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31 December 14
Happy New Year !!
I celebrated playing as Dj for a cool event at Toula Restaurant in Toronto.
here the video


9 November 14
great shooting with OZ Photone..
for the Audio-Visual project..
we shot for the song LOVE IS..
very very cool..
cheers to everybody.. Sanne, Alyssa, Avryl and May..


7 October 14
a special thanks to Mega Bus..
to have chosen a pick up place..
on the 34th street between  11th Ave and 12th Ave..
it was raining.. no lights.. no places near by...
the nearest one is a sad McDonalds 10 minutes walking far away..


6 October 14
walking around.. Manhattan, Brooklyn..
New York seems a pumped tired chaotic place..
nice view, btw.. from Brooklyn side..


13 September 2014
from today I'm Italian and Canadian.... ;-)


14 August 2014
Citizenship test..  PASSED...!!!!!!!!


13 July 2014
1.000 copies.. 5 boxes... IN 10 YEARS... physical copies ready to be sold..

new release.. IN 10 YEARS (7 English Songs + 1 Italian song) 
21 June 2014
second event.. ART TAKES ACTION ..!!!


13 June 2014
a song for the Italian National Soccer team... good luck guys...!!!
CIAO ITALIA: see the video


17 May 2014
first event ART TAKES ACTION ....!!!!!!!


22 April 2014
Seedorf - Bologna.. with a really full car... ops.. ;-) moving.. 


March 2014
People without fear new video.. done.. youtube link 
dedicated to Germany and to who has the courage to change..


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