..
tomorrow will be the day of my coming back to my loves.. my wife & daughter !



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