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TOZ Antonio Piretti - Toronto - December


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31 - December - Toronto - Canada

Buon, Happy, Gut, Bien 2019❗
DJ party 31-12-2018 🙃
Let's bloom together 🍾

Join me to celebrate New Year's Eve 🥂

@ il Posticino Restaurant - 755 The Queensway, Etobicoke Toronto, M8Z1M8, Canada

29 - December - Toronto - Canada

today was my last time in the subway for this 2018.
from October 18th I've played 61 times, with an average of 5.3 hours each time.
on my last song today I woman stopped by and looked at me..
I finished the song and she told me
"whatever you do with your music, be extraordinary"
she asked me one more song.

Thank You Torontonians and Everyone for the GREAT support !!! 

24 - December - Toronto - Canada

3 very cool days at Finch Subway Station.
Thank You EveryBody for the very Unique Support !!!

23 - December - Toronto - Canada

cool private event & surprise @ Fairmont Royal York (Toronto)

20 - December - Toronto - Canada

Buon Natale a tutti, Super Wonderful !
Merry Christmas to everyone !
Fröhliche Weihnachten an alle !
Feliz Navidad a todos !

19 - December - Toronto - Canada

is it possible that in the best period of the year I got sick..?
today I just played 2 hours, no voice and cold.
I really hope to be back immediately !!


16 - December - Toronto - Canada

this week has been quite madly full of events and music!
now you can really feel that the Christmas time is on!
it was nice to play at Eglinton Subway Station and a couple of cool events!
above all, I have to say that, I really miss my little Angel (Maya) & my Wonderful wife (May)..
counting the days to my return..

9 - December - Toronto - Canada

Great 3 days @Main Street Subway Station.
Thank You to Everybody who showed up and cheered up with me. It was cool !

7 - December - Toronto - Canada

"Another Place For Us" the 2nd single of the album #STRONGER has been released today ! 
Thanks to Left Bank Magazine for this cool review ;-)


6 - December - Toronto - Canada

3 Great Nights @ Spadina Subway Station, one of my favourite ones !
thank you folks for the great support 

3 - December - Toronto - Canada

Accomplished the first 3 days at Finch Subway Station !!
it was great and thanks to all the friends who showed up !!
tomorrow see you at Spadina Subway Station, from 6pm
ps: take with you the camera.. ;-)

24 - November - Toronto - Canada

sure that waking up with your landlord who listens to your cd, it's not bad ;-)

21 - November - Toronto - Canada

When you rock the ride, join me during December
Here my schedule:
-) Dec 1,  2,  3 - Finch Subway Station (unpaid area) - afternoon
-) Dec 4,  5,  6 - Spadina Subway Station - evening
-) Dec 7,  8,  9 - Main Subway Station - morning
-) Dec 10, 11, 12 - Eglinton Subway Station - afternoon
-) Dec 13, 14, 15 - Bloor-Yonge Subway Station - evening
-) Dec 16, 17, 18 - Runnymede Subway Station - morning
-) Dec 19, 20, 21 - Dundas Subway Station - afternoon
-) Dec 22, 23, 24 - Finch Subway Station (Below Bus) - evening
-) Dec 25, 26, 27 - Islington Subway Station - morning
-) Dec 28, 29, 30 - Queen's Park Subway Station - afternoon
-) Dec 31 - Sheppard Subway Station - evening

Morning: 6am to 12pm (noon)
Afternoon 12pm (noon) to 6pm
Evening 6pm to
12am (midnight)

I'll try to follow the schedule as much as possible. Of course, everything is flexible. Before to join me, it's always better to DM for a confirmation. Stay Cool & Tuned ! ;-)

18 - November - Toronto - Canada

and what about a cool private event, voice & guitar, for your Christmas period party (family or corporate) and New Year's Eve party..?
really cool atmosphere, good vibes with an acoustic event. English & Italian. Email for details.

12 - November - Toronto - Canada

and what about a new song..?
the name will be "My Angel, Yours Always".
it will be a Christmas song dedicated to my daughter, Maya.
it will be a really cool one, stay tuned for updates.

7 - November - Toronto - Canada

It's better live !
Look for me when you rock the ride !
Wed - Thu - Fri @ Yorkdale Subway Station from 6 pm
Sat - Sun - Mon @ Don Mills Subway Station from (around noon).
In the meantime take a listen to my playlist on Spotify: "Cool Vibes - Music Mood - 2018"
remember to subscribe ✔

2 - November - Toronto - Canada

the new video is ready.
Another Place For Us
which character do you like the most..?
the video was shot in Germany during this winter.. and finally I edited it..
let me know your feedback and comments  

31 - October - Toronto - Canada

Do You Wanna Join Me For Halloween..?
@ Toronto - York Mills Subway Station 
Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st 
From 6pm - voice & guitar
come with your costume, I have mine

25 - October - Toronto - Canada

here we are - License 002 - #TozAntonioPiretti #songwriter
Oct 2018 -l=》Oct 2021
#voice #guitar around #Toronto.
do you wanna join me for #Halloween ?
Look for me when you rock the ride & take a listen to my playlist on Spotify: "Cool Vibes - Music Mood - 2018" - remember to subscribe ✔

thanks to: 
@thunderthighscostumes 》 dress 》 photo
@stevesmusicto 》 music gear
@hairmarket125 》 haircut

18 - October - Toronto - Canada

The new adventure will begin today.
My new regular license #002 to play in the Subway of Toronto will be valid until 7th October 2021. 
3 years of full-time music songs, projects, dedication and passion.

I'll bring my tunes around this city sharing emotions among people.

Songs are messages to communicate experiences & beliefs.
I'll change costumes weekly being every time a different character..
look for me when you rock the ride in Toronto.


13 - October - Travemunde - Germany

the last street concerts in Travemunde for this wonderful season!
Vielen Dank an all die wunderbaren Menschen, die mich mit Ermutigung und großer Unterstützung unterstützt haben! Wir kommen nächsten Sommer wieder ;-)


9 - October - Ratzeburg - Germany

there is a new Wonderful Angel in this World
.Maya Noemi Piretti
9 October 2018
8:34pm - 3.64kg - 52cm
I'll take care of you, Forza Tesoro !
We'll have fun ! It will be a GREAT Adventure !


6 - October

check out this cool review on the single "Heroes" by NeuFutur Magazine 

29 - September - Boltenhagen Strand - Germany

a very nice music Saturday in early autumn on the Baltic Sea.
A nice welcome from the people of Bolthenhagen, Danke !

28 - September

today, release date in Canada for "Heroes" 1st single of my new album #Stronger

check it out: #TOZAntonioPiretti
on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon
,BandCamp, SoundCloud and all the music digital stores.

remember to subscribe to stay tuned.

20 - September - Travemunde - Germany

this has been my favorite spot this summer in Germany.
I'll pass by a couple more last times before going back to Toronto.

Thank you so much to all the people I met and to whom I returned the smile.

Danke an all die Leute, die mir zugehört haben, unterstützt und mit Komplimenten und Lächeln gelächelt haben. Ein letzter Abschied von den Mitarbeitern des "Paul Fish" Restaurants für Biere und Sandwiches.

my memory

19 - September - Timmendorfer Strand - Germany

a nice place, with a refreshing park near the sea.
while I was playing finally I was in the shadow.
then I moved to a little "square" with a little statue and 2 benches and there I played until the sunset.
cool vibes.
18 - September - Scharbeutz - Germany

a nice village on the Baltic sea, I just played a couple of hours in the main square.
at the sunset is the best time.
after the last song, I turned and I saw this incredibly beautiful colors

14 - September - Travemunde - Germany

back in Germany and very nice days in Travemunde.
I really like that town on the Baltic sea and the people for the most.
danke to everybody I met in these days.

9 - September - Riva Del Garda - Italy

10 cool & relaxing days in Riva Del Garda.. music, sun, pizzas & icecreams...
a nice pic at the sunset just after a bath 
here my last video shot with a drone

2 - September - Riva Del Garda - Italy

our first 3 days of holidays have been rainy ...
I still had the chance to play in my favorite place along the long lake in that beautiful garden.
with my friends, we filmed the scene with a drone.. here the first short video.
really nice people around.

28 - August - Seedorf - Germany

finally our old Mercedes Clou Camper "Gin Lemon" has been fixed.
tomorrow we (my wife and I) will start our new short tour.. "2 and a half"
heading to Riva Del Garda and counting the days to the birth of our Princess, Maya Noemi Piretti.
ps: thanks to Fish Paul on TravePromenade for the complimentary fish sandwich at the end of my gig

26 - August - Travemunde - Germany

another cool Sunday afternoon in Travemunde..  #busking #Promenade

24 - August - Toronto - Canada

thank you Duncan for the great hospitality !!!

23 - August - Toronto - Canada

I played @ TTC Underground Sounds Top 10 Live Event at the Vaughn Metropolitan Centre Station
I didn't win the contract with Universal Music Canada.. and sincerely better this way.
I was not so keen on giving up the rights of one of my songs, without a real project behind it.
it was nice to be part of that anyway.
thanks to my friend Oz to have been part of this with me and to have taken real cool pictures. 
very cool jogging at the sunset along the lake shore.. 

22 - August - Toronto - Canada

around from 6 am with my bike.. picked up the costume (thanks to Thunder Thighs Costumes LTD), cut my hair (Hair Market Salon - with Azmara & Chris), rehearsed in the subway. 
let's see what it will be tomorrow.. @ TTC Underground Sounds Top 10 Live Event

19 - August - Ratzeburg - Germany

a guy, with a smile, brought me an ice cream (Banana Split) while I was playing..
cool music Sunday afternoon in Ratzeburg, in the park behind Eis Pavillon Pelz.

17 - August - Lubeck - Travemunde - Germany

nice to meet Alex @ Funambules, Lubeck, cool place, and lovely to play near the pedestrian bridge nearby Trave river on the promenade.. but after 1 hour the Police told the same old thing.. "the speaker is not allowed".. and so goodbye Lubeck... 
I went to Travemunde to my favorite spot and played until the sunset.. very kind people there.

16 - August - Schwerin - Germany

pleasant to visit Schwerin, a beautiful city.
even if after 4 songs the Police told me that the speaker was not allowed.
I tried without the speaker at the entry of a mall, still on the main square.. but even there I couldn't stay.. it was a private area.
so, at one point, nice city & people, but unfortunately, goodbye.

13 - August - Seedorf - Germany

facing always unexpected problems with our old camper, Gin Lemon...
this time the boiler was broken..this means interruption of the tour "2 & Half".
lost all day among Travemunde, Lubeck, Ratzeburg, Hamburg, Schwerin.
in the end, we had to come back home.
a long stressful day. 

12 - August - Travemunde - Germany

cool Sunday in Travemunde, playing on the promenade.. first day of the Tour "2 & Half" 

6 - August - 2018

I'd like to introduce you this new communication & music project, a unique opportunity that will begin in October 2018 in Toronto.  A great visibility idea off the beaten path !

Shall "Your Brand" be interested in a sponsorship-collaboration while I'm performing in the subway of Toronto?

This project aims to be present and profit from the new spontaneous trend of posting photos & videos online on social networks.
Here the link to the presentation, in which you can see the details (description of the concept, data & statistics, hints on my current monthly communication impact) 

text me in private

5 - August - Ratzeburg - Germany

relaxing music Sunday afternoon in Ratzeburg in the park behind the ice shop Eis Pavillon Pelz  

4 - August - Travemunde - Germany

cool vibes this evening in Travemunde along the promenade

1 - August - Toronto - Canada

occasionally a stroke of luck it does not hurt ;-)
my economy ticket became a business one flying back to Amsterdam..
very comfortable

27 - July - Toronto - Canada

this Pizza, I made it by myself !

22 - July - Toronto - Canada

the 2 gigs Friday 27th & Saturday 28th @ Roma1090 (1090 Bloor St W - Toronto) are confirmed.
I'll play unplugged, voice & guitar. Join me from 7 pm to 10 pm

21 - July - Toronto - Canada

Jahtarie stayed there for all the duration until the last song.
I had an angel in front of me for 3 hours...

20 - July - Toronto - Canada

breaking news,

playing in Toronto on a street... 240 dollars if you use the amplification.
this is the result from today on Court.
I've tried to explain to the judge what happened and that when the municipal police came I was just starting.. and that the complains were from the guy who was playing before me.. (you can check the details reported on May 30th).. but the City of Toronto Municipal's lawyer said that the maximum fine could have been 25.000 dollars, so the Judge look at me and asked me if that was ok for me..

since on the ticket it was written that I was a "busker", the Judge asked me if I had a job, and in how many days I could have paid the fine.. (paid the same day) 
why if you are a musician a judge should ask you if you have a job..?
when I played with the batteries speaker, I did not to be loud, but at least to be able to hear myself.. without a little sound, you there with only the guitar surrounded by noises, appear debased..
many noises are allowed in Toronto (for example it was very difficult to sleep for almost 2 years when they were building a skyscraper right in front of my unit a couple of years ago, or all the noises from the motorcycles or cars, etc..).. but not a portable little speaker with batteries..
I feel offended as an artist.
they let everything go ahead because business and they make money from that.. 
but they are coming very strong on an artist who is trying to share positive feelings among people..
everything will come back one day.. 

18 - July - Toronto - Canada

Unfortunately, caused by complaints from the neighborhood the next last 4 gigs @ Roma 1090 have been canceled. Sorry about that. There will be soon other occasions.

12 - July - Toronto - Canada

Hi Potential Company Staff

A new communication and music project, that will begin on October 2018 in Toronto. A great marketing concept for your brand off the beaten path !

Shall your brand be interested in a sponsorship, making me wear your male trendy clothing lines &  being present on my posters/signboards while I'm performing in the subway of Toronto?

The new visibility idea aims to be present and profit from the new spontaneous trend of posting photos & videos online on social networks.
Clinking Here you can find the presentation , in which you can see the details (description of the concept, data & statistics, hints & my current monthly communication impact),

This is an innovative marketing approach to be in touch with new people, that I'd like to explain better in the details in person.
let me know what you think.
Antonio Piretti TOZ

11 - July - Toronto - Canada

a thought that I'd like to share.
what do you think about the constant announcements from the speakers by the TTC, regarding "if you see something, say something", or other measures to prevent suspicious actions..?

honestly, it seems weird to me.. I mean, probably exaggerated..
I understand that the goal is to prevent a problem.. but when you push so much looking for problems.. then this is what you only see.

I feel that these announcements are putting pressure & negative feeling.. it seems we are in a kind of "suspicious & dangerous situation" where instead what my eyes see is a place (the subway) in which the people are polite, normal, calm, smiling.. and where there is also music.

to my eyes, I have always felt secure and never in danger in the subway of Toronto (and I can say that I've spent a lot of time there).. I never saw or experienced a problem.. 
I just don't see this need to empathize so much with this drama, etc..

and those announcements are repeated so so many times (probably once every 2 minutes) that it seems to be in a hospital for mental problems.

what do you think about that, wouldn't be better to send out a more positive and loving message..?

it's only me that I'm feeling int hat way..?

(you can reach me either on social media or at the email address you find on the contact page)

8 - July - Toronto - Canada
it's always nice to browse a page like this one ..
Since when I started to play live I had always with me a guestbook on which fans can write comments & their contacts to keep in touch..
after 12 years we are almost at the end of the 3rd guest book.
So many memories, comments & emails (6.000).
you can join my contact list also in the "contact" page and subscribe to the newsletter.

5 - July - Toronto - Canada
during this last week I'm working on this new idea... 
"a songwriter in the subway - Toz Antonio Piretti"  
make the most of a new visibility concept idea & improve the new trend: spontaneous presence in pictures & videos & social media posted by people
here the link to the presentation

1 - July - Toronto - Canada
Happy Canada Day 2018 !

During July join me at Roma1090 (1090 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M6) every Friday & Saturday evening from
7 pm on the patio - Free Entry - Voice & Guitar - 3 Sets - English & Italian Songs - Cool Atmosphere - Music Mood & Vibes - 3h Performance.

accompanied by great Italian food & pizza with a wood oven 🍻.

Thanks Oz John Photography 💎 for the cool shot

29 - June - Toronto - Canada
nice evening and concert @ Roma 1090
I played on the patio, the weather was great.. cool people and also very good pizza!
it seems a nice first step of a long series...

26 - June - Toronto - Canada
and she told me  "I'm very picky about the lyrics that I sing, 'cause if you have to put your heart in them.. you have to live them" and then she played Enya's song..

25 - June - Toronto - Canada
playing n singing without a microphone in those hallways, it's just freedom!
@ Spadina Subway Station
I can feel the vibes & energy flowing through me, it's a good sensation.. take it out !

21 - June - Toronto - Canada
very particular day, the Solstice of June..
many memories tied with this date..
a graduation exam in '85.. many parties organized, events..
my father's accident in '97.. many beautiful nights spent outdoor playing..
this day is a magic one.. but with a thorn in the side

19 - June - Toronto - Canada
very cool photo shooting yesterday with a great photographer & friend
we rented a costume @Malabar Toronto - Retail & Rental Shop
really cool..! soon the best pics - (a first sample)

17 - June - Toronto - Canada
cool music vibes this afternoon on Queens Quay W just in front of Ann Tidal Park, you always meet new people, and the pictures/videos/selfies shot by the people are always more...
it's been cool to hear the sound of the Blue Jays' home runs from the Roger Center!
also this Sunday, as the one before, 2 home runs in a row  ;-)  Blue Jays won 8-6 vs Nationals!!

12 - June - Toronto - Canada

my ranking position => # 2 ❗ 💪
Fantastic New !!! after so many efforts, finally that licensee is coming back..
from October 8th 2018 until 7th October 2021..!
in September there will be a live event in which the first 10 musicians from the contest will play in front of 3 judges from Universal Music Canada.. the first will win a contract to record a song with them.


9 - June - Toronto - Canada
I met Brian on Harbour Front near Pier 6..
he is the first guy who took my new pen drive "The Very Best Of"
he was wearing a shirt and a cap of Donald Trump " !
we talked quite a lot about how the society is going often in the wrong direction..
interesting guy.. among many words, he suggested me to watch the movie "The Vertical Ray of the Sun"

7 - June - Toronto - Canada
for the first time, I voted in Canada, for the Ontario Elections.
 surprise, the poll was right at my building, this was cool !
 I never experienced something like this in Bologna.

3 - June - Toronto - Canada
finally, the online voting period is finished, the result seems quite good to me, 2327 votes received.
now, from June 4th to June 18th, 4 judges (3 from Universal Canada and 1 from TTC) will vote too..
their votes will be combined to the votes received until now, and then we will know the final result.
I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU  to all my friends all over the world that supported me for 28 days. 
the result is only thanks to them.
I did & I tried everything I could in these 4 weeks, and the answer from my friends has been FANTASTIC!

btw: cool vibes today near Harbour Front near 
Pier 6.. before that the rain came.

2 - June - Toronto - Canada
- 2 days to June 3rd - 2 votes to GO !!! Come Guys VAMOS !!!

direct link to VOTE for my audition: click HERE

30 - May - Toronto - Canada
I had a free day and I wanted to play as rehearsal and in general to keep the momentum..
I went to my usual spot on Queen Street W exit Eaton Center but a new guy was playing..
I asked him until when he wanted to play, and I waited.
after I heard his first song I went to him and I told him that his volume was way too loud..
he turned the volume lower a little.. around 5 pm he stopped and when we were talking he told me that in the last 2 weeks he didn't have any problem except for today when somebody came down and told him something.. I commented, "of course, your volume, as I told you, was too loud"..
then I started..
after 30 minuted the control by the Municipal Police came, they saw me and came quite strong on me, telling me:
"We have received many complains about you today, you can't use the amplification"..
I said "but I just started, there was another guy before me"
while I was packing my things they were on their car, and after 5 or 10 minutes, they came to me, saying "this is not a fine, but you have to go to court"..     "WHAT..?" I exclaimed..
they gave me a yellow ticket on which it's written that on July 20th I have to appear before the Ontario Court of justice because I committed the offense of "use generator, amplifier or sound system"
I was quite shocked.. appearing in front of a court for a speaker..?
mah.. that's the very first time that this happens to me, very unlucky day and quite disappointed..

27 - May - Toronto - Canada
another Sunday spent in front of my computer...
just posting on social media and preparing the newsletter for the last week of the contest..
7 days to go => 7 votes available
here the direct link to vote for my audition to receive a license to play in the subway of toronto for the next 3 years.. (only the first 90 musicians will get that)

25 - May - Toronto - Canada
it was a pleasure to play at the Oz John Photography exhibition, dedicated to actors and actresses.. 

24 - May - Toronto - Canada
it has been very nice to see again many of my friends @ The Boat after a quite long time..
 the gig was "Sounds Of The City" organized by T-Dots-records

19 - May - Toronto - Canada
another week spent focused on pushing an promoting the TTC online contest..
I'm really trying my best to get not only friends but also new people involved..
I met so many new faces.. and yesterday I was quite tired when I ordered finally my "Double Double" at Tim Horton near home.
here the direct link to vote - everybody has 1 vote every 24 hours until June 3, to get a license to play in the subway of Toronto for the next 3 years.
for me this is important.   

12 - May - Toronto - Canada
the whole week, very concentrated on promoting the new online contest..
I went around downtown distributing flyers, I invited friends via social media.
and I talked with everybody about what I'm doing.
here the direct link to vote for my audition to grant me a regular license to play in the subway of Toronto for the next 3 years !!
I miss my 2 ladies.. my wife and the new worldwide amazing upcoming princess !

8 - May - Toronto - Canada
thanks to Margaret Jetelina and Canadian Immigrant for this cool article 
honored & deeply appreciated

keep on voting for my audition in the TTC online contest - here the direct link 
a vote every 24 hours until June 3rd !!!!
to let me achieve a regular license to play in the subway of Toronto for the next 3 years !

thanks guys

7 - May - Toronto - Canada
first day of voting period - (TTC online contest)

from today, May 7th until June 3rd, I'm asking if you can vote for me in this competition which is very important for me. Each person with an email can vote once a day, The first 90 musicians will be licensed to play in the subway of Toronto for the next 3 years.
follow this direct link to my audition
you can sign in with an email or social media and click the little heart.
Everyone has one vote every day until June 3rd.

we can make it real, if you feel it, share it with your friends, every vote is very important! 

when I arrived in Toronto as an immigrant in '09, this was my challenge, to live with my music and I succeeded playing in the subway of Toronto with a regular license every day for the first 2 years.

Now, I'd like to go back to have that license and this result depends on the support of my friends.
I have never asked to be voted before, but in this case, it is the unique way to go.
every help will be really appreciated, thanks it means a lot to me

#songwriter #contest #TTC #voteforme #music #underground #sounds #Toronto #audition #subway #busker #regular #license #job #musician #647 #416

6 - May - Toronto - Canada
two different men, two different stories.. but both of them were talking to me about their daughters.
 the first offered me an energy drink.. the second sang with me a couple of songs.
the first had just lost his baby a week ago.. the second it's been 10 years that he couldn't see her.
the first had a guitar and a speaker.. the second was playing drums & keyboards..
the first is a fighter, the second a homeless.
at the exit of the Eaton Center on Queen Street West..

4 - May - Toronto - Canada
just arrived in Toronto, taken a shower and finally talking with my wife about the biggest breaking news ever, the gender of our upcoming baby.. and the answer is..?
SHE will be an Amazing Princess !!!
some months ago, we made a deal.. if boy, I was choosing the name, if girl, she was.. OMG !!! 
but still, we have hope.. I'll start a strong conviction action.. ;-)
very happy about that, she will be the Nr 1 !!! 

3 - May - Toronto - Canada
flying day, from Hamburg to Toronto, via Amsterdam, where I'm now..
the flight for Toronto is delayed, so I'm just chasing time at Schipol Airport.
to reach the gate (G6), as usual in this airport, I had to walk a long distance, and it's been
funny to remember my different moods across the times in which I passed here along the years.
happy about this last one.

25 - April - Hamburg - Germany
after several months spent learning piano and practicing every day, I've recorded a couple of videos, just voice & piano.. as a first step, the first memory.
Thanks to the Seedorf's Church and Father Jacob for having allowed me to play that piano whenever I wanted... a large room with a cool vintage Zimmerman tuned piano, lights, heating just for me. 
Sometimes very early in the morning, sometimes in the night, always surrounded & embraced by that amazing natural reverb... Thank You, very appreciated, these first steps are for you:
Il Tuo Nome Nelle Parole - People Without Fear - Anche Se Lontano

22 - April - Hamburg - Germany
Hi Guys, an important note

from May 7th until June 3rd, I'm asking if you can remember to give me your support for this competition which is very important for me. Each person with an email can vote once a day, the first 90 musicians will be licensed to play in the subways of Toronto for the next 3 years. People will vote the video of the musician they prefer,
this is my online audition video (original songs in English & Italian) 

when I arrived in Toronto as an immigrant this was my challenge, to live or "survive" with my music and I succeeded.
Now I'd like to go back to having that license and this result depends on your support.

in the past, I have never asked to be voted, but in this case, it is the unique way to go.
this is the contest's website, where from May 7th until June 3rd people can vote every day.
when the competition will start, there will be a link that I will share, following which each one can vote online. You can also forward it to a friend whom can dedicate 1 minute a day to put a click.

for me, it will be really appreciated, thanks and a hug.

#songwritet #contest #ttc #voice #guitar #underground #sounds #Toronto #vote #Universal #music #Canada #Transit #Commission #audition #subway #stations #busker #license #regular #job #musician #discover #647 #416

15 - April - Hamburg - Germany

for all the last week I've been working on new live videos... 
I transformed my unit in a studio... it's a mess among microphones, lights, cables, background green fabrics, guitars, cameras and standing for the cameras and stage lights.. etc..
it's quite cool.. be ready for the results.. ;-)

6 - April - Hamburg - Germany

very nice yesterday @ Marias Ballroom, I felt really good..
a big & comfortable changing room, only for me.. with craft and any kind of beverage..
fresh sandwiches with the option vegetarian / meat..
5 drinks and the Gema papers on the table..
in the crowd there were friends with my t-shirt who during the live were singing the lyrics of my songs along with me.. and in the slow songs also the mobile light was turned on.. 
I couldn't believe that.. what could you ask for more..?

30 March 18 - Hamburg - Germany

Happy Easter EveryOne !!!

25 March 18 - Hamburg - Germany

a new spring is in..
the summer time just changed.. longer days, pin up your grin..

15 March 18 - Hamburg - Germany

done, finally finished the new video... Heroes
it took me soooo much time to create the puzzle progression..
after 3 unsleeping nights spent for it,
I hope you like it.. take a view and let me know what u think ..

7 March 18 - Hamburg - Germany

a nice interview (Italian language) with L'Ora di Ottawa for the new album #Stronger and on my last Canadian coast-to-coast Tour on 2017 "from the Roots in the Right Direction", a bike & a guitar 
thanks to Annamaria Morrone - follow the link 

6 March 18 - Hamburg - Germany
a very special day.. 
I saw for the first time the ultrasound of my child.. the little heart beating fast... 
the beginning of the miracle of life.. deep emotion... 

4 March 18 - Seedorf - Germany
working on the new video, Heroes.
we shot during Saturday and Sunday near Ratzeburg in the north German countryside, with -6 degrees and a very cool wind.. a memory..

27 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
surrounded by snow everywhere..
nice phone interview with Riccardo Pellegrini from Radio 3i (Melide - Canton Ticino - Svizzera)

19 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
thanks to for the nice visibility

17 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany

thanks to for the cool publication on the new single "Quella Scheda Era La Mia"
looking forward to the next Italian election day, March 4th

15 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
being part of AIRE, Italians with abroad residency, I voted today, via mail..

7 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
#Stronger than ever
"Antonio Piretti, più "Stronger" che mai!" cool interview by Fabrizio Intravaia for the Corriere Italiano Montreal ! a great adventure ended, a new chapter is begun !

5 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
mmhh, spending my birthday updating this website...
at least the sun is shining ;-)

1 February 18 - Hamburg - Germany
proud to be featured on the cover of Post City Magazines in Toronto - The Daring Issue, by Nikki Gill. 
It does not happen every day for an immigrant who came to Canada only with a dream and a guitar.
To be on that cover means a lot to me

24 January 18 - Hamburg - Germany
I've created a new cool playlist on Spotify, with the best of the last 3 albums, called:
"Cool Vibes - Music Mood - 2018"
take a listen & share it with your friends ;-)

20 January 18 - Hamburg - Germany
Look at this f..cking Great Machine Gun Guitar
@CloudsHillMusic very cool recording studio in Hamburg
 thanks to @Bimm_stagram for the nice open day

15 January 18 - Seedorf - Germany
the album #STRONGER is in the digital stores now,
 that the promotion starts!

10 January 18 - Seedorf - Germany

brainstorming about this year tours & plans, any suggestions or hints..?
drop me a line in case, it will be appreciated  ;-)

8 January 18 - Seedorf - Germany
working deeply on the cover's artwork and uploading the new tracks on the digital stores...
the new adventure is just begun

5 January 18 - Seedorf - Germany
the new album will be called #Stronger
so many reasons...

3 January 18 - Seedorf - Germany
come back to the north of Germany on January 2nd, on a long long drive from my own city Bologna...
finally celebrating with my wife this new year

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