"Not Only a Currency"

Tour 2020 - Europe


After an epic coast-to-coast tour across Canada in 2017 of 6.034 km, TOZ is picking up the bike again. Together with his family (Italian-Canadian-German) he will be facing all kinds of challenges.

The singer & songwriter TOZ Antonio Piretti will be biking for about 5.050 km across 16 countries throughout Europe, playing concerts along the way presenting his upcoming album “Three” and strengthening the spirit of unity and collaboration.. 

“Not Only A Currency” is not a political message, it is a personal vision:
“19 countries are using the same currency, but are we really united? Common roots, a past of fights but of relationships too, I feel that we could collaborate better together with a stronger European sense of belonging. Being abroad for a long period, I had the opportunity to live and experience that as Europeans we have deeper roots than we think. Respecting and enhancing the individual differences we should have a more collaborative and constructive mutual approach, seeking true brotherhood for a brighter future for all of us. Should we wait to see on a TV screen an Official European soccer team to feel us as Europeans, or can we just start before that day?”

Why a music tour by bicycle? 
“I feel this is a wonderful way to present my new album, ‘cause music & sport are fundamental parts of my way of life”

TOZ‘s approach as a songwriter is natural and down-to-earth. Not only how he is presenting his music, voice & guitar but how he is travelling and connecting with people, playing concerts along the way in all kind of places and exploring the regions and their diversity in a more profound way, in a natural human pace, on a bike.

Tour Details & Events Schedule

Name: Not Only a Currency - Type: music tour on a bike - Time: April to July 2020
Tour: Starting from Portugal touching each European mainland's country using €uro as a currency
Schedule: a total of 16 countries; Portugal (7 - 12 April), Spain (13 - 24 April), France (21 - 30 April),
Luxembourg (1 - 3 May), Belgium (5 - 7 May), Netherlands (8 - 13 May), Germany (14 - 22 May), Finland (23 - 27 May), Estonia (28 - 31 May), Latvia (1 - 3 June), Lithuania (5 - 7 June), Slovakia (12 - 14 June), Austria (15 - 19 June),
Slovenia (20 - 22 June), Italy (23 - 30 June & 9 - 19 July), Greece (1 - 8 July)
Music: the new album “Three”  consists of eight songs written by Toz in English, with pop-rock vibes
Concerts:  one or more gig(s) in each country, according to  the path cycled

Biking: an average of 120 km per day with 2 days of break per week to host gigs Concerts: one or more gig(s) in each country, according to the path cycled.
Travel: also on board of the project is his wife MAY and his little daughter MAYA. They will support TOZ driving the mobile home, being his pit stop on traveling days, back-office and shelter while biking Organization & Administration
Team:  cool@antoniopirettitoz.com  +39.330.258663   +49 152 23643934

Tour Video Playlist
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Tour Diary
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Tour Gadgets
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TOUR ' 20 - "Not Only A Currency"

April - July - Europe

gigs dates in progress

El Bulo Social Club - Lisbon - Portugal - 8 April 
Fábrica Braço de Prata - Lisbon - Portugal - 9 April
Tio Vivo - Salamanca - Spain - 15 April
Java Pop - Orléans - France - 26 April
MayStar Bikes - Amsterdam - Netherlands - 9 May
O' Ceallaigh - Groningen - Netherlands - 13 May
Lile Bar - Ratzeburg - Germany - 20 May
Location 25 - Lubeck - Germany - 22 May
Linko - Helsinki - Finland - 25 May
Ipi Kulmakuppila - Helsinki - Finland - 26 May
Trompete - Riga - Latvia - 4 June
Vyninė Notre Vie - Vilnius - Lithuania - 7 June

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Sponsors  (1 €  =>  1 km  cycled)
Provide an economic contribution at will, connected to the mileage cycled in one or more countries.
The visibility delivered by our communication (see the tour presentation for details) will be in accordance with that
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2 charts of the route split by km for each crossed country. 

Supporters   (1 €  =>  1 km  cycled)
Everyone can offer support in different ways from buying CDs, USBs, MP3s, gadgets, to sharing info on social media or with a small donation.
 As a funny action, if you provide a contribution related to the mileage cycled in a specific country, your name will appear in that country on our route map (this won't happen for those wishing to remain anonymous). Below 2 charts of the route divided by km for each crossed country.

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