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Tour Not Only A Currency - Europe - 2020


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31 December 20

good bye 2020 and welcome 2021.
My dear '20, you've opened our eyes, showing clearly how subtle and random our freedoms are.
I'd never expected that, but unfortunately this is true, forced at home for weeks or months.
But I have also to mention that during this year I received Nicholas Daniel, a little baby boy, I biked through 16 European countries in 98 days #NotOnlyACurrencyTour and one more time I proved myself that nothing is impossible.
New challenges & adventures are waiting for us @hippiehappyholistic in this new chapter '21,
let's proceed confident..

25 December 20

I finished the "2 minutes video summary of the tour" !
it took me a lot of time to select the right footages and set them up together.
here the link, let me know your thoughts (as usual by email)

Happy Christmas to you who are reading !
weird atmosphere the time, on this particular year.. reading in the social media what the people are posting, talking to them by phone, it seems unreal. and I feel so apart from the world in this little village in the North of Germany.. so unreal to not perfom or to not prepare the New Year's party as Dj or organizer..
But still happy, cause I'm with my family, the first Christmas in 4 ! and focused on my way.
I really hope that this one will be the only Christmas that we can remember with these pandemic restrictions.
Merry Christmas again !

19 December 20

Waow ! check this out
TTC busker cycles Europe in 16 country concert-tour during pandemic
thanks Karen & blogTO for this cool article 😉 
always happy to be in touch with my fellows Torontonians

18 December 20

hey guys,
this is the bike (see pic) with which from today I will train for the next IronMan on June 6th in Hamburg !
Thanks to Fahrradhandlung Willert 2.0 for the partnership:
The bicycle is a great J.Guillem
I'll take cool pictures from day on during my the training sections.
Really happy and motivated to have such a great new bike !

16 December 20

I finally completed the playlist of the videos of the tour, "Not Only A Currency",
16 European countries, 6,125 km pedaled, 98 days, in 318 videos.
They are in chronological order, each day presents an introductory video and one or more videos of the track, with texts for comments and descriptions.
If you want to have a good idea of what it was, of the track, of what happened, follow the link

5 December 20

I'm glad to announce the new release !
the new version of "Something More (feat. Denis Borgatti)"
available in all the main music platforms, here the link to spotify 

let me know (by email) what you think about it

26 November 20

thanks to James Lowe KJAG Radio for the nice video interview. The announcement of the new project of 2021 and the last tour description "Not Only A Currency".
(follow the link to the video interview)


25 November 20

again fantastic feeling running alone in the dark with the glow of the moon,
in the lonely countryside immersed in fog and mist.
Today I received my new running shoes, so I ran for 10 km.. it was a cool atmosphere.

23 November 20

thanks to Francesca Neri and MOLLOTUTTO for this nice interview..

follow the link to the online article

22 November 20

it was great running in the dark with my shadow by the light of the moon..
 I started the training for the IronMan on June 6th in Hamburg and today I planned to run..
I left the center of the village and I was completely into the silent dark of the country side.. 
the light of the Moon was so strong to create your shadow on the street.

21 November 20

updated the Diary Section
finally I uploaded also the previous years that were online in my former website.
I can't remember now why I haven't written anything for 2015 & 2016..

however they were cool years too, you can find some memories in the tours section..
2015 in Canada "RoomMates Of The Same PLanet" & 2016 in Europe "Unconventional"
as always, let me know your thoughts.. (email me)

19 November 20

Great News !!!
I'll race the next IRONMAN in Hamburg on June 6th !!
they reopened the submission today.. and I made it on time to be part of that !
the training will come up soon..  strong 


17 November 20

I also created the page.. "old thoughts"
still old thoughts that I wrote down during the university period.. 
concepts that I tried to follow then as now..

16 November 20

I've inserted a new page.. "aphorisms
those lines were my guidelines in the past and are part of me now..
I just came across an old file on my computer by chance .. and I decided to re-publish them (they were part of my old site "bytoz").

12 November 20

it's a pity that the IronMan races for 2021 in "Cervia - (IT)" & "Hamburg (DE)" are already sold out.. 
They moved all the athletes subscribed for the 2020 race to 2021.. so there are no seats available now

7 November 20

weird period, this "covid" time..
I stepped out from all the social media and I try to dedicate my days to learn better guitar & piano..
the time will come when all these efforts will bear fruit.


4 November 20

the more we go on and the more I appreciate the Swedish attitude towards this "virus", compared to the hysteria of all the other states .. absurd ..

1 November 20

working on the videos from the camera set on my bicycle during the tour..
it's a long long jog.. I upload a couple every day..
this link to the playlist: "Not Only A Currency - European - Tour 2020"

19 October 20

working on a new song.. this time it will be in Italian.. "Semplicemente Noi"

9 October 20

back in Germany and happily celebrating with my family the second birthday of my fantastic daughter Maya !

3 October 20 - Not Only A Currency - Faenza (Italy)

it was really nice to receive the reward (see the pic) dedicated to all the "invisible musicians" during the MEI (Meeting Etichette Indipendenti) fair on the main stage by Giordano Sangiorgi..
Thanks to all the staff of MEI for the great support during all this incredible adventure !  

1 October 20 - Not Only A Currency - Bologna (Italy)

back in my own town.. Bologna..
a last minute gig..!
Saturday October 3rd in Faenza, I'll present the tour from 3:00 to 3:30 pm in Galleria della Molina and I'll play voice & guitar from 9 to 11pm (2 sets) at Circolo Arci Prometeo (Vicolo Pasolini, 6, 48018 Faenza RA).
so, double appointment.. pass by if you'll be around.. ;-)

22 September 20 - Not Only A Currency - Seedorf (Germany)

back to my family.. finally.. ;-)

Official Tour Presentation & Acoustic Concert
Saturday October 3rd - from 3pm to 3:30pm @ MEI Galleria della Molinella – Faenza (Italy) 
see you there ! ;-)

20 September 20 - Not Only A Currency - Athens (Greece)

here some statistics of the tour just ended:
days 98 - biking days 73
total pedaling distance 6.125 km - average 84 km per day (0 punctures !)
6.125 are more of the distance that I biked to cover the Canadian territory in 2017 (from Vancouver to Halifax 6.038 km) and 5.2 times Italy from north to south (Italy north to south is 1.185 km)
elevation gain (by Strava app) 41.767 meters - average per day 625 meters - max elevation 877 meters (in Slovenia, during the ride from Ljubljana to Gorizia)
just to give you an idea, 41.767 meters are 4.7 times back and forth up and down from 0 meters to the peak of highest mountain in the world, Everest (8.848 meters)
biking time per day 5.1 hours, for a total of 370 hours that means 15.4 days on the saddle
max speed reached 62.3 km/h (in Slovenia, during the ride from Zgornja Vecka to Celje)
average speed 16.6 km / h per day
   dehydration (by Runtastic app) 224 liters - average 3.1 liters per day (I feel this is underestimated, it should be more than 4 liters per biking day)
kilo calories burnt (by Runtastic app) - 152.266 - average of 1.927 per day (but I was pooling a trailer & bags.. so probably this should be much higher)
country per night: Germany 25, Netherlands 1, Belgium 5, Luxembourg 2, France 14, Spain 13, Portugal 8, Finland 1, Estonia 2, Latvia 2, Lithuania 2, Austria 4, Slovakia 1, Slovenia 3, Italy 8, Greece 3, ferries 3, bus 1
40% hosted by families - 40% hotels - 20% home (during the beak time in August)
21 house concerts & 10 times busking performed
countless surprised, interested and admired glances and honk on the road.
 that's it.. ;-)

there are so many stories and weird episodes that I could tell and I will somehow in the future, but for now I prefer to highlight the incredible goodness and kindness of all the people I met along the way.. this is the most beautiful memory and feeling that I'll keep with me, incredibly superior to my highest expectations.

so, once again, thanks to everybody for the help & support.. we, my wife Maybritt and I,  made this real..

19 September 20 - day 98 - Not Only A Currency - from Corinth to Athens (Greece)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Dooonneeeee !!!! Wwwoooaaawwww !!!!
It's fucking cool & just great !!!! (Pic at the arrival)
Accomplished, the tour ends here.. in Athens in the temples of the gods.
Once again I have proved to myself that nothing is impossible..!
I hope this can be a message and inspiration for your dreams & goals too.
A strong hug worth 6125 km and 16 European countries in 97 days.

next concert, October 3rd - 3:30pm - voice & guitar @mei_meeting - Faenza (Italy)

See you around and listen to my music every now and then.. 🇪🇺✔️
Thanks to everybody 💎  (pic from the rooftop of the hotel)

18 September 20 - day 97 - Not Only A Currency - from Aigio to Corinth (Greece)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Definitely one of the most beautiful ride of the tour (pic along the way). 
There should have been the hurricane.. but I haven't seen it.
It rained quite strong, just for the first hour, then it was good.
Always with the see (Gulf if Corinth) on my left, really fantastic (here a nice pic).
So many enchanting spots along the way..
I like Greece and the population, they are with few words, but the get the point immediately and kindly thoughtful.
You can tell that the economic restrictions from the past years hit them.. but the nature and the genuineness of the people create a unique atmosphere and good vibes.. I appreciate that (along the way).

17 September 20 - day 96 - Not Only A Currency - from Patras to Aigio (Greece)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Finally in Greece.. it makes 16 on 16 European Countries reached.. ✔️ (pic at the arrival)
Unbelievable it rained and not few..
It has being without a drop for months and now there will be 3 days in a row of rain..
It was ok on the ferry and I received the QR code to land in Greece..
Beautiful ride along the coast to reach Aigio (pic on the road).. even if under the rain..

16 September 20 - day 95 - Not Only A Currency - from Ancona (Italy) to Patras (Greece)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

I woke up early.. and I saw the news of the fire in the Ancona's port.
I was fast and I was on the bike at 9:30..
I arrived at the port easily and there it took quite a long time to have the tickets.. fortunately the night before I had already set up my journey in Greece with the PLF (Passenger Locator Form) document..
The fire and the black smoke were close to the tickets office..
Finally I arrived at the ferry and they let me go in for first (pic of me boarding)..
I'm now on the 11th deck with a cappuccino..

15 September 20 - day 94 - Not Only A Currency - from Riccione to Ancona (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

a ride through my past..
a great pleasure to see Jorg @byblosclub_riccione this morning (pic in front of the club), a dream club that made history years ago.. I worked there from 1996 to 2002..
cool feeling to pass beside, Peter Pan and other discos on the hill as Baia Imperiale.. (a pic of the round-bar dedicated to Marco Simoncelli)
Incredible to meet the neighbour of my family sea holidays house of 34 years ago.. Gabriele was still remembering about us and my father..
I watched the beach for a long time and I was seeing my family many years ago.. I'm glad for this unique moment (pic of the view)..
sunny & warm day.. that I really like, since I grew up with..
particular to pass through Pesaro too..
Happy to be in Ancona to get the ferry tomorrow..

14 September 20 - day 93 - Not Only A Currency - from Faenza to Riccione (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Great ride today..
Cool to be at the press conference of @mei_meeting in Faenza at noon.
Beautiful to pass through Rimini and to stop quickly to one of the best disco/club in Italy of the past Paradiso Disco Rimini where I worked as PR from 1994 to 2000 (pic of the gate).. great time, unforgettable.. and one more time thanks to Gianni Fabbri for everything.
Ended my ride in Riccione (pic in front of the beach) with my Canadian/ciociaro friend Antonio.
Ready to go for dinner..

13 September 20 - day 92 - Not Only A Currency - from Bologna to Faenza (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

warm & nice day & ride..
Andrea came with me for half of the journey.. nice to see some friends along the way..
Mencs just stopped by because he recognized me along the way..
I've been also on the "Stradelli Guelfi", a route on where my father met death 23 years ago (pic of the cross)..
It's nice to be in Faenza, looking forward for the MEI press conference of tomorrow..


12 September 20 - day 91 - Not Only A Currency - sightseeing Bologna (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Bologna.. at the Nettuno's statue, celebrating with some good old friends (pic).. ;-)
dinner with my friend Prinz..

11 September 20 - day 90 - Not Only A Currency - from Ferrara to Bologna (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

nice & relaxing journey home..
I knew the path so no need of google maps.. a pleasure to go slowly through all those villages..
I tool a rude also in the center of Bologna (pic in Bologna).. many people & tourists..
it was difficult to take some good pics (pic close to home)..
Happy to hug my Mom again after a long time..

10 September 20 - day 89 - Not Only A Currency - from San Donà di Piave to Ferrara (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

weird day.. beautiful sun.. busy streets, many tracks.. no bicycle lanes.. wind pro me at the end..
I stopped to refill the water bottles asking to use the tap water and the the gentleman told me "we are here to sell water".. I asked him if he was joking and I told him that in 15 European countries where I have been no one had ever given me that answer.. so he said "there is always a first time" ..
(he filled my bottles, but still a not nice impression).
I arrived at the hotel (that is under construction) and they told me that just to park the bicycle in the garage (there wasn't other alternative) it was 3 euro.. first time in 89 days that somebody is charging me to store the bicycle..
I'm happy to be in Ferrara (pic by the Castle), so many memories here.. but I'm wondering what is happening to the genuine & classic Italian hospitality.. mah..

9 September 20 - day 88 - Not Only A Currency - from Gorizia to San Donà di Piave (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Great sun.. warm but not hot.. (pic along the way) ;-)
Pleasant ride even if many tracks around with a road quite narrow.. (no bicycle lane)..
Happy to be in Italy, very friendly people.. looking forward for a good Prosecco for dinner tonight..

Ps: two weeks to the end if this crazy tour.. don't forget to get the gadgets (t-shirts, water bottles, guitar's pick, etc..) they are still some available..

8 September 20 - day 87 - Not Only A Currency - from Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Gorizia (Italy)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

I T A L Y !!!!  F I N A L L Y !!!!
Reached 887 meters.. the highest peak so far.. It was tough, but I was feeling good and I made it without too much complaining..
Really happy to have arrived in Italy, after 5.350 km and so long (pic at the border)..
Beautiful to understand the people talking on the streets.. nice to be back in my own country..
People always very friendly and welcoming..

7 September 20 - day 86 - Not Only A Currency - from Celja to Ljubljana (Slovenia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

I was feeling better.. and the ride went out very good (pic along the way, facing the mountains)..
nice to come done from 590 meters..
Happy to be in Ljubljana, the Slovenia's capital (pic walking back to the hotel).

Ps: that a listen to my playlist: "Toz Antonio Piretti - Cool Vibes & Music Mood" on Spotify or check some cool gadget of the European tour (bike & guitar) on the page store of my website..

6 September 20 - day 85 - Not Only A Currency - from Zgornja Velka to Celja (Slovenia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Nature first (pic along the way)..
Kind people "no frills style"..
My first impact with Slovenia was tough.. I just hope to get the right roads.. (Google maps is not helping so much).. step by step.. 1 week to be in Bologna, my own town..

5 September 20 - day 84 - Not Only A Currency - from Oberwart (Austria) to Zgornja Velka (Slovenia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

This time was tough..
I was tired from yesterday (I couldn't sleep so well, problems with the key of the room, etc..).
3 points at the limits.. very very steep.. one was a "bullshit" of google and I had to detached the trailer and carried it up for 300 meters.. the other two just crazy steep..
I drank 8 liters of water..
When I arrived in Slovenia, again the road was up the hill (a pic of the sunset)..
I ended up in a ranch, where the phone can't get the line..

4 September 20 - day 83 - Not Only A Currency - from Eisenstadt to Oberwart (Austria)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

662 m.. the highest mountain so far (see the pic)..
nice ride even if harder than usual..
(the map of the path is from the Runtastic app, since Strava had problems in processing the activity)

3 September 20 - day 82 - Not Only A Currency - from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Eisenstadt (Austria)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

back to Austria after one day in Bratislavia.. again great bicycle paths (pic 1) (pic 2)..
there were so many "flying ants" that was incredible.. for the most along a long long vineyard..
sunny day and no wind.. I reached Walter's place (thank you for the great hospitality) in Eisenstadt.. ;-)

2 September 20 - day 81 - Not Only A Currency - from Wien (Austria) to Bratislava (Slovakia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

13 on 16 European countries, done ✔️
The most beautiful & long bicycle paths as now.. along the Danube river (pic along the way)..
from Wien to Bratislava always on a great road.. more or less only for me..
First time for me in Slovakia & Bratislavia as well (pic on the bridge)..


1 September 20 - day 80 - Not Only A Currency - Wien (Austria)

sightseeing in Wien.. tourist for one day..
pic of the house of Mozart (1) (2) (3)
Wien is a very nice city... (walking by night)

31 August 20 - day 79 - Not Only A Currency - from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Wien (Austria) via Berlin (Germany)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

12 on 16 European Countries, done ✔️

After 26 hours of bus (pic of the bike in Berlin).. happy to be in Wien (Austria) (pic reaching the hotel).
With headache and tired I can say " it could have been so much worst !".
- I got rain in the last days, but it was bearable.. when I reached the locations it was becoming much much worst.
- the first bus from Vilnius to Berlin was not equipped to carry a bike, but insisting and trying, the bike was perfectly stored (I surprised myself too for how I did it) and at last they said ok.
- the second bus from Berlin to Wien was leaving exactly at the same time of the arrival of the one on which I was.. so I dropped off one stop earlier and I was able to get the bus to Wien in its second stop.
- again also the bus to Wien said to me "No", when they saw the trailer.. I insisted again and at the end, paying more, they assented.
- also in Wien the heavy rain started when I had already reached the hotel.
- a flight or renting a car, would have being more expensive & problematic.

30 August 20 - day 78 - 57 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Kaimynai to Vilnius (Lithuania)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Rainy day.. I went slowly, because I was also tired..
(pic when I reached Vilnius) - (pic pedaling in Vilnius to reach the bus station)
just few minutes I reached the bus station in Vilnius the rain became much worst, as dogs & cats..
Waiting for the bus I eat something..
Took the bus to Berlin (pic of the seat beside me) (pic, view of the bus from my seat)..
to get there the one for Wien.. 

29 August 20 - 56 biking day - day 77 - Not Only A Currency - from Panevezys to Kaimynai (Lithuania)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

tough ride.. wind against and rain for several hours (pic along the way)..
Unpaved roads and few villages along the way..
When I passed through Ukmerge city, since I haven't seen any bars or places opened, I asked to refill my water bottles to a family that had the door opened.. the father came out with a green bucket of water and refilled my bottles.. woaw..
I ended up in a nice place (pic of the place) 45 km from Vilnius that I'll reach tomorrow..
cheers with Arvydas, ballonn's pilot (pic from his van office) & good night

28 August 20 - 55 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Riga (Latvia) to Panevezys (Lithuania)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

f11 on 16 European Countries reached ✔️🇪🇺
Cool ride along the E67.. in reality on this long route since I left Tallinn (a pic along the way)..
Happy to have reached Lithuania (pic of the border) in a sunny day..
Longest ride of the tour until now, 150 km with a good average speed (considering the total weight of 150 kg) of 21.1 km/h. ;-)
Ps: when you eat good meat the night before and for breakfast, you have more to give..

27 August 20 - 54 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Tuja to Riga (Latvia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

finally a day where the wind was on my tail..
a nice journey to Riga, the capital of Latvia.
Nice hotel (pic of the room)..
after stretching, shower and "washing" clothes I'll go around to take some pictures (pic of Riga by night)..
Ps: I could prepare my black tea in my room.. first the first time after a week.. I love tea.. 💎

26 August 20 - 53 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Parnu (Estonia) to Tuja (Latvia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

cool ride along A1 E67..
a really nice part of the ride just beside the Baltic Sea (see the pic on the beach)..
thank you Estonia (see pic of the European border sign) for the great vibes.. and welcome Latvia (see pic of the European border sign).
10 on 16 European countries ✔️ done..

25 August 20 - 52 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Tallinn to Parnu (Estonia)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

a great ride on a fantastic road.. route 4 E67..  (a pic along the way)
black clouds all the time, but not rain on me.. I was just passing after and I could see the puddles on the asphalt.. just the wind always again me but we can't pretend everything..
Tallin is a really nice place (pic by night, old door).. I do I recommend the city.. nice people too and very polite/respectful also on the street.. 

24 August 20 - Not Only A Currency - from Helsinki (Finland) to Tallinn (Estonia)

reached Tallinn on a "music" ferry from Helsinki (pic of the boat) (pic waiting for the boat)...
nice to talk with the musicians and to know that there is a cool option on all those ferry lines, among Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, etc.. 
in Tallinn with David.. 

23 August 20 - 51 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from the port to the center of Helsinki (Finland)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

Really easy going.. always on a bicycle path.. reached my destination in Helsinki (pic along the ride)..
so, 8 on 16 countries done ✔️.. (pic walking around Helsinki)

22 August 20 - Not Only A Currency - on the ferry from Travemunde (Germany) to Helsinki (Finland)

3rd goal of the tour reached, connecting the Baltic Sea (Travemunde) with the Atlantic Ocean in most European western point on land, Cabo De Roca.. it took me 4040km..
Nice sunset on the 11th deck of the ship.. (pic)
in the direction of the sunset there is Stockholm..

21 August 20 - 50 b biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Lubeck to Travemunde (Germany)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

after a really nice house concert (thanks to Martin & Arne for the hospitality) I reached Travemunde by night to get the ferry heading Helsinki (pic of the departure from the port of Travemunde)..
I'm going to spend 35 hours on this ship (pic of the cabin)..

21 August 20 - 50 a biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Seedorf to Lubeck (Germany)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

easy & gentle ride.. more or less always on a bicycle path (memory from the ride)..
here a pic in front of our bicycle partner (
just slightly raining, but good..
I arrived very early at destination..
later I'll play a house concert with Martina & Arne's family and their friends.. ;-)

19 August 20 - 49 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Ratzeburg to Seedorf (Germany)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding

warming up (pic of the ride)..
Friday 21st August the Tour "Not Only A Currency" will resume with the second and last part..
still 9 countries to go through.. ;-)

16 August 20 (night) - Ratzeburg (Germany)

Nicholas Daniel Piretti
16/8/20 - 23:23 - 3,47 kg - 53 cm
conquisteremo il mondo..!
we will conquer the world..!
Wir werden die Welt erobern..!
Forza caro.. 💪💚❗ (first pic of Nicholas & Mom)

16 August 20 (day) - Kittlitz (Germany) - Not Only A Currency
Thanks Andrea for the second house concert in a row in Kittlitz..
It was a really nice show with very nice people.. it was a pleasure..
Danke.. (pic playing together the last song)

15 August 20 - Kittlitz (Germany) - Not Only A Currency

Thanks Andrea for the nice house concert in Kittlitz (see the pic playing together)..
tomorrow there will be the second show, same time (7pm) , same place.. I'll see you there..

14 August 20 - Not Only A Currency

thanks to Adriano Gasperetti & Agenzia Dire for the nice interview
follow the link

3 days in a row to Travemunde.. I needed to play after all those days on the bike.. 
Ps: still waiting for Nicholas Daniel..

11 August 20 - 48 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Hamburg to Ratzeburg (Germany)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
brought back the bicycle to the partner store ( for a well-deserved general check after the first 4.000 km.. (pic from the carrier's warehouse in Hamburg)
lighter ride (I was cycling on with the bike) even if with the wind always against.. beautiful weather

8 August 20 - Not Only A Currency - Seedorf (Germany)

really nice house concert in Seedorf..
here a memory from the evening (pic)
thanks to the local newspapers for the support and to all the neighbors who attended to the evening..
it was a pleasure..

5 August 20 - Not Only A Currency - Seedorf (Germany)

thanks to Stefania Castino, Donatello Ciullo & Desa Comunicazioni per the great interview 
follow the link to the article

4 August 20 - Not Only A Currency - from Lisbon (Portugal) to Seedorf (Germany)

a long day among airplanes and airports.. 
Lisbon - Paris, Paris - Hamburg..
basically from 7 am I always kept the mask on.. what a difficult way to go.. it was hard to breath at the end..
happy to be with my family ! (pic)
and 2 weeks of concerts and rest in front of me..
the tour will resume on August 20th.. heading to Travemunde to get the ferry to reach Helsinki..

3 August 20 - 47 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Lisbon to Santiago Dos Velhos (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
The bicycle & the trailer are now at the carrier "J.F.Campos Ida" (pic of the garage)..
A really strong wind against and a quite brutal climb at the end of the path made this ride quite unfriendly (a memory along the way).. headache at the end caused by the wind.. way too much..
out for dinner with Claudio, this was the view walking back home (see pic, Lisbon by Night)..

2 August 20 - 46 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Sintra to Lisbon (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
I finally reached Lisbon.. the ride was very smooth (me in Lisbon)..
now I'm drinking a big glass of Sangria (pic)..
I have the suspect it won't be the only one.. cheers ;-)

a couple of statistics.. pulling 150 km including myself:
3.862 km as now
16 km / h average
30.775 meters of elevation gain (3.5 the height of the Everest Peak)
3.1 liters per day
56 maximum speed
562 maximum altitude
5.3 hours of moving time per day
4 days of rest on 50.. 
and uncountable surprised and incredulous looks on me along all the way


1 August 20 - 45 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Torres Vedras to Sintra (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Second goal of the tour reached
sorted by date and not by importance:
- La Compostelana (Camino de Santiago de Compostela) ✔️
- reached the westernmost point on dry land in Europe, Cabo Da Roca (3.800 km from Seedorf, 23883 Germany) ✔️

Very tough day, very windy and mountainous..
When I reached Cabo Da Roca the wind was so strong that it was difficult to stand
(memory 1 at Cabo Da Roca) - (memory 2 at Cabo Da Roca) - (memroy 3 at Cabo Da Roca)..
I took an ice-cream in the bar close by.. to celebrate.. lemon & banana chocolate.. they didn't have the whipped cream.. on the street the wind was literally taking you away..
a problem with the address didn't let me reach Jose in Sintra.. so I booked a nice house guest.. ;-)
now stretching & shower..

31 July 20 - 44 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Marinha Grande to Torres Vedras (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Google Maps brought me really nowhere.. it was so annoying.. I lost a lot of time to be in a bee breeding..
then the location of the hotel was wrong.. I could reach the place with the "location sharing" by whatsapp..
(a memory from the ride)
Nice place at the end, I swam a bit in the pool at the sunset (memory from the pool)..
I'm the only guest in the place.. like yesterday.. ops.. very few tourists cause the fucking virus..


30 July 20 - 43 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Mira to Marinha Grande (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
the first half of the ride was without sun.. and this was good.. (a memory along the way)
bleak landscape.. different trees and plants.. (my lunch place)
It was nice to pass by at the "Airforce base" exactly when 5 jets were taking off.. really cool..
the power and the roar they emit is waow !!!
Arrived in Marinha Grande.. waiting for somebody to open the hostel..

29 July 20 - 42 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Gaia Porto to Mira (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
It was tough coming out from Porto, then the road was not too bad..
The sun was really strong and my skin is asking for a break..
again I've eaten fruits along the way, stopping by a dealer along the streets.. today in addition to bananas and peaches, also cherries and grapes ;-)
Very tired I arrived in Mira..
(a memory along the way)

28 July 20 - 41 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Viana do Castelo to Gaia Porto (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
While I was biking, I was keeping on seeing people selling fruits & vegetables along the way
(in the pic one of the first that I saw)..
so I stopped by and I had my "Fruit Lunch" (3 bananas and peaches)..
Very sunny I kept on until Porto..
Going through Porto with my trailer was a bad nightmare, old stone streets, super steep up & down..
it was crazy with google maps.. finally.. after many wrong ways, directions, traffic, etc..
(a pic after the bridge Luis)
I arrived to destination quite destroyed..

27 July 20 - 40 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Mos (Spain) to Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
This ride was good.. thanks to Jiaro who the night before taught me about the roads.. very appreciated.
Happy to be in Portugal (pic of the border), 7/16 European Countries that I'll go through during this tour..
I biked along the river Minho and reached the location with a good wind in my favor..
updating this website, from my hotel room.. ;-)

thanks to for the nice article: 
La storia del Tour musicale in bicicletta in Europa del musicista TOZ Antonio Piretti, uno sprint contro il Covid

26 July 20 - 39 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Santiago de Compostela to Mos

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Sunny.. hot and quite tough Sunday.. (a last picture in Santiago)
Nice to be again close to the Ocean.. 
Particular to bike close to the airport of Vigo.. (a picture along the road)
the last 9 km killed me with a climb of 286 meters..
quite tired arrived finally to Jiaro's home ;-)

25 July 20 - 38 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Baamonde to Santiago de Compostela

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
I wanted to reach the "Ufficio del Turismo di Santiago" to receive "La Compostelana", so I pushed hard (memory from the road)..
I arrived at 4:30pm and the office would have closed at 6:30pm..
at the beginning they said the numbers (for the line to receive "La Compostelana") were terminated for this day, way too many. They said, if you want you can wait in another line and IF we will accomplish all the previous numbers, you will receive it, but no promises.
I waited and after 1 hour they gave me the number #553..
I made my second line and finally I got it, La Compostelana.. (pic)
in life the best things don't cost .. also because they are priceless ..


24 July 20 - 37 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Ribadeo to Baamonde

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Tough ride.. quite mountainous.. (a memory from the road)
it was a really bad decision to follow "google maps" and leave the N634..
country footpaths way too steep to be done by a bike with a trailer..
I gave everything I had to pull up for hundreds of metres, individually both the trailer & the bike..
I arrived tired at the nice hotel KM101 in Baamonde..

23 July 20 - 36 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Novellana to Ribadeo

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
just nature, mountains, ocean & "el Camino de Santiago de Compostela".
Long ride, up & down.. beautiful sceneries..
and a scary narrow path on a high bridge, beside the highway.. just at the end..
PS: exceeded 3000 km of departure route, 3020 km with an average of 84 km per day.. pulling the trailer.. ;-)

22 July 20 - 35 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Gijon to Novellana

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Up & Down.. Up & Down.. do it again, etc.. This was today (pic)..
I was quite tired at the end..
I arrived in a cool place "El Fornon" in Novellana..
surrounded by hills & mountains.. drinking a couple of bears in the garden in front (pic)..
at the sunset time..

21 July 20 - 34 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Ribadesella to Gijon

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Nice ride.. some up & down, but somehow ok, since I biked on the N632..
just one hill of 243 up was as much as nice as tough (pic)..
Happy to have started my "Cammino de Compostela"..
in the morning in Ribadesella I went to the tourist office and there they gave to book and wrote down my data, etc.. so now I'm officially a "pilgrim".. (pic of the first stamps
even if they have been days that I was going on the same way.. ;-)
"Better something than nothing"..
In Gijon I reached Vicente..

20 July 20 - 33 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Comillas to Ribadesella

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
cool ride, not too long & not too mountainous..
Fortunately it didn't rain (really black clouds on me for a long time).. (pic mood of the day
so there wasn't the strong sun neither.. (pic of sign of the "Camino de Santiago")
Nice to have met Raul along the way..
We'll go out for dinner in Ribadesella..

19 July 20 - 32 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Santander to Comillas

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
again short sunny ride.. (pic of a moment)
on the phone for half of the way.. time passed quickly..
I'm posting from the beach and 2 ice-creams already eaten.. ;-)

18 July 20 - 31 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Escalante to Santander

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
short ride, following the Stantiago de Compostela Camino (pic)..
I was ready to reach Comillas, but the reservation for tomorrow couldn't be changed..
so I reached Santarder and I went on the beach.. a very strong wind & a lot of people..
the Virgen Beach is quite wild (pic)..

17 July 20 - 30 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Bilbao to Escalante

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
nice weather, not too warm not too cold..
Nice to pass the famous Vizcaya bridge in Bilbao (pic)..
4 up & down quite strong, harshly challenged me, or better my legs for the most.. the second in particular..
Through hills, mountains, ocean (pic) and breeze I arrived in Escalante quite tired.. (pic)

16 July 20 - 29 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Elgoibar to Bilbao

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
with a good breakfast, everything is easier then..
Mood if the day.. "surrounded by mountains on a busy N634".
I arrived in Bilbao and with Isidro we'went to the beaches (pic of the waves), had a bath in the Ocean and then, after an ice-cream a good bear (pic at the sunset).. ;-)
great view coming back home.. (pic)

15 July 20 - 28 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Donastia San Sebastian to Elgoibar

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
it was raining just before my departure but it stopped when I started..
all the ride with the Atlantic Ocean on my right.. (pic mood of the day)
the wind, the foam and the sound of the waves were constantly present..
Beautiful scenery for my eyes..
Exhausted I stopped in a bar "Narrondo" and I ate 5 fantastic sandwiches that they put me back on my feet..
Then relaxed I reach the Elgoibar..

14 July 20 - 27 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Bayonne to Donastia San Sebastian

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
not too long ride but very up & down.. quite tired when I reached Donostia, up & down city too.
Glad I managed to find the Spanish European sign (pic) at the border (even not too clean)..
I found it only in my second try on the Puente de Santiago.. ;-)


13 July 20 - 26 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Onesse-et-Laharie to Bayonne

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Nice breakfast with David.. then a really sunny day.. a lot of traffic on the road.. the first hotel was to bad.. so we changed the reservation and I ended up in a "normal" place..
just to be sure, the bike & the trailer are with me in the room.. ;-) (pic)
relaxing dinner in the centre of the city during evening (pic)

12 July 20 - 25 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Bordeaux to Mimizian & Onesse-et-Laharie

ride A link to the Strava statistics of the riding to Mimizian
ride B link to the Strava statistics of the riding to Onesse-et-Laharie

Thank You Gilles & Martine for the hospitality in Bordeaux.
Finally reached the Atlantic Ocean at Mimizian (see pic). All the hotels were booked and I had to bike again for other 37 km.. today was just the first day without the websites "warm shower" or "couch surfing"..
Mimizian is a cool touristic spot, packed of people.. I ended up in a "home stay" country farm (see pic).. cool for the concept.. and I had a dinner with David and his sons..

11 July 20 - 24 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Montguyon to Bordeaux

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
a BIG THANK YOU to Martine.. really a fantastic hospitality.. ;-) a rich dinner, breakfast and also a great lunch for the ride (2 sandwiches, 2 apricots, 4 yogurts.. ).
Today I was regenerated and I flew with the bike..
sunny ride, I reached Bordeaux earlier than expected. (pic1) (pic2) (pic3) (pic4)

10 July 20 - 23 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Amgouleme to Montguyon

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Thanks Pierre for the hospitality in the nice Amgouleme..
In an up & down & raining ride (pic mood of the day) I reached Montguyon.. ;-)
and here we are in Montguyon.. some Martine's models. (see pic)

09 July 20 - 22 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Brux to Amgouleme

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Thank to Stephen & Claudia for everything..
great location & very nice friends..
a very hot day under the sun (pic).. 32 degrees (pic).. quite tired I arrived to Amgouleme.. ;-)
nice dinner with Pierre and relaxing walk in the center of the city.. for a final ice-cream (pic) ;-)

08 July 20 - 21 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Thure to Brux

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Thank to Marie, Arnoud & Cocu for Royal hospitality at La Barbeliniere in Thuré..
with a sunny cool ride (pic) I reached the village of Brox with a fantastic welcome from Stephen & Claudia.. in Petit Chateaux de Mae.. ;-) (pic)
really nice party in the evening with British and French friends.. cool & warm people !
it was a pleasure to play for them in the beautiful garden ;-) (pic all together)

07 July 20 - 20 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Chisseaux to Thure

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Nice ride in a sunny countryside French day..
I arrived in a fantastic place in Thure (pic) ;-)
thanks to Marie-Laure, Arnaud and their brand new graduated daughter for the royal hospitality !
acoustic concert after dinner


06 July 20 - 19 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Orleans to Chisseaux

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Thank You Jeffrey for the hospitality during the weekend in Orleans..
Today a beautiful ride along the Loire river (pic).. very cool.. many pictures.. this time I enjoyed the ride.. ;-)

05 July 20 - day of rest - Not Only A Currency - Orleans 

relax at home, just working with my computer.. 
at 5 pm there will be the concert with Jeffrey and his friends.. ;-) (picture)

04 July 20 - 18 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Courtenay to Orleans 

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Big Merci to Remi & Christine gor the great hospitality, dinner, concert & breskfast.. ;-)
6th day in a roe with the wind against me.. honestly not easy..
except the wind, nice French country side ride..
here we are in Orleans, with Jeffrey (pic)

03 July 20 - 17 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Troyes to Courtenay 

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Tough day.. again wind against, 4th day in a row..
beautiful French landscape (pic), I ended up in a real French farm.. with Remi & Christine..
They showed me their animals and I was impressed how life is recreating its self in the nature. really fantastic !
really nice acoustic concert in the evening for them & their friends (pic)..

02 July 20 - 16 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from La Chaussee sur Marne to Troyes 

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Thanks to Martin & Jean Francois I had a fantastic breakfast.. also a great lunch that I carried with me.. Baguette with cheese & butter that was really good along the way..
For the third day in a row the wind was against me.. but at least I cycled on asphalted roads.. ;-) (pic)
a BIG thanks to Jullian & Camille for let me bring the bike upstairs in the unit..
Nice pizza & ice cream for dinner in Troyes.. really nice city..

01 July 20 - 15 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Verdun to La Chaussee sur Marne

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Tough day.. a strong WIND always against.. this is just a perfect picture to summarize the day (pic1) (pic 2)..
long gravel streets that mean a lot of dust.. but fantastic welcome by Martin & Jean Francois..
dinner with Champagne & rose.. acoustic live for dessert.. 

30 June 20 - 14 biking day - Not Only A Currency - from Luxemburg to Verdun

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
Long day & long ride.. wind always contrary.. I was impressed by the Verdun battle field in which I went through.. (World War I).. (pic 1) (a pic of Verdun)
super dinner with Guillaume in the evening.. thank you for the cool location and very nice hospitality..

29 June 20 - day of rest - Not Only A Currency - Luxemburg

going around Luxemburg (pic1) (pic 2) with Gregory Bianco (@ here a pic together..
and really nice acoustic garden concert in the evening.. 
thank you Ferdy for the great hospitality, it was really super ! 

28 June 20 - 13 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Neufchateau to Luxemburg

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
cloudy, but not raining.. I overcome the 1000 km in this tour..
happy to pass the border from Belgium to Luxemburg (Luxemburg sign) and to be able to take a picture also of the Belgium European sign (Belgium sign)..
the ride was nice and finally down the hill..
a nice view just before to reach Luxemburg.. you can see the city in the distance..
thank you to Ferdy for the nice hospitality
so now we've touched 4/16 European countries that use Euro as  currency..

27 June 20 - 12 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Serinchamps to Neufchateau

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
beautiful ride in the nature.. I haven't seen so many cows in my life.. (
just the first met)
again up & down, but this time was just half of the day before.. so doable..
it was really nice to go through this beautiful an authentic country side.. 
a great hospitality from Christophe, Adelide & Mary.. and after a cool dinner, some song with a couple of red wine..  (pic with the piano)
good night for today ;-)

26 June 20 - 11 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Brussels to Serinchamps

link to the Strava statistics of the riding 
Waow. An unbelievable day !
All up & down and s little part of highway.. a lot of dirt road.. crazy ride..
(pic, the view just 1 km before to reach the place)
I arrived just in time to take a shower an perform a nice acoustic aperitif..
thank Marie for the very nice hospitality & dinner !

25 June 20 - day of rest - Not Only A Currency - Brussels

I went around for sightseeing in a very very hot day..
here some pics.. (Belgium flags) - (lunch time) - (Atomium place)
I had time.. so I also cut my hair.. 
now dinner time.. let's go around..

24 June 20 - 10 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Genk to Brussels

link to the Strava statistics of the riding 
a very great thank you to Peter & Liesbert for the hospitality hospitality full of care and attention
(my t-shirt & the roses).. 

it's been a really nice ride... at the beginning I went with Liesbert a great place where you pass through the water.. then later I headed to Brussels.. (a memory in Leuven)
very sunny but cool.. it was a little chaotic in Brussels because Google Maps was bringing me in very narrow street.. and a lot of up & down..
I arrived in Brussels in time to dinner with Henri.. ;-)
in the night I went out for a walk and for a good ice cream.. 

23 June 20 - 09 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Venlo to Genk

link to the Strava statistics of the riding 
another very sunny day (a memory along the way).. from Netherlands to Belgium..
again so check at the border.. there wasn't even the European Belgium sign.. I checked three times and in different entries.. I was not lucky.. I just hope to take at least a pic when I'll go into Luxemburg.. (hoping to have also the Belgium one, from the other side..)
thanks to Ralph & Sarka for the nice hospitality in Venlo..
thanks also to Joseph.. a ranger that gave me a hand near Genk to reach the city through out the bicycles paths..  
I had a great dinner with Peter & Liesbert and a very nice concert in the garden with their Italian friends.. 
very warm & nice atmosphere.. (a pic of the garden concert)

22 June 20 - 08 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Bochum to Venlo

link to the Strava statistics of the riding 
first of all a great thank you to Jurgen, Pia & Ike for the fantastic hospitality.. 
I had really a good time with them and with their friends..
the ride to Venlo was really nice (see my lunch time spot).. good  weather and surprising, there was no check point at the border (pic of the Netherlands European sign)..
happy to be in Netherlands (2/16 countries) and a Huge DANKE to all the German people (pic of the European sign) who were very special with me during this first week of tour.

21 June 20 - Not Only A Currency - Bochum

first resting day of this tour.. and a really nice sightseeing Sunday in Bochum (see pic).. with Jurgen
today is the summer solstice.. very special day for me..

20 June 20 - 07 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Emsdetten to Bochum

link to the Strava statistics of the riding 
In the morning we, Markus, Owe and I, woke up early (around 6.30am.. and after breakfast we started the ride to Bochum.. Markus and Owe accompanied me until half of the road and then I keep on alone in
 a really nice and sunny day (a pic along the path).. 
I arrived in Bochum in time to prepare the celebration of the birthday party of Jurgen & Pia.
we went in a park and it was really fun to play together until dark (see pic)..
games, music and drinks.. with a nice desire to have fun and spend good time.. perfect combination

19 June 20 - 06 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Osnabruck to Emsdetten

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
a really nice ride with a perfect weather.. really relaxing (a pic on the road)..
I stayed at Markus place and the party was really nice, a great barbecue and really cool people.
I was fun together in the garden (Markus and I singing some  songs).. 
again another big thank you to Markus and his fantastic family for the regat hospitality..  ;-)

18 June 20 - 05 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Wildeshausen to Osnabruck

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
fifth day.. rain rain and again rain.. 
I started with Martin (see the pic).. and after 20 minutes it started to rain and it never stopped until the end..
I ended up in a fantastic place (pic in the garden).. Susanne & Stefan's place..
we went to dinner at La Puglia restaurant and after a great pizza I sang a couple of songs..
very cool atmosphere.. very nice people and very good Limoncello ! (a pic with Filippo, owner of the Pizzeria)
thanks again to Stefan & Susanne for the great and warm hospitality.. and to share with me their experiences with their uncountable tours around Europe and more..  ! They are pro-bikers !

17 June 20 - 04 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Ottersberg to Wildeshausen

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
forth day.. a great sun on my all the day..
a great ice cream with Martin just before to reach his place..
again a cool day along the bicycles paths of Germany..
for the first time I went through Brema (a pic on the bridge) (in front of the University)..
nice city, great University area.. 

after a great dinner with Martin.. working relaxed on my computer..
tonight I'm going to bed quite early.. (a pic from my room)

16 June 20 - 03 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Horneburg to Ottersberg

link to the Strava statistics of the riding
third day.. again a fantastic weather.. and a really pleasant ride in the German country.. (
check the pic).
a cool barbecue and a house concert in the garden with Christine, Andreas, Raul, Luisa and all their friends..
after the dinner the second set in the living room, near the piano..
really nice family and great hospitality.. thanks

15 June 20 - 02 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Hamburg to Horneburg

second day.. really nice weather and a pleasant ride..
here the link to the Strava Statistics 
thanks to Timm for the great hospitality & the beautiful place..
it was a pleasure to play in the garden of that historical building..
here a pic of the riding day and the house concerts 


14 June 20 - 01 biking - Not Only A Currency - from Seedorf to Hamburg

first riding day, from Seedorf to Hamburg.. a cool easy ride.. 
check the statistics on Strava, here the link

several country unpaved roads, many side walks, a slow speed.. polling 145 kg..
it was my first time with the trailer and it went good..
very nice the cheering at the starting point from the German family & friends..
taken some cool pics and shootings..
feeling good to be on the bike after so many hours of training in the gym (thanks to Infinity Fitness Club)..
for sure, with the trailer this tour I have to take it easy.. cause it will be impossible to go fast.. but I'll enjoy the view.. 
after a nice dinner with my wife and daughter.. it's time to rest.. see you tomorrow.

Ps: a very nice article, thanks to Thomas from Lubeker Nachrichten

13 June 20

thanks Finn by Markt (wochenendzeitung für Ratzeburg, Mölln und Umgebung) for this nice article
click to see the pdf article 

10 June 20

a nice interview with Finn by MARKT Zeitung - Lübecker Nachrichten..

08 June 20

my last time in Travemunde for this spring season.. a Big Thanks  to everybody for the great and fantastic support. perhaps I'll see you back in August when I'll bee back from the first part of the tour or in October when the Tour will be finished..

05 June 20

a pleasant day busking in Boltenhagen.. after a long time it was really nice to be there again..

04 June 20

we are keeping on planning every single day of the tour.. overnight hospitality, distance, etc.
I spent several days at Travemunde.. it's always nice to share music and good vibes with people..

28 May 20

here we are with the new tour presentation: "Not Only A Currency"  

27 May 20

we are planning to resume the Tour Project around the middle of June..
in this "plan B" I'll bike alone for all the tour.. since my wife is pregnant in the 6 months..
we are setting everything to make it happen.. the trailer for the bike.. the bags, etc.. 
of course we have to be very careful on what we I can carry with me.. the bike can carry not more than 130 kg..  including myself an its own weight..
today I came back to the gym for the first time after a long time, here the pic. 
the gym is great and 24 hours for 7 days a week.. the only weird new rule is that, as now for this virus period,  you can train in the gym.. but you can't take a shower in the gym.. 
ookk.. I'm training on the cyclette for 3 hours in a row.. so you can imagine how I'm at the end.. 

26 May 20

first day of the season.. first day of busking.. back to Travemunde.. 
it takes time to re-start..  very nice vibes around.. 

19 May 20

finally the video of the new song, Something More is ready, check it out, and let me know what you think:
a special thanks to Lorenzo Funaro for the drawing and to Metropolitan Music Studio for the constant support for the mixing and mastering phase. 

5 May 20

basically I spent (or better invested) all april to learn how to use Protools in the post recording actions.. I mean mixing and mastering.. 
Unfortunately I had time and I couldn't do anything else since the pandemic limitations, so I really dived into that program. I discovered many plugins and the use of them.. thanks also to the precious help and support of Martino @ Metropolitan Music Studio in Bologna.
I took back an old habit.. as in the last years of my university I was used to study during the night and goinf to bed at 6 am.. the same in this period I worked on my "sound" until the sun was up.. 
I like working during the night.. it's very quite.. you're relaxed.. no distractions, no phone ringing.. just focused on what I have to do..
The new track, "Something More" is coming up quite good actually.. tomorrow I'll record again my voice and then it will be ready for you..
so, stay cool and we'll be in touch soon..

25 March 20

recording a new song named "Something More"..
written last year and reflecting a thought for a couple like for instance my wife and I..
but also appropriate in a period like this in which we find ourselves at home following the indications of our governments..

20 March 20

a note to our friends., partners and sponsors:
"due to the restrictions on mobility adopted by European countries, we must delay the departure of the tour "Not Only A Currency". As soon as the conditions will allow it, we'll resume the project and carry it out with passion".

13 March 20

This little guitar plectrum, (see the pic here) represents a great hope of positivity and trust for us..
it's our first gadget, just arrived today.

What is "Not Only A Currency" ?
It's a music tour by bicycle. (see the presentation here)

Respecting all the sanitary & health rules that each country has or will put into effect, from April to July, with courage we @hippiehappyholistic & I, will cross with a bicycle & a guitar, 16 countries that use € as currency throughout Europe..
strengthening the European spirit of unity and collaboration, so important in a time like this.

10 March 20

we, my wife and I, are working hard everyday.. and we are creating a great tour.
I have to tell that I'm sad and worried about the epidemic caused by the corona-virus, which is spreading in Europe. We have been working on it for a year.. and we will make it true !
let's win this virus all together and keep on creating good music !

9 March 20

today we received a fantastic news..
we are waiting for a new little boy.. expected for August 12th
this time I'll decide the name that will be: Nicholas Daniel Piretti

8 March 20

we have opened a new Instagram account: Music On The Roads
Maybritt will follow for the most this account with which we'll try to let you see with pictures and videos what is happening daily in our adventures.. feel free to leave some comments..

6 March 20

setting and try the G3 Zoom multi effects for the live performances..
really cool distorted sounds.. guitar & voice too.. 
it will be a catchy show !

4 March 20

took the camper from the deposit and brought it to the garage for the yearly audit

28 February 20

we are happy to announce that "Solectric GmbH" & "DJI" are among our partners !
Solectric is a company in Germany specialized in Camera Systems, LED Light and Drones. 
Solectric is one of Europe´s biggest Partner of DJI..
we are looking forward to shoot every step of the upcoming tour.. ;-)

25 February 20

a great welcome to our new partner MEI Digital, Distribuzione Indipendente !

I'm sure, we will create a great collaboration..
AudioCoop & MEI are an historical brand for independent artists & labels in Italy !
stay tuned for update regarding the Italian gig..

23 February 20

I've tried for the fist time an energy bar by Power System.. and it was fantastic !
80km training.. "una sgambata" ;-) 
I've tried the chocolate & yogurt flavor, really tasty

20 February 20

thank you for this nice interview to our friends Fabrizio Intravaia & Corriere Italiano Montreal: 
"Una bicicletta, una chitarra e l’Europa"

19 February 20

pushing harder with the training.. today 65 km in 2 hours @ Intinity Club Ratzeburg

17 February 20

welcome in our team to our first sponsor.. from Luxemburg,
BikeTours, Personal Guided Bike Tours, Rental & Coachings
you can see how this appears on our Tour Map..  Luxemberg became green ;-) !

15 February 20

welcome in our team to some new cool partners..
Power System Sport, Products For Your Workout that will support us with energy bars
Bikers Dream, The Smallest And Strongest Mini Foot Pump In The World that daily will pump up  our bicycle's tires 

14 February 20

for San Valentine the new album "Three" is finally out !
available on all the major music platforms, follow the link:
Spotify - Apple Music - Deezer - Amazon - SoundCloud - BandCamp - or on this website at the Music Page

let me know your feeling about it.. ;-)

11 February 20

working on the new gadgets for the tour..
3 cool tour's jerseys (male, finale and long sleeves) and custom guitar picks..
stay tuned for updates..

10 February 20

everyday playing at the piano, practicing and improving reading music sheets..
but still I miss playing freely in the subway ..
I miss that mood, those vibes, the great energy and the daily warmth of the people.. 

8 February 20

2 long days at "Oohh!", the fair for campers and "around" in Hamburg..
we were looking for partners or sponsors for our upcoming tour.. 
it is a good fair, and we had some good connections..

Maybritt and me.. exhausted.. 

5 February 20

my Birthday ! Good time with good friends !
thanks Prinz & Giada  to visit us..
here we are (Prinz & me) during the barbecue grilling time..

3 February 20

released the final version of the logo for the upcoming tour "Not Only A Currency"

1 February 20

today, first day in the gym for the preparation of the tour..
thank to Infinity Fitness & Wellness Club, in Ratzeburg & Molln (24/7).
50 km as entry point.. 
me before to begin.. when done, I was "done"..

31 January 20

ehi, here we are, this is the bike with which we'll cross Europe !! (see the pic)

Thanks to our partner KOECH 2-RAD
(bicycle store - Koech 2-wheel technology - Langenbrücker Straße 12 - 23909 - Ratzeburg)
if you pass by Ratzeburg, right in the center. go and say hello.. really cool bicycle store !

27 January 20

updating this website and the presentation of the tour, here the new version, let me know what you think.. 

24 January 20

we are happy to introduce new partners of the upcoming European Tour
Adidas Runtastic - Fitness App Experience - Travel, Event, Art & Fun
Dp Informatica - Networks, Security, Communications, Systems Engineering and IT Security


21 January 20

we are glad to announce our first partners of the upcoming Tour "Not Only A Currency"
Desa Comunicazioni: services for artists - Donatello ;-)
Metropolitan Music Studio: Music Studio, Musical Production, Mastering, Service - Martino ;-) travel e.magazine, to enhance the travel cycle mode - Sauro ;-)
Infinity: Wellness & Fitness Club - Molln & Ratzeburg - Arsalan ;-)
Koech 2 Rad - Bicycle Store - Ratzeburg - Marcel ;-)
stay tuned for the next update.. ;-)

17 January 20

preparing the material for the project #Tozmovie, I found these old pics..
Me and Jorg (Byblos)  -  Me by Riccardo Franchetti  -  Me and part of the Fandango staff during a party
let  me know your comments.. 

8 January 20

we have just updated the presentation of the fantastic upcoming European Music & Sport tour:
here the link to: "Not Only A Currency"
check it out, it's really a cool project ! and let me know your comments 

6 January 20

the new album, "Three" is on its way.. thanks to Metropolitan Music Studio for the mixing and mastering 

2 January 20

a new year just began, with a big challenge, the European Tour, "Not only A Currency"..
working on that.. stay tuned 


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