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TOZ Antonio Piretti - Tour "from the roots in the right direction" Canada 2017


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31 December 17 - Bologna - Italy
in 2017 I gave it all..
I received the one more confirmation that nothing is impossible, the best wish for a new 2018 that will leave a mark.. I wish u my friend, the same WILL TO DARE.. let's bring the action..!!!

29 December 17 - Bologna - Italy

the new album is ready to rock.. out soon

25 December 17 - Bologna - Italy

too many differences & disparities,  I'll do my part to make them more equal
Christmas tuned at the sunset in Bologna.. 

24 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

Happy Christmas..!!!
Nuon Natale..!!!
Frohe Weihnachten..!!!
Feliz Navidad.!!!

23 December 17 - Bologna - Italy
Christmas nativity scene
.. walking along Via Santo Stefano in the center of Bologna.. 


22 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

you can call it paradise or funfair.. #MarcoBorsatti
we're mastering my new EP

19 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

corporate events time in Bologna..

14 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

warming up, it's coming.. already 1 month spent in the studio.. mixing started today

11 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

a memory from the last gig, with a special message.. "You Have Been The One" 

1 December 17 - Bologna - Italy 

a real pleasure to play yesterday @ Villa Meraville in front of many old friends.. 
also the classmates of the middle school showed up.. great..! 

22 November 17 - Bologna - Italy 

among long recording studio sessions & some good meals..
a funny video invitation for my next concert.. 

2 November 17 - Bologna - Italy 

the new Ep recording is starting.. back to the studio, first day session..

29 October 17 - Bologna - Italy 

back to Bologna..

21 October 17 - Seedorf - Germany 

practice & studying piano every day

19 October 17 - Seedorf - Germany 

time is gentleman

16 October 17 - Seedorf - Germany 

diving into music..
after 2 great tours, now it's the moment to spend time with my guitar & piano for new ideas..

10 October 17 - Seedorf - Germany 

thank you silence

8 October 17 - Molln - Germany 

and those two cute little girls.. at the very first song, shyly came closer..
after a while, they made up the courage to put a coin in my guitar case..
and then hand in hand walked away happily released with their cheeks red..
somebody says, there are no coincidences..
but curious, that just when I said to myself.. ok, this will be my last song for today..
the same two little girls where passing by, probably coming back home,
they came closer again and with a nice smile put another coin..
everything finished as it started.. yes, but with a beautiful smile
memories like this fill my busking days.. 

6 October 17 - Molln - Germany 

beautiful sunset with the sun at my shoulders..
that little sweet grandmother with her little glasses came to me when I finished to play asking me in a perfect English "are you planning to come here tomorrow..? ..because tomorrow there will be the opening of a new park near by.. more people then in this square.. more people, more money.."
beside me there was an Italian friend.. we both looked at each other and with a smile said "wow, in shape this little German grandma..!"

3 October 17 - Lubeck - Travemunde - Germany 

this day was definitely crooked..
At 3.30 pm the first song in Breite Strasse in Lubeck, a guy (who after I saw, was begging 30 metres away) eating a toast and with his sweatshirt hood up, came and asked me if I knew which day was today for Germany.. I said “yes, I know” (Reunification).. then while chewing, he told me with his finger on that I couldn’t play there with the amp & with the microphone .. I asked “why?” .. and he didn't answered, just walked back telling me he was going to call the police.. well he really did it.. at the third song the police came and obviously made me stop using the amp..  that's a loser..
then at 4 pm under the arcade in the middle of Breite Strasse just voice & guitar (no amp) the situation was terrible.. even it started a heavy shower and except for a dad dancing with his little daughter in his arms, no one was smoking me.. there were few people around also caused by the rain.. however without amp it’s a shame..
then a violinist started to play not too far from me.. his sound was louder than mine.. so I went to him twice to try to let him understand the point.. at the second time we inverted the positions.. 
I played a couple of songs, but on the street it was again impossible to be heard enough, so  I tried (5pm) under the arcade by the market..
except for 2 persons I was not considered at all and furthermore someone started to play an annoying loud accordion close to me.. that was enough for me, "quite" disappointed I packed my stuff and while I was walking away I stopped by those 2 guys (one with the accordion and the other with the cajon).. we argued, very low level.. we were close to fight..
my balls where really turning..
around 6pm, I decided to go to Travemunde, where I saw, had just finished raining  and to my surprise there was hardly anybody around..
but there, I was part of a beautiful sunset,  with that view of the ships in the canal and the dim darken slowly taking place..
a nice old lady, exiting from a restaurant near by said me tightening his coat..
"nice music, but it’s sooo cold" 
I smiled and answered  “well, it's still ok“..

1 October 17 - Molln - Germany 

I announced my last song.. I wanted to try a new one.. "together"
a father with a little baby daughter came very close to me..
he, seated on his knees, was embracing her standing on those short legs..
sometimes they were looking at me.. and other times they were just smiling to each other through their eyes.. 
they stayed right there, embraced, for all the song..
that was a special moment.. that was pure love in front of my eyes..
as line by line I was singing the song, I was realizing with pleasure that my lyrics were perfect also for them.. happy harvest day celebration in Molln

30 September 17 - Lubeck - Germany 

she was cheering & taking videos from the window at the third floor.. wow..
at the beginning of the pedestrian area in Breite Strasse..

29 September 17 - Molln - Germany 

many compliments from the kind people of Molln after I've finished to play.. 

27 September 17 - Molln - Germany
I recognized this guy from a previous time, wearing his blu large jeans with braces and that particular cadenced way of walking..  we're in fall, and so..
when we came to me to drop, for the second time, a coin..
he kindly removed also the leaves from my guitar bag..
a really nice gesture..

25 September 17 - Molln - Germany
so, greeting me after my last song..
under his brown hat, with a cigar fixed in the fingers of a hand and shaking 2 of my CDs with the other one, he said "I'm going to listen to them right now in my car.. driving home.."

24 September 17 - Trevemunde - Germany
he came close to me.. "I never heard this song before.."
"it's mine, I've written this song".. 
so he bought a cd..

22 September 17 - Trevemunde - Germany
beautiful autumn day on the Baltic Sea.. Trevemunde

21 September 17 - Wittenberg - Germany
Wittenberg.. mysterious city.. 
just 30 minutes and then "the amp is not allowed here.." goodbye..
I'm sure, Martin would have liked that..

20 September 17 - Ingolstad - Germany
summer is over, not only by dates..
reached Wittenberg, the Martin Luther's city

19 September 17 - Ingolstad - Germany
I'll meet you on Ludwigstrasse & Moritzstrasse under the tree.. cool & soft busking in Ingolstad..
many cheers, smiles and a person passing by said to me "you're welcome here"..

18 September 17 - Munchen - Germany
a cool interview on my last Canadian tour "From The Roots In The Right Direction" by Canadian Beats - Jenna Melanson for Canada 150

4 Tours done, Cheers..!!!
'15 - Roommates of the Same Planet (Canada)
'16 - Unconventional (Europe)
'17 - from the Roots in the Right Direction (Canada)
'17 - EnjoyWild (Italy)
from the Oktoberfest we're celebrating the last Italian tour "EnjoyWild" just accomplished..!!!

end of the Tour  EnjoyWild
(when music meets adventure)

Italy : August - September 2017

17 September 17 - Caldes (Tn) - Italy
second event @ Trentino Wild, end of the EnjoyWild Tour.. Cheers with a local beer..!!

16 September 17 - Caldes (Tn) - Italy
cool rafting ride @ Trentino Wild

15 September 17 - Caldes (Tn) - Italy
after 3 days at Riva del Garda, we reached Caldes @ Trentino Wild for 2 days of events..
just surrounded by mountains, chill air & the sound of the river Noce near us..  

14 September 17 - Riva del Garda (Tn) - Italy
Riva del Garda..
for us beautiful memories as so many greetings & compliments from the people passing by or listen for hours, amazing landscapes, jogging in the dark, last clients in the pizzerias and fantastic ice creams before to be back in the camper.. 
more German people here than Italians..  

13 September 17 - Riva del Garda (Tn) - Italy
beautiful to be back in Riva del Garda and play again in this paradise.. 

12 September 17 - Salò (Bs) - Italy
3 days of relax & music in Salò, on the Larga Lake..

10 September 17 - Salò (Bs) - Italy
I played just an hour at dusk in this little beautiful city,
walking back to the camper along the stunning lake front, in an opened late store I saw some pianos, guitars, vintage objects, an old beautiful car, etc..
entering curious I asked, "which kind of store is this, what do u sell..?"
he told me, "I love music and I sell everything u see in this store.."
the store is a mix among a garage an a music store with so many different old used instruments, etc..
seeing me with the guitar he asked me to play for him and his guest..
I played a couple of tunes and grateful he gave us a bottle of local wine..
if you pass by Salò, stop by Garage Rebusco New Concept Store..
it's very cool, with a great story on its shoulders..

9 September 17 - Vigevano (Pv) - Italy
with our friends Aqqua Canoa & Rafting.. nice rafting ride along the Ticino river..
no event caused by the rain..

8 September 17 - Bagni di Lucca (Lu) - Italy
cool event @ Bagni di Lucca with Aguaraja Rafting & Circolo dei Forestieri..
great location, good food and cool music..

7 September 17 - Castel San Pietro (Bo) - Italy
nice to celebrate my Mom's birthday with my family.. surrounded by a lot of little energetic nephews..

6 September 17 - Sorrento (Na) - Italy
it was already dark in a long hot day..
the spot (piazza A. Lauro) was outside of the pedestrian area, not so great for the specific time..
but however I wanted to play a couple of songs just for the vibes, my good bye to Sorrento..
it was quite a surprise, the few people who passed by reacted in a fantastic way and at my last song a young guy stopped by with his bike to talk about music and future plans, a cool teenager with life in his hands.. Diego who looks like the great Rino Gaetano, cap included..

5 September 17 - Sorrento (Na) - Italy
unexpected gig @ the International Camping Nube D'Argento in the amazing Sorrento..
it was very nice to meet Olaf, a friendly German biker from Hamburg..

4 September 17 - Salerno (Sa) - Italy
Amalfi and Positano.. beautiful sites, but what a ride with the bus..
we have spent a couple of days in the Camping Lido Salerno.. a very relaxing spot..

3 September 17 - Salerno (Sa) - Italy
while I was playing in the main street of Salerno an old man with a very nice suite and a cool hat was standing in front of me..
after a couple of songs he came to me and said.. "I'm an artist too, I can dance, and this is my way to let the people feel better.. I dance and they smile.."
then he began to dance and the people started to cheer & gather around creating a circle..
he danced several songs.. that's was cool.. then thanking he left..

2 September 17 - Laino Borgo (Cs) - Italy
amazing rafting experience in the wild Pollino National Park with our friends of Pollino Rafting..!

1 September 17 - Laino Borgo (Cs) - Italy
very cool wild party.. live music with bonfire, barbeque under a light moon..
dj set after the live.. really a cool event organized by River Tribe & Pollino Rafting.

31 August 17 - Laino Borgo (Cs) - Italy
ready for the cool event tomorrow.. @River Tribe Adventure & Pollino Rafting

30 August 17 - Salerno (Sa) - Italy
a magic swim at the sunset in Salerno.. 

29 August 17 - Rieti (Ri) - Italy
since yesterday in this beautiful ancient town #Rieti..
ready to kick off the party tonight from 7pm with our friends "Roma Acquavventura"

nice party yesterday with Roma Acquavventura at Rive Gauche Cafe..
cool sunset along the river Velino in the center of Rieti..

28 August 17 - Rieti (Ri) - Italy
very very hot driving day under the sun..
our camper pumped the radiator's temperature for 3 times over 100 degrees, so we stopped and rested along the highway refilling the water..
honestly, what a stress seeing on the odometer the temperature raising up and reach 100°
wow, as much as it was boiling, I was cold sweating.. 

27 August 17 - Sarsina (Fc) - Italy
we spent the evening and the night with our friend David and his family in Sarsina

26 August 17 - Camugnano (Bo) - Italy
exciting path through trees (5 different levels) & tasty typical local cuisine at the Saltapicchio Park Adventure on the shore of the Suviana lake, in Camugnano (Bo).. the third step on our Italian tour..
it has been very nice to spend some time my Mum after so many months.. 

20 August 17 - Riva Del Garda (Tn) - Italy
some relaxing days in Riva del Garda on the shore of the majestic Garda Lake.
nice busking in this beautiful old town among people from all over Europe.

17 August 17 - Vileneuve (Ao) - Italy
cool day spent @ Rafting Adventure.. exciting rafting ride along the Dora Baltea River..  

16 August 17 - Aymavilles (Ao) - Italy
glad to have tried for the first time busking in Italy @ Aosta in Piazza Emilie Chanoux for a couple of hours.. cool vibes at the sunset, good people & amazing view with the mountains as landscape..

15 August 17 - Aymavilles (Ao) - Italy
cool party @ Rafting Republic in Aymavilles (Aosta) with my friend Prinz..
Argentine live music, asado lunch and dj set until late night..
beautiful lead..

13 August 17 - Campertogno (Vc) - Italy
3 amazing days @ Eddy Line Asd, among rafting, mountain bike, live music and the mountains of the wild ValSesia in Piedmont.. very cool.. in a camping ground life style..

11 August 17 - Campertogno (Vc) - Italy
1096 km driving "Gin Lemon" our 31 years old camper with an average speed of 75 km/h under heavy rain for all night / day / night long..
we made it real, arrived at 9am, without having slept, in our spot in the camper ground "Il Gatto e La Volpe" beside Eddy Line Rafting Val di Sesia.. ready for the tomorrow's party

10 August 17 - on the highway - Germany
driving from north to south Germany in a rainy day..

BEGINNING of the Tour  EnjoyWild (read it up) 
(when music meets adventure)
Italy : August - September 2017

9 August 17 - Zinnowitz (Ovp) - Germany
beautiful stage @ SurfBar8Q.. playing on the beach at the sunset is magic..
jogging after the gig and driving direction south until 6:30 am....

8 August 17 - Zinnowitz (Ovp) - Germany
it has been one year.. and I was at the same place, during a summer sunny day near the beach..
at the little tower watch on the promenade in Bansin.. it was nice to play there again..
after, sun & beach with May.. and the first ice cream of the season.. 

7 August 17 - Zinnowitz (Ovp) - Germany
starting our European new adventure.. packing the camper to reach Zinnowitz..

6 August 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
always nice vibes playing at the late afternoon in Breite Str (Lubeck).. among wind, clouds & sun..
the kind appreciation from so many people, is for me more than they know..

5 August 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
very nice yesterday night to have been back to Ile Bar in Ratzeburg, among many close folks..

4 August 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
..when I shut down my amp, he came to me and said "nice music".. and we started to talk..
at one point I asked, "do u wanna write your email in my guest book..?"
and he said.. "tell me yours I have a pen.."
and he was writing my account on his left harm..
it was quite weird to check the spelling on his arm.. but it's ok. 
very kind people at Molln today.. just a nice rehearsal for tomorrow.. 

2 August 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
and so I was coming back after I had played one hour and half from the other part of the bridge..
a guy with a viking helmet (horns included) was seated in the middle of the bridge looking at the horizon with a green little hukulele leaned just in front at his feet..
he had been in that position when I arrived and while I was playing.. 
so, passing by I asked him.. "why don't you play?"..
he said "I have to connect my soul to the world.. sometimes I play but not now"
I said.. "cool, beautiful spot isn't it..?"
him "yes indeed"..
I asked.." did I disturb you..?"
him "mmhh, shacking his head with the viking horns"..
then with the fingers (thumb & index) of the 2 hands he showed me.. and said "disturb" and "good"
there was a little part of disturb (with the right hand) and a much higher level of good with the left hand..
so I said.. "so that was good"..
him.. "mmhh...." keeping on shacking the hand with the viking helmet..
me "ok, understood.. have a good one.. ok..?"
him "you too"..
btw: beautiful sunset in Lubeck on the pedestrian bridge at the end of Beckergrube

just 1 hour before, in Breite Str. - Lubeck
and he came to me.. he was drunk, black dress (dirty and a little smelly too) with a nice hat..
he was shouting in German.. he was disappointed cause my speaker was disturbing his violin sound.. (he was just around 80 metres from me)
I was very relaxed and I tried to talk in English but he was keeping on in German..
there was noway to understand each other.. and when I tried to take my cell to use Google Translator, he left grumbling..
even if I was sure that I arrived before him (so I had the right to stay), I felt a little guilty for that..
but as it happens all the times, when there is a conflict you pay your price too somehow..
in fact after 10 minutes 2 police men passing by told me that I could keep on playing, but I couldn't use the amp.. I smiled inside me, I knew, the fate is always there, fair at the end.. 
I left too.. the game was even..

30 July 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
life in black & white.. sometimes is more real..

28 July 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
Path Through Life Experiences.. memory of a tour..

24 July 17 - Seedorf (Rz) - Germany
working on the new tour.. "EnjoyWild".. very cool.. 


end of the tour
From The Roots In The Right Direction
Canada : April - July 2017

why have we done this music / bike tour across Canada..?
to raise funds that we will devolve to charities caring for children and their growth / education

how can you still give a hand / support..?
with a donation to our private foundation Art Takes Action For Charity
or helping us covering part of the costs of the tour with a support or buying gadgets of the tour

final tour's statistics (following runtastic & strava daily update)
from April 28th Stanley Park Vancouver to July 4th Pleasent Point Park Halifax, I biked for:
6034 km -  avg speed 24 kmph - elevation gain 45.6 km
max elevation 1664 m - dehydration 216 ltr - max speed 72 kmph - calories 164.801 - 258 h biking
from my perspective..
a long tough ride, listening to my breath, following passions and diving in a stream of dreams..
in the right direction.. 

follow the video episodes of the tour "from the roots in the right direction" Canada 150

23 July 17 (Poland - Germany)
flying back.. 

22 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
almost ready for the airport.. 

21 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
we made it done.. we were able to pack everything in our little locker.. unbelievable..!!!!
ps: I'll miss u, Toronto 

20 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
are we ready for the last show...? Charge..!!!
#CanadianFriends U R INVITED let's #RockIt..!!!!!

19 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
it has been very nice to spend these days in Toronto, with our "friend Mummy" Ilona....
I took the chance to play a little in the subway as rehearsal for tomorrow..
so many memories and so nice to live this experience again after many years...
always a big thanks and hug to the Torontonian.. cool kind..!!! 

14 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
I'm feeling better with my left hand.. 
a special thanks to my friend Giuseppe Messina, athletic and physiotherapist training. for all the advices he gave me for the ricovery of my left hand (ulnar nerve entrapment).. 

13 July 17 (Ontario - Canada)
back in Toronto.. many little things to do.. 
first, bringing back the bicycle to the great sponsor "Uncle Jacob Bicycle Shop" on 355 Spadina Ave, Toronto..
it's always nice to go jogging along the Ontario lake.. special colours & atmosphere.. 
thunders in the background.. 

11 July 17 (Quebec - Canada)
with our friends Paolo & Renèe in Ottawa, very nice evening..

10 July 17 (Quebec - Canada)
thanks to & Marcella Piretti for this very nice article..

9 July 17 (Quebec - Canada)
spent Sunday with our friend Alfonso in Montreal.. brainstorming for future projects..

8 July 17 (Quebec - Canada)
driving back to Toronto on the same bicycle roads.. many thoughts pass fast..
a "thank you" to all the people who greeted me along the way,
to all those helped me with the water when I finished mine..
to all the trucks and cars that have moved into the left lane keeping a safety distance and showing me respect..
to all the phone calls I've done talking to friends in quiet moments..
to the doctor who in Calgary's hospital told me, if your hand doesn't improve you have to stop.. and we were just at the beginning..
to all the times that I stopped, tired, lost without knowing the way..
to google that often brought me to roads that did not exist and with an unexpected end..
to my breath, who was constantly accompanying me by pedaling.
to the bicycle, which many times seemed so heavy, but has been great..
to the water bottles with the Canadian flag & the tour t-shirt, always with me, that I'm wearing even now..
to my smiling wife who was used jumping down from the camper when she was seeing me arriving..
to the lovely “The”, she prepared every day..
to my shadow on the asphalt, showing me the direction (east, most of the time) towards the sun..
at all the times while riding roads at the limit of impossibility, I didn’t pierce..
to "runtastic" who was keeping me informed on the speed, distance, pace, etc. km after km..
the beautiful horizons, the uphills and downhills I dived in..
to the long long noisy trains.. always beside the highway..
to the big trucks carrying wood that leave a unique amazing smell on their trail..
the bridges over the rivers & lakes.. to the rain, fog , cold & warm.. and to all the different flags seen in the different regions.. to the most disparate signs and names I have read..
to Terry Fox, our real hero.. a true example for everyone ..
to all the animals seen.. unfortunately also to those dead along the emergency lane..
to the wind, often contrary.. to the nature and the Canadian roads, in so many points damaged..
to all the birds, squirrels and sounds (train & rain) that often woke me in the early morning..
to the magical sunsets and gratifying silence, that accompanies me in the most remote spots..
to the snow , the water flowing in the streams.. the trees and the green mountains..
Nature is gorgeous and with a unique power.. we "humans" are who pretend to change it to our liking.. but we do not understand that we should just fit it..
so many thoughts of moments experienced, from the quiet to the tense . but always true..
6034 km, so much effort.. also wishing people can donate a contribution to Art Takes Action For Charity..
a real desire for the action.. something that have a real value, trying also to help those who need it..
to the next projects that I greet with a smile..
with this note, I want to thanks all the sponsors & people who supported & helped me in this adventure..
let's go charged, life is only one.. let's take our chance..!  ;-)

6 July 17 (Nova Scotia - Canada)
gig @ Company House.. a cheer to Daniel, the bar tender..

4 July 17 (Nova Scotia - Canada)

day 44 - from Truro (NS) to Point Pleasent Park - Halifax (NS)
110.6 km - elevation gain 991 m - elevation loss 1006 m - avg speed 23.0 kph - max speed 50.1 kph

max elevation 84 m - dehydration 4509 ml - calories 2818
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
finally the venture is accomplished...!!!!! we made it done..!!!!
nice warm day.. I got lost a couple of times (thanks to google maps that was bringing me into streets with an end..)
beautiful to cross the Angus Macdonalds bridge.. and amazing feeling to be back on the shore of the Atantic ocean at the Point Pleasent Park.. 
thanks to Barbara Anderson & Morgan Jessome from Eastlink TV to have shared with us this last day and to have shot the last moments of the tour.. ;-)
we are celebrating with beers & Ferrari for dinner in our camper.. beside the theatre in this beautiful Pleasant Point Park..!!! 

3 July 17 (Nova Scotia - Canada)
an update from the office/camper..
a new very nice article on this tour and on the next adventure.. @EnjoyWild..!! 
Toz, il ciclocantautore italiano che ha sedotto il Canada - on - by Giselle Martino
grazie Giselle..!!! #Montreal #actress #passion #Italy ;-)

2 July 17 (Nova Scotia - Canada)

day 43 - from Moncton (NB) to Truro (NS)
164.7 km - elevation gain 1877 m - elevation loss 1800 m - avg speed 24.7 kph - max speed 54 kph

max elevation 285 m - dehydration 4127 ml - calories 4255
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)

and we are in Nova Scotia now, in the Walmart parking ground of Truro.. beautiful sunset and quite warm outside..
tough day between wind and a heavy hood of moisture..
tired now, but relaxed knowing that there will be only one biking day more.. ;-)

1 July 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
HAPPY CANADA DAY,150 Anniversary....!!!!!
getting ready for the gig.. ;-)
rain and a strong humidity.. after the gig we went to the main outdoor stage in Moncton and we saw part of the show from the camper.. we went out just when the rain stopped..
it was nice to be around all those people.. everybody with the Canadian coloros, flags, stickes, etc..
it was a pleasure to had the chance to celebrate that important day for Canada among Canadian friendly people..
thanks to Canadian Immigrant for this kind update article:
"Antonio Piretti is nearing the end of his biking/music tour in honour of Canada 150"

30 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
now only 3 days are missing to accomplish this enterprise.. 312 km..
I've been pedaling for 5759 km since April 28th and among the fatigue, wind, rain, fog, sun.. I often wondered if the people who knew about me and about this tour were really understanding why I'm doing this.. here is the reason..
I hope that this could be appreciated and in the possibilities of everybody, awarded..
We are just trying to give a hand to those who did not have the luck that instead we received..
article Doctor without Borders - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

29 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
day 42 - from Coles Island (NB) to Moncton (NB)
95.8 km - elevation gain 618 m - elevation loss 627 m - avg speed 23.9 kph - max speed 44.4 kph

max elevation 144 m - dehydration 3894 ml - calories 2585
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
reached Moncton.. with my mountain bike...!!!
I was riding the 112 .. but too many vibrations were on..
so at the "pit stop", when I meet my wife to change the tea, water, etc.. I decided to use my spare bike, the bike that was hanging in the back of the camper since the first day of the tour..
the mountain bike that I used since 2009 in Toronto..
the decision was right.. no problems anymore with the holes, vibrations, etc..
just a little slower, but I'm not here to win a race.. so welcome back old mountain bike..
ehi... just 3 biking days to go.. it's getting exciting..!

28 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
day 41 - from Millville (NB) to Coles Island (NB)
138.8 km - elevation gain 698 m - elevation loss 929 m - avg speed 25.2 kph - max speed 49 kph

max elevation 260 m - dehydration 5917 ml - calories 4082
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
getting ready for Canada Day..!!! and closer to the end of the tour.. just 406 km..
it's to get some gadgets and support the tour.. isn't  it..? ;-)


27 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
day 40 - from Perth-Andover (NB) to Millville (NB)
126.3 km - elevation gain 1133 m - elevation loss 953 m - avg speed 19.8 kph - max speed 45.3 kph

max elevation 246 m - dehydration 3987 ml - calories 2549
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)

no matter what, you'll find the way to your goal..
sometimes, I'd like to fly.. ;-)

26 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
day 39 - from Edmundston (NB) to Perth-Andover (NB)
131.6 km - elevation gain 954 m - elevation loss 1029 m - avg speed 22.8 kph - max speed 51.3 kph

max elevation 235 m - dehydration 4430 ml - calories 3301
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
nice ride into the nature..
but dangerous streets, too many potholes, stones.. Indecent roads
plus with the sun glasses and the shadows of the trees on the asphalt is more difficult to see them..
many vibrations and shocks on my hands/arms.. risked several times to fall cause of that..
however, beautiful nature.. green & rivers and a great sunset..

25 June 17 (New Brunswick - Canada)
day 38 - from Kamouraska (QC) to Edmundston
154.1 km - elevation gain 876 m - elevation loss 726 m - avg speed 21.8 kph - max speed 55 kph
max elevation 407 m - dehydration 5617 ml - calories 3598
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
the first hour U kept a very good pace.. then, passed Rivière Du Loup I rided on the "Petit Témis Interprovincial Trail".. beautiful, peaceful.. but not fast.. 
amazing view along the Temiscouata lake..
tired at the end, at the Edmudston's airport.. 

24 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 37 - from Quebec City (QC) to Kamouraska (QC)
153.4 km - elevation gain 633 m - elevation loss 639 m - avg speed 25.6 kph - max speed 55.5 kph
max elevation 83 m - dehydration 7071 ml - calories 4639
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
to exit from the center of Quebec City I was following the indications of google maps in my earphone..
it brought me to the riverside and told me to take the ferry to cross the river.. 
I was quite surprised.. but I did it.. ;-) on board you could also check the pressure of your wheels..
a lot of local markets along the street.. nice to see them..
you can breathe the holiday day.. Quebec flags, white & light blue,  everywhere..
beautiful ride along the St. Lawrence River & a relaxing sunset in this beautiful town.. ;-)

23 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
rainy day in Quebec City.. the most beautiful city in Canada..
the old town, La Citadelle de Quebec, is so cozy..

22 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 36 - from Trois-Rivieres (QC) to Quebec City (QC)
137.2 km - elevation gain 528 m - elevation loss 515 m - avg speed 23.4 kph - max speed 43.4 kph
max elevation 90 m - dehydration 5594 ml - calories 3580
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
even if I was a tired cause I haven't slept well for the last 2 nights in a row.. it was very nice to bike along the St Lawrence River on 138 est Quebec..
beautiful landscape.. 
it was right there on my right.. it appears a little river on the maps, it's a very big one in the reality..

21 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 35 - from Montreal (QC) to Trois-Rivieres (QC)
135.3.8 km - elevation gain 199 m - elevation loss 223 m - avg speed 25.1 kph - max speed 42.4 kph
max elevation 37 m - dehydration 5937 ml - calories 3972
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
during the third medium exam, they asked me "today is the solstice, what is the solstice..?"
I did not know, I thought they joked.. then I learned it..
20 years ago, on the same day, there was a bad car accident.. and my father left.
in 2011 I was busking @ Osgoode subway station (Toronto) (so close to my condo)..
the year after I was playing in New York for "Make Music New York".. great Enry..
in 2013 I was busking in front of Eaton center in Toronto..
3 years ago today was held the second Art Takes Action event in Bologna..
It's always a special day, the day with more daylight all year round..
Today I cycled from Montreal (Qc) to Trois-Rivieres (Qc)..
Day started by making the line to enter in Walmart, we had to wait 8 am and I wanted to brush my teeth in a bigger bathroom than the camper ..
Breakfast with the great friend Paolo Benzi.. and then I began..
We met at a particular point, the museum of Gilles Villeneuve in Berthierville (QC).. nice to have gone there.. I remember from when I was little Gilles driving the Ferrari # 27.. a myth.. unforgettable ..
day of rain and sun.. with a good the wind in favor ..
I pierced 2 times, 1 km away from each other..
relaxed while I was biking.. I like the warm weather,  which has a great impact on my entire day..
Let's enjoy the beautiful sunset now .. thoughts fly free ..

20 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
it was very nice to see many friends at Piatto Pieno..
thanks to have showed up..! ;-) 

19 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 34 - from l'Ile Perrot (QC) to Montreal (QC)
29.8 km - elevation gain 101 m - elevation loss 96 m - avg speed 17.9 kph - max speed 36.4 kph
max elevation 38 m - dehydration 1006 ml - calories 518
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
in Montreal now.. ready to see our friends @ CFMB Radio Montreal from 4:05 to 4:55pm 
we'll tell about this adventurous tour...  stay tuned..!!!

18 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 33 - from Ottawa (ON) l'Ile Perrot (QC)
153.3 km - elevation gain 424 m - elevation loss 459 m - avg speed 18.7 kph - max speed 44.6 kph
max elevation 92 m - dehydration 5538 ml - calories 2809
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
very tough day..
it started with a surprise.. ;-)
at 8:15 Paolo knocked at the door of the camper with a bottle of champagne.. he forgot to give it the night before.. wow, that's a start..!!!
then we were ready for the bike ride.. 
probably I received more vibrations today than any other day..
luckly it was warm.. at the beginning with the sun then with the rain and then with a covered sky, but still warm..
I followed the trail "Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail".. at the beginning it was cool, nice, quiet but then it became bitter, harder.. getting more & more unhappy and impossible for my bike.. halls, stones everywhere and way too many vibrations..
The wind was coming from south, to my right..
At some point, practically at the end of the path I exited as it was crazy to continue ..
I pierced .. always the rear wheel (this is the forth puncture since the beginning (always the rear wheel)..
then I found myself in a kind of city... I checked my cell and I saw that only 5% of battery was left..
had to stop after 8 hours of bike..
while I was stretching, looking at my legs full of wounds from the mosquitoes's pinch and more..
surely, wounds heal.. but they leave the mark..
Every day it's you who chooses the way of your life.. "go in the right direction, there is no time to lose".. this is what I tell myself each time..

17 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
beautiful day.. in Little Italy Ottawa.. on Preston Street
outdoor voice & guitar @Heart & Crown..
Ferrari & Old italian cars Parade.. fantastic..!!!
nice people & cool vibes..
happy to see again our friends Paolo & Renèe Siraco.. ;-) 

16 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
working with my computer inside the camper in a Walmart parking ground..
in the 2 Canadian tours that I've experienced, this one and the one in 2015, I've "seen" many Walmart washrooms.. and every time a smile remembering at the most crazy situations or people that I saw there.. It could be a really funny book.. to write about..
day spent to send the newsletter to my database.. a new system = more time consumed..
after diner I need a break and we walked quite a lot to find a pub just for a beer.. 

15 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
nice to be back for a live @ Avant Garde bar.. after 2 years..
the interiors are carefully cared and there is a taste of Europe in the place..
a cool atmosphere by Alex..

14 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 32 - from Fort -Coulonge (QC) to Ottawa (ON)
120.3 km - elevation gain 807 m - elevation loss 875 m - avg speed 23 kph - max speed 59.8 kph
max elevation 172 m - dehydration 3944 ml - calories 3071
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
beautiful day on a quite 148 east in Quebec.. happy to be back in Ottawa, the Canadian Capital..!!!
thanks to il Corriere Italiano Montreal & Fabrizio Intravaia for this true article:
"Una voce, una chitarra e una bicicletta!"

13 June 17 (Quebec - Canada)
day 31 - from StoneCliffe (ON) to Fort - Coulonge (QC)
136.6 km - elevation gain 976 m - elevation loss 1042 m - avg speed 23.6 kph - max speed 44.1 kph
max elevation 199 m - dehydration 5405 ml - calories 3611
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
basically it was impossible to sleep.. way too many flies & mosquitos.. they were so many that the noise of them on the roof it sounded like rain.. you could see them from the windows.. it was crazy..
so we decided to move very early.. an I started to bike at 6.30am..
a beautiful day.. perfect weather.. and a first step in Quebec..

12 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 30 - from North Bay (On) to StoneCliffe (ON)
125.3 km - elevation gain 1559 m - elevation loss 1593 m - avg speed 28.3 kph - max speed 53.7 kph
max elevation 319 m - dehydration 7062 ml - calories 4504
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
finally sunny & warm.. wow.. I was really looking forward to a day like this..!!!
very nice ride today with our friends Leslee & Neil Hodder.. ;-)

11 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
a beautiful day with our friends Leslee & Neil Hodder in South River

thanks to Paolo Benzi, Vittorio Giordano & Cittadino Canadese for the nice article (Montreal)..
Ps: thanks to all our Torontonian friends to have showed up yesterday @ Art Takes Action Event and thanks for the warm support.. ;-)
we'll be back on July 20th in Toronto

10 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
#today ready & charge...!
for the @ Art Takes Action For Charity Event @ The Merchant # Toronto
join Us & let's have fun..! doors at 6pm ;-)

9 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
enjoying the sun & the warm weather in Toronto..
working from the camper.. home & office.. ;-)
thanks to Paolo Benzi & L'Ora Di Ottawa for this great article

8 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
back in Toronto..
very nice jogging along the lake at the sunset..
and wow, the level of the water is really higher..

7 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
thanks very much to City Life Magazine @citylifemagazinevaughan for the cool article 

6 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 29 - from Sudbury (ON) to North Bay (On)
127.2.6 km - elevation gain 739 m - elevation loss 791 m - avg speed 27.9 kph - max speed 49.1 kph
max elevation 289 m - dehydration 5704 ml - calories 4437
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
somebody can lose its power.. I don't

#keepon #buildyourlife #takeyourchance
29 days #tour 4,121km reached #NorthBay
Join me bringing #music to people & supporting @ATAforCharity #bike

5 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 28 - from Serpent River (ON) to Sudbury (ON)
135.6 km - elevation gain 1140 m - elevation loss 1066 m - avg speed 28.3 kph - max speed 52.8 kph
max elevation 297 m - dehydration 6526 ml - calories 4866
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)

Since I've passed Thunder Bay, while I'm biking, often I think about #TerryFox..
I look on the left shoulder of the street and I imagine him running heading west on the other side, in my opposite direction.. I know he ran many years ago on the same route..
when I think about what he did, I stop to complain about the wind, cold, rain, etc..
and I consider myself lucky... He's a real #hero

join me on Tour "From the Roots in the Right Direction" bringing music to the people and raising funds for @ataforcharity on Canada's 150th anniversary.

ps: today.. rain as cats & dogs.. wth..

4 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 27 - from Sault St Marie (ON) to Serpent River (ON)
164.4 km - elevation gain 939 m - elevation loss 929 m - avg speed 26.5 kph - max speed 55.1 kph
max elevation 253 m - dehydration 6927 ml - calories 5278
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
cloudy day in the direction of Sudbury..
I've passed by a BIG chair along the way... -)

3 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
it's been a pleasure to play @ Konoba (Sault Ste. Marie)
relaxing day.. beautiful vintage car exibition near our parking spot along the Saint Marys River 
a personal reflection..
I'm from Bologna and in soccer I cheer for BFC 1909.. but when there is an Italian team playing in an European competition for me it's normal hoping for the victory..
even if not Bologna, but it's still an Italian team..
I've seen the game between Juventus & Real Madrid for the UEFA Final Champions League and I was sorry that Juventus lost..
but what in my opinion is more sad is to ascertain through social networks & news how many Italian people celebrated the defeat of Juventus, an Italian team..
this I really can't understand,  it's a loser & myopic approach..  
I'd really like to see a stronger national Italian feeling / belonging in the Italian people..
in my experiences I've seen many Italian emigrants loving Italy much more than the ones left in the country..    

1 June 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 26 - from Batchawana Bay (On) to Sault St Marie (ON)
63 km - elevation gain 661 m - elevation loss 598 m - avg speed 25.6 kph - max speed 55.1 kph
max elevation 354 m - dehydration 1819 ml - calories 1923
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
finally reached Sault St. Marie after a tough week.. there is the Sun that we love..!!!

31 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 25 - from Wawa (ON) to Batchawana Bay (On)
161.1 km - elevation gain 1976 m - elevation loss 2078 m - avg speed 26.5 kph - max speed 67.3 kph
max elevation 405 m - dehydration 5150 ml - calories 4877
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
started today from Wawa in a cold, foggy & rainy morning..
ended up in this paradise.. Fantastic Batchawana Bay..!!!
now let's hope for the warm weather.. ;-)
Ps: it's never too late to give a contribution to Art Takes Action For Charity ;-)
and: once again a big Thank You to Mike and his great team of Canadian Tires in Wawa 

for the check-up of our touring vehicle!

30 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 24 - from Marathon (ON) to Wawa (ON)
187.4 km - elevation gain 1726 m - elevation loss 1683 m - avg speed 240 kph - max speed 53.5 kph
max elevation 472 m - dehydration 5833 ml - calories 5102
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
from a rainy day.. a best distance record came up..
in the second part of the day, they close the highway.. because a track was laying on a side, occupaying both of the lanes.. so I had the all highway 17 Ontario South only for me..
we ended up in Wawa with 187.4 km covered.. wow..! record.. ;-)
just 2 words about the "friendly" weather.. 
this morning in Marathon was raining & foggy..
the temperature is way too cold respect what I could have imagined..
now there are just 5 degrees and it is supposed to rain also tomorrow.. 
this is not the end of May.. this is winter.. mah..   

29 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 23 - from "Harry's Hideaway" on Highway 17 east (passed Nipigon (ON)) to Marathon (ON)
138 km - elevation gain 2146 m - elevation loss 2146 m - avg speed 20 kph - max speed 47 kph max elevation 427 m - dehydration 4250 ml - calories 2806
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic part 1st - part 2nd)
a very tough day.. way too cold for me.. 
rainy all the time, foggy and around 4/5 degrees.. plus wind..

I changed all my clothes 3 times (the second I was almost frozen (it was very difficult to move my arms)..
while I was biking I was asking how that was possible on may 29th..?
the only good thing of the day has been an interview with Doctor Without Borders Canada in the early morning..
I really hope that the people will start to understand the goal of all this sacrifices.. 
to raise funds for Art Takes Action For Charity..
we're still waiting for the first donation.. 
we do can issue regular tax receipts..
come on guys, show some love & appreciation for all these efforts..

28 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 22 - from Thunder Bay (ON) to "Harry's Hideaway" on Highway 17 east (passed Nipigon (ON))
139 km - elevation gain 1145 m - elevation loss 1224 m - avg speed 24 kph - max speed 49 kph max elevation 331 m - dehydration 5093 ml - calories 3784
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
Lake Superior is very nice..
started this new week @ The Terry Fox Memorial 
Terry Fox means a lot for me..
every time that I'm doing something "difficult".. I say to myself.. "if Terry did what he did.. you can make real what you are doing.."
he showed us that the mind overcomes everything.. and the body follows..
he's a big example that everything is possible in life.. you have to dare for it..
I feel heroes they do exist.. and Terry Fox is one of them..

27 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
nice to have played voice & guitar today @ Thunder Bay Country Market..
we have spent a great time with our friend Peter Seyffert in Thunder Bay..
we met Peter during the tour in 2015 and we kept in touch..
very happy to had the chance to see him again..

26 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
thank you to Rowana Ertel (Licenced Optician Walmart)..
she checked my eyes and gave me 2 pairs of trail contact lenses.. to being able to be ok until Halifax..
I use the contact lenses only when I'm playing, to see the names of the guitar effects on my ZoomG3..
so without the lenses.. I don't see which effect I'm using.. mmhh..
in Canada you need a doctor prescription to buy contact lenses.. and today I couldn't find a doctor..
I had already finished the ones that I had from Europe.. so I was uncover for tomorrow..
now we are fine.. thank you Rawana...!!!
a nice article by pedalmagazine (Canada's cycling mag) by Ben Andrew.. thanks for it, appreciated.. 

25 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 21 - from Atikokan (ON) to Thunder Bay (ON)
174.5 km - elevation gain 1826 m - elevation loss 1844 m - avg speed 25.7 kph - max speed 62 kphmax elevation 511 m - dehydration 6846 ml - calories 5311
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
today long ride.. and again wind against..
so I said to myself, now it's time to change something..
when I was little.. I was used to watch 'Formula1' on Tv.. I was a big Ferrari's fan.
there you start to understand the importance of the wind trail..
when I was on my military service (air force).. I was used to use my scooter to reach the barracks and when a truck was over taken me I was driving just behind him to save fuel and to go faster taking advantage of its wind trail..
so after 2 hours of fighting against the wind, I called Maybritt (who was waiting for me at the middle check point) and I said to her..
"come back.. and when u'll reach me.. drive in front of me, keeping a speed around 25\30\35 kmph.."
so we tried and it worked..!!!
the shape of the camper was protecting me from the wind and I could bike much fluidly..
we kept this set as long as it was possible.. according to the highway and the traffic of course..
but amazingly we reach Thunder Bay at the sun set..  
for dinner we celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco & a beer & french fries (as aperitif)..!!! 
of course in a cool Walmart parking ground.. ;-)

24 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 20 - from Fort Frances (ON) to Atikokan (ON)
144.3 km - elevation gain 1288m - elevation loss 1213m - avg speed 21.5kph - max speed 43kphmax elevation 444 m - dehydration 4375 ml - calories 3293
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
beautiful day.. finally sunny even if the wind was against.. but it was ok..
I like the tranquility of the 11OntarioEast.. cool landscapes.. 
I really like Ontario and after so many days of highways, quite it's a dream..
ending the day @ Atikokan in the only bar opened.. writing this diary with 2 Stella..
cheers  ;-)

23 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 19 - from Sioux Narrows (ON) to Fort Frances (ON)
136.5 km - elevation gain 1145m - elevation loss 1122m - avg speed 22.6kph - max speed 48.1kphmax elevation 405 m - dehydration 4483 ml - calories 3396
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
beautiful route.. 71south, scenic and full of amazing lakes & splendid views..
quite route too.. and relaxing..

started from Sioux Narrows, special place.. ended in Fort Frances near Us Border..
at one point, 3 deers crossed the route, just 10 metres from me.. the last one was a little shine..
that was very cool.. 
special thanks to Russ Ling (Source for Sports - Fort Frances) who right opened his sport shop just for us to change the back tire of my bike.. way too consumed.. 

22 May 17 (Ontario - Canada)
day 18 - from West Hawk Lake (MB) to Sioux Narrows (ON)
136.5 km - elevation gain 1621m - elevation loss 1655m - avg speed 21.2kph - max speed 45.9kph
max elevation 402 m - dehydration 4081 ml - calories 3060
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
seond day in a row with rain.. but a big step in Ontario..!!!! #CanadianHome..
ended the day in a beautiful place, Sioux Narrows..
I've taken the route 71 south.. and the scenery is fantastic.. so many lakes, so many amazing spots..
very happy to be back @home.. 

21 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
day 17 - from Winnipeg (MB) to West Hawk Lake (MB)
146.5 km - elevation gain 486 m - elevation loss 353 m - avg speed 22.3 kph - max speed 38.6 kph
max elevation 369 m - dehydration 3822 ml - calories 3524
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
when you are in a camper.. you try always to save water.. example while you're taking a shower..
so, today I've received rain for a least 4 hours.. now I'm even..
quite day.. not on the highway.. thanks to Neil & Leslee Hodder for the right suggestion.. ;-)
unfortunately it rained basically all the time.. 
I changed my clothes twice, but way way too wet.. 
Ps. a special thanks to Sharon Morrison (@Nite Hawka).. she's an angel..
our heating yesterday was not working.. 5 degrees outside, very humid..
we had all my clothes completely wet..
she not only lent us a portable heater, but also let our camper be connected with her power/hydro to have the energy to let the heater work.. 
she saved us.. Thank You Very Much..!!!! ;-)  

20 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
nice gig @ Garbonzo's Pizza & Pub.. good pizza & beers too..
finally I played again voice & guitar.. I performed 2 acoustic sets..
at last, after 3 acupuncture &1 osteopathy treatments, my left hand is improving.. ;-)
a special thanks to Dr. Yali Bai (Winnipeg) for the great treatment
thanks also to for this appreciated article.. 
Ps: today was May's Birthday...!!!!! ;-)

19 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
lunch time acupuncture by a Chinese woman, very cool..
afternoon among email & newsletters..
then jogging, stretching, shower and we are brand new..
celebrating May's birthday with prosecco & red bottle & a good dinner in our motor home..
cheers..!!! ;-)

18 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
today for the first time in my life I've had an acupuncture & osteopathy treatments..
the goal is to fix my fifth & forth finger of the left hand, affected by ulnar nerve inflammation..
we'll see tomorrow the results.. 

17 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
day 16 - from Austin (MB) to Winnipeg (MB)
120 km - elevation gain 25 m - elevation loss 101 m - avg speed 18.1 kph - max speed 30.9 kph
max elevation 310 m - dehydration 2814 ml - calories 2104
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
strong wind from North, partially against (37km/h) quite cold too..
It has been difficult to reach #Winnipeg..
now 3 days of rest.. 

16 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
day 15 - from Oak Lake (MB) to Austin (MB)
129 km - elevation gain 233 m - elevation loss 357 m - avg speed 20.7 - max speed 32 kph
max elevation 443 m - dehydration 4012 ml - calories 2761
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)

They say "luck is blind .. but the misfortune you can see it very well"..
I wonder.. but where did it go ..?
How is that possible that in the last 6/7 days there was just 1,5 day with wind in my favor and all the others with a monstrous (30km / h) wind opposite..?

I know, I have always had few patience..
In this case, I have come back from the beginning several times.. without staying in jail (Monopoly)..
(As it is said lately.. I'm differently pleased) ..

The day was "differently" fun.. from 0 to 10 we are on the 0.5 just because once it ended there was a beautiful sunset..
The wind was "differently" friendly or quite "asshole" as u prefer..
The roads (the highway emergency lane) have improved in Manitoba compared to Saskatchewan but in some points if you are not careful you risk slogar a wrist from the holes..
After the rocky mountains, today for the first time I have seen some nice trees along the way, after Brandon.. (but what is there in the middle..?)

to sum up,
I spent the day huddled on the "triathlon" handlebar to try to be  aerodynamic..
single moment calm, the stretching at the end, with a beautiful sunset ..

I would suggest the Canadians (and others are of course welcome) to consider the idea of thinking about a small donation to Art Takes Action For Charity who can regularly issue tax receipt deductions (for Canadian tax declarations)..
as at the moment, Total Donations received is equal to 0 (zero) = differently nice result..

If we add the efforts made so far, I would like to take the bike and... I leave your imagination galloping ;-)

15 May 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
day 14 - from Whitewood (SK) to Oak Lake (MB)
137 km - elevation gain 77 m - elevation loss 247 m - avg speed 25 kph - max speed 38.7 kph
max elevation 599 m - dehydration 5158 ml - calories 3978
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
today crossed the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba .. !!!
also changed the time zone .. +7 compared to Italy .. (we cut one hour)
strange day, but at the end, accomplished.. few sun, for the most cloudy..
wind at the beginning slightly pro my direction, then discreetly opposite & rain for about an hour...
to complete the cake, second flat tire, w.t.h. 
right after Virder (MT), still the back tire played me a nasty joke, it started to oscillate and goodbye.
this time I was completely nowhere.. there was just a fair wind n I was quite tired, only 21 km to reach the final destination.. so I started to change the wheel in the emergency lane, with all the cars and trucks obviously passing furiously very near me..
honestly it could have been worst, I made it done quite fast.. but then I was freezing..
Ps: I'm feeling relieved to passed the Saskatchewan (and so we've already done 3 regions, British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan)..
I hope the wind will be less powerful now on or at least plus clement.. and I'm really looking forward to "normal" roads.. sincerely all those endless vibrations are enough..

14 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
day 13 - from Regina (SK) to Whitewood (SK)
172.1 km - elevation gain 344 m elevation loss 324 m - avg speed 32.5 - max speed 50.6 kph
max elevation 698 m - dehydration 10.373 ml - calories 7828
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)

Finally wind in my direction, for the first time in Saskatchewan..!!
I took the chance.. they were supposed to be 120 km for today..
there are some more at the end.. ;-)
begun tired, headache in the middle od the day cause by the strong wind coming from the south east (on my right)..
then km by km I started to realize what I was doing and I went through the ride and I pulled straight..
Let's say nice day, we ended up in this place with so many flags.. ;-)
Ps: I also had the opportunity to make some phone calls to Italian friends when the wind was right on my back..
#songwriter #tour #canada150 #bike #guitar #adventure

13 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
gig @ Artful Dodger.. cool venue..
finished the concert last night, sat at the balcony of the bar drinking a beer..
he is approaching the table of the gadget & cds and he keeps on looking at it..
after some minuets I tell him "they are gadgets"..
he looks at me and comes closer and tells me "I did not understand what you told me"
so I repeat "they are gadgets of the tour"..
then he looks back at them.. staring them on n on again..
I honestly wasn't understanding what was going one..
but I looked at my beer and I just said to myself.. "weird.. at least my beer is good.."
I was already back in my thoughts when he opened a booklet and with a pen he came to me..
"can you sing it for me ..?"
Finally understood..
With a smile, I asked him.. "sure, what's your name ..?" "Jade.."
from last night, I remember this moment..
Ps: in the dressing room behind the stage.. there is a nice room with a very old piano ..
I had time before the concert so I sat and I played it..
fantastic sound, warm .. and I could also feel how my left hand could better play the piano vs the guitar.. that was a special moment .. in that room there were peaceful vibes..
Nice place @ Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium (Regina)..
if you pass by #Regina #Saskatchewan stop by, It's worthy..
they also prepare #pizza with #woodoven (#fornoalegna)

12 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
day of rest in Regina.. nice spot in the Walmart parking ground..
the wind is so strong that the camper constantly oscillates.. 
it's better to be inside.. than outside.. ;-)

11 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
day 12 - from Chaplin (SK) to Regina (SK)
146.1 km - elevation gain 290 m - elevation loss 389 m - avg speed 17.9 - max speed 32.2 kph
max elevation 703 m - dehydration 3611 - calories 2526
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
A day I won't forget easily..
Everyone told me, "go from west to east because the wind will help you in Saskatchewan and in the big central grasslands.."
Well, it has been 3 days that I've been in Saskatchewan and 3 days that the wind is against.. today in a severe way... 
honestly never received so much wind on my face n my life..
For most of the time I had to use heavy climbing sprocket.. unbelievable..
I was keeping on saying to myself "it will decrease .. or it will change .." even no..
t has been always strong right on my face, completely in the opposite direction..
Well .. since I'm quite stubborn I said to myself, "and so what..?
who cares..?" and I pulled straight.. I wanted to take this "blessed" pic..
You can imagine what my knees told me when I bent to shoot it ..
There's written "welcome", I really hope that ..
However: mind vs. opposite wind = 146.1km - 30 km/h
I've always known that the mind can make it all real.
ps: a cheers to you with a bottle of Prosecco.. from a Walmart parking ground in Regina.. ;-)

10 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
day 11 - from Gull Lake (SK) to Chaplin (SK)
142.5 km - elevation gain 511 m - elevation loss 624 m - avg speed 23.8 kph - max speed 43.1 kph
max elevation 792 m - dehydration 4957 ml - calories 3838
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
if you are looking for the salt, here is the right place.. ;-)
today it was.. ok/tough.. sunny but windy (for the most against).. mmhh..
I was a little tired from yesterday.. but at the end it went good...
we ended up in Chaplin, Saskatchewan (the Salt Of the Earth)...
looking forward to reach Regina tomorrow.. ;-)

9 May 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
day 10 - from Medicine Hat (AB) to Gull Lake (SK)
165.5 km - elevation gain 657 m - elevation loss 587 m - avg speed 25.3 kph - max speed 45.2 kph
max elevation 587 m - dehydration 6789 ml - calories 4904
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
today it was tough.. sunny but with the wind against for the most of the time..
the shoulder of the highway in Saskatchewan is not easy..
a lot of halls & several dead animals too..
happy to have accomplished British Columbia & Alberta.. now we are in Saskatchewan.. ;-)
today I biked using only my right hand.. the left one is improving slowly.. ;-)

8 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
day 09 - from Bassano (AB) to Medicine Hat (AB)
156 km - elevation gain 354 m - elevation loss 446 m - avg speed 26.4 kph - max speed 44.6 kph
max elevation 796 m - dehydration 4134 ml - calories 4999
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
Sunny day, finally.. but windy..
Long straight highway to the horizon..
Tomorrow we'll pass from Alberta to Saskatchewan..
Biking in Alberta was relaxing and easy going..
we are in Medicine Hat now.. Walmart Canada parking ground, ready for dinner..

7 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
day 08 - from Calgary (AB) to Bassano (AB)
126.1 km - elevation gain 332 m - elevation loss 556 m - avg speed 24.8 kph - max speed 46.9 kph
max elevation 1036 m - dehydration 3745 ml - calories 3620
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
today I paid attention to preserve my left hand.. 
so except for very few km (example when googlemaps brought me on a dirt street), I biked using only my right hand and wind allowing, without hands..
I have the feeling that it was worthy..
in the meantime I was doing little exercises of mobility with my left hand.. ;-)
btw: the route was welcoming (cheer Alberta!) even if with some little showers sometimes & still cold anyway.. and I have to adjust the new handle-bar, not right for my sizes..
my left hand seems improving.. ;-)
& from Bassano (AB) happy Sunday to everybody..!!!!

6 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
cool vibes @ Vern's (Calgary) & some local good beers..
happy to have played there.. thanks to Clint for the hospitality,
it was nice and the Vern's is cool.... ;-)

5 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
day of rest in Calgary..
the doctor said.. Ulnar Nerve Entraoment in my left hand.. 
I'll manage it.. 
I've already set up a new handle-bar for my bike.. btw, thanks to Sean Ryan @TheBikeShopCalgary for the cool discount (30%).. 

4 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
day 07 - from Banff (AB) to Calgary (AB)
129.2 km - elevation gain 1100 m - elevation loss 1459 m - avg speed 31.5 - max speed 65.5 kph
max elevation 1422 m - dehydration 8635 ml - calories 5595
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
happy to be in Calgary.. it's warm here.. finally.. ;-)
today was a fast ride, and I enjoyed the downhill from Banff..
I can say thank you to British Columbia for the beauty that we have been through..
awesome mountains, wild nature, rivers, water & snow.. wind (most of the times pro my direction), trees, etc..
it was the first time for me to bike on highway.. but turning back now, I can say.. it was good..
2 days of rest in front of us now.. I hope to recover the left hand.. I've already set a new handle-bar in the bike, that will be ready tomorrow...
we are working now to the video that we have shot in this days, that should be ready in the next days.. ;-)

3 May 17 (Alberta - Canada)
day 06 - from Donald (BC) to Banff (AB) - 150.9 km
elevation gain 2585 m - elevation loss 1779 m - avg speed 22.9 - max speed 71.6 kph
max elevation 1664 m -dehydration 4121 ml - calories 3795
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
the night before I slept finally 7 good hours.. this morning I was feeling good..
it was very particular when I saw the Alberta border.. it meant, British Columbia done..!
after the border I felt more relax and happy..

2 May 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
day 05 - from Three Valley Lake (BC) to Donald (BC)
141.6 km - elevation gain 2863 m - elevation loss 2589 m - avg speed 20.8 - max speed 65.7 kph
max elevation 1355 m - dehydration 2972 ml - calories 3050
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic)
a lot of snow.. very tired..
fantastic when u reach the top of the Rogers Pass 1330 m..
amazing then going down fast..
at the end the sun warmed me up and a slight pro wind helped..
we'll upload some good movie from the gopro camera of today, but we need also time & data ;-)
Ps: thanks to Micheal (truck driver) to refilled both of my water bottles in a dispersed rest area

1 May 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
day 04 - from Chase (BC) to Three Valley Lake
140.5 km - elevation gain 2015 m - elevation loss 1854 - avg speed 21.6 - max speed 47.8 kph
max elevation 546 m - dehydration 3655 ml - calories 3232
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic) - (check the video)
wing against all the time.. this was not nice..
a hole.. rear tire.. (but fortunately beside a garage) ;-)
rain at the end.. free shower by every big truck..
honestly tired.. and very wet..
Ps: thanks to Cristiano De Florentiis & Chin Radio (Toronto) for the early friendly interview..
(7:15 pacific time = 10:15 eastern time)

30 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
day 03 - from Merritt (BC) to Chase (BC)
145.9 km - elevation gain 1122 m - elevation loss 1738 m - avg speed 23.7 - max speed 63.8 kph
max elevation 1024 m - dehydration 3684 ml - calories 3889
(for the statistic - strava - runtastic) - (check the video)
beautiful day.. sunny.. 
the wind was pro.. and this helped..! ;-)
but I got lost twice.. ending practically nowhere (following google maps, I was cutting the way 5A to avoid Kamloops).. there was a construction field..
however, this day was a good one..  
ps: starting lo lose sensibility in 2 fingers of the left hand (pinkie & annular).. probably caused by the lengthen tied grab on the hand bar.. (in this moment I couldn't play the guitar).. :-( 

29 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
day 02 - from Agassiz (BC) to Merritt (BC)
141.1 km - elevation gain 2726 m - elevation loss 1751 m - avg speed 21.1 - max speed 60 kph
max elevation 1251 m - dehydration 4416 ml - calories 3131
here the strava & runtastic ride of day 2 - (check the video)
I didn't expect the steep climb after Hope.. in that uphill I had to change the battery of the gopro camera and I run out of water.. so I stopped twice asking to people along the road.. fortunately they helped me.. it was tough.. then it was fantastic going down..!!! from 1244.. really cool..!!!
btw: a lot of snow at the top 1244 m but amazing view.. while surrounded by mountains..

28 April 17 (night) (British Columbia - Canada)
day 01 - from Stanley Park (Vancouver BC) to Agassiz (BC)
125.8 km - elevation gain 1189 m - elevation loss 1187 m - avg speed  20.6 - max speed 60.8
max elevation 125 m  - dehydration 3663 ml - calories 2683 
(here the strava & runtastic ride of day 1)
thanks to Chris Seyffert to had biked with me since to Coquitlam, it was very helpful to exit from Vancouver downtown.. (check the video)
at the horizon, big Mountains with snow..

happy to have begun this long great adventure.. ;-)


28 April 17 (morning) (British Columbia - Canada)
woke up around 6am in a Walmart parking ground in North Vancouver..
today is the first biking day..
I'll kick off this long across Canada ride @ Stanley Park - Vancouver at 11 am (photo)..
everybody is welcome to join..
you can support the tour choosing among our gadgets, cds, & merchandising.. or donating to Art Takes Action For Charity.. thanks anyway.. 

27 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)

our first event of Art Takes Action For Charity @ Studio Records (Vancouver)..
it was a pleasure to share the stage with Steve Stone and Dan Arnold..

26 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
a nice article by King Weekly Sentinel (Toronto) and another one by MusicalNews (Italy)

25 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)
it was really a pleasure to meet again our friend Chris Seyffert..
today he was teaching me how to change a tire in a bicycle..
and during the rehearsals, we holed 2 new tires.. unbelievable.. 
at least now I know better how to change it.. just in case..

24 April 17 (British Columbia - Canada)

the video playlist of the tour, a mix of music videos and episodes along the way..
from an inside view of the tour.. how we make it through..
Video Playlist - From The Roots in The Right Direction - Tour 2017 
Thanks to Roundhouse Radio (Vancouver) for the nice interview @ "Strong & Sharp Mornings", hosted by Martin Strong & Kirsten Sharp.. (listen to the interview)
a friendly long touristic bus started to park with reverse gear right beside our motorhome while we were live on air with the radio.. ops.. so you can hear quite loud.. beep, beep, beep.. ;-)

23 April 17 (Alberta - Canada)
it's nice to see an article about your tour on your hometown newspaper, Il Resto Del Carlino..
along the way.. stopped in Alberta @ Louise Lake with a lot a snow.. 

22 April 17 (Saskatchewan - Canada)
thanks to & @MarcellaPiretti for this cool article.. very nice.. 
..fa un certo effetto leggere un articolo scritto da tua sorella..
grazie "little sister" questo è speciale..;-)
spent the night in the little village of Tompkins.. quite, windy and long long trains every some now and then..

21 April 17 (Manitoba - Canada)
a nice warm sunny day driving west.. time zone changed.. 
ended up in Virden Manitoba.. jogging..

20 April 17 (Ontario - Canada)
driving west.. still snow on the sides of the road..
thanks Amy (Atmosphere - Thunder Bay) for the discount on new waterproof sport shoes.. 
19 April 17 (Ontario - Canada)
woke up in Batchawana Bay... (episode 002)
spent half of the day in Wawa.. thanks to Mike & Lesley (Canadian Tire - Wawa) for the kind help..
a thankful thought also to Andrew (Superior Truck Repair - Wawa) to check our batteries..
now we are ready to go..!

17 April 17 (Ontario - Canada)
it was very nice to meet our delicious drinkable @PureCanada and eatable @Bounce supporters and then on the road heading to Vancouver.. 

16 April 17 (Ontario - Canada)
happy to have seen many good friends during these first days in Toronto..
Easter with our friends Antonio & Nancy Petrozza, an unforgettable hospitality and cuisine..
keep on training..

13 April 17 (Ontario - Canada)
quite an impact.. busy first day in Toronto..
took our belongings from the locker in our building (nice feeling back)..
picked up the new bike from Uncle Jacob, great supporter of this tour..
a huge thank you to Jacob for the new fantastic bike with the spare tools, very appreciated..
I'll try my best to make this bike the one to remember..
crazy driving with the camper downtown Toronto, then heading King City to our big friends Antonio & Nancy Petrozza..
a special thanks also to Ban Yu (Best Buy - Woodbridge) for the hdmi cable exchange, we'll remember about you on our shows.. ;-)

12 April 17 (night - North America - Ontario - Canada)
-2 degrees the first night in the camper in Kitchener..
a great thank you to Kieth for the second prime support @ Yantz RV Rental.. 
with his dear support this adventure became possible to be real..


12 April 17 (morning - Europe - Germany)

we are on the road.. @ Warsaw Airport.. to Toronto.. 

BeGINNING of the tour (read it up)
From The Roots In The Right Direction
Canada : April - July 2017

11 April 17 (Germany)
it's curious to note.. it is only when I have to leave that I really tidy up the house ..
so, everything is in order but I go .. mh weird ..

10 April 17 (Germany)
deeply honoured to be on the May issue of "Canadian Immigrant".
I remember when I arrived as an immigrant at the Toronto's airport on June 14th '09..
among all the documents and procedures the immigration office gave me also a magazine, "Canadian Immigrant" in which you could read the best examples of Canadian immigrant, seeing their lives, carrier, photos.. I remember that day I said to myself.. "one day you have to be there too.. no matter what, give a sense of what you do..".. that day has arrived..
"Italian-born Antonio Piretti is celebrating Canada’s 150th with a cycling/music tour from Vancouver to Halifax" By Margaret Jetelina April 10, 2017

7 April 17 (Germany)
a BIG GOOD LUCK for this new Toronto Blue Jays season..
ps: just missing Edwin Encarnación with us, I like that guy..

4 April 17 (Germany)
one week to go..
planning all the steps for the first days in Toronto..
first gadgets arrived.. we've done 3 tags that you can wear on your neck..
here one of them with my guitar ..

28 March 17 (Germany) 
thanks to Eko Guitars for the support.
our tuneful sponsor of the upcoming great tour
I'm sure my dear, we'll play some cool tunes together.. 

20 March 17 (Germany)
keep on training hard everyday..
bicycle, gym and swimming pool.. 
last week 365 km.. 23 days to Toronto

11 March 17 (Germany)
this week 305 km... keep on training..
waking up at 6am and then on the road..
I have some cool new sport apparels that help me for the cold and the rain..
32 days to come back to Toronto.. 
#training #Canada150 #Tour #happytocomeback #songwriter

7 March 17 (Germany)
raining this morning.. anyway training.. ((instagram instants)
fortunately yesterday I bought a sport rain jacket.. 
#training #canada150 #bike #tour #makeadiffernce #cycling #antoniopirettitoz #challenge #cantautore #allenamento #haivolutolabicicletta #orapedala

6 March 17 (Germany)
dawn colors.. (instagram memory)
#training #canada150 #bike #tour #makeadiffernce #songwriter #cycling #music #goforit #antoniopirettitoz #challenge

4 March 17 (Germany)
I woke up at 6:40am.. at 7:35 I started my training.. 112,5 km Lübstorf (memory from instagram)

28 Feb 17 (Germany)
in these days, working on contacts, supporters, sponsors, venues, fans.. sending out our newsletters / communication to our database.. around 40.000 contact.. mmhh.. ;-)

26 Feb 17 (Germany)
and here we are again..
keep on training for the tour.. today 129,5 km, back and forth to the Baltic Sea. it was cool, but very tough coming back caused the wind was always against.. (memory from instagram)

25 Feb 17 (Germany)
nice to play for Beach Dining in Timmendorfer Strand today..
nice to hear that they were cheering more for my originals vs cover songs
#songwriter #originaltune #voiceguitar #acoustic #longjourney #Germany

15 Feb 17 (Germany)
time to plan the gadgets for the tour.. a very nice medal tag and a cool long sleeves shirt

15 Feb 17 (
this web site is alive and kicking..

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