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IronMan - Hamburg - Finish Line - June 5th


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26 December 22

ehi guys, I'll see you all at Caramba Especial (Rambachstraße 4, 20459 Hamburg)
on December 31st to celebrate New Year's Eve !
I'll play voice & guitar & DJ.. CHARGE!!!

23 December 22

thanks to everyone who came yesterday at @gute_stube_hamburg
It was very nice to see people I had met along the way.. fate brings us together.. then it's up to us to keep in touch.
(btw, I have to admit, still not recovered from the jet lag).
The next gig will be for New Year's Eve in Caramba Special (Hamburg), voice & guitar & DJ
(memory of the event)

18 December 22

I can't exactly say where home is,
but I do know where my heart is

Merry Christmas to you all!
(memory of the moment)

14 December 22

sure that living on music in 2022 is for a few.. two different musical projects but a friendship that has lasted for many years, always in Toronto.
(picture with Giordano Cattonar)


12 December 22

I have only 15 minutes before 6 pm, the time when shops of this type close (I had seen from google).
I try the last chance, I tie up the bike but I don't see the shop..
I do the number from google and an Italian answers me saying "ciao Antonio".
at that moment I think I have the wrong number and I ask "are you the shoe repair shop?" and he says "yes" and explains where they were.
(in Canada you can put the option that people see the name of who is calling, I didn't remember leaving it on).
I enter the shop, I was speaking with an Italian.
I show him my zip and he says "damn the guy who fixes zips quit this morning".
what bad luck!
then he looks at it better and he tells me, "look, that's the problem, the tab that pulls the zipper, it's loose".
he took a pair of pliers and put it back.
Then he told me "I don't know how long it's going to last, but it's ok for now"
then, just to be safe, he took a strong thread and tied it to the zip, so as to play the same role as the tab in case it should loosen again.
He did it in less than 3 minutes, had fixed the problem in 3 minutes!
I was flying, I heard Pupo singing "Not a single cloud over us"
I ask him how much I should give him, he says, no problem, we're set.

I was lucky to meet him 3 days before my departure.
but once again I think that the Italians really have something extra !!!
thanks, Riccardo @z1pp1ne !!!

the first repair said in 1 week
the second said they don't manage metal zip
the third said 2 weeks and more than 100 dollars
Riccardo was the fourth, my last chance
(picture with Riccardo)

10 December 22

they are not coincidences.

and so a girl passes...
she bends down and picks up a coin from the ground (2 meters from me) that had fallen to a boy just before while he was pulling them out of his pocket to give them to me..
she takes it and leaves.
I'm playing, I don't say anything but I think "well, you could have brought it to me, it was obvious that coin was there for me".
Then I finish the song, and I stop to drink some tea.
While I'm drinking a girl approaches and puts a coin inside the treasor chest.
I look at her a bit amazed because I wasn't even playing..
she looks at me smiling and says "I picked it up yesterday right here.. I thought surely you missed it yesterday, so I gave it back to you today.."
I was dumbfounded..
I thanked her and I was still with the tea in my hand.
This happened to me today at Spadina Subway Station.

here, I wrote about this small example to try to make people understand the magic that is often created while I play and in which I am often an active part.
It might seem impossible, but that's exactly what happened.
and things like this, connected by incredible or absurd anecdotes happen to me quite often.
This is also why I like playing among people, as you allow the "angels" or destiny to interact with you.. in so many ways.

(I'm sure many will smile, but it's what I've experienced for many years now.. we can definitely interact just with thoughts and I'm convinced that through people (whom I call "angels") even those who are not here anymore, for example, can interact with us.
It happens to me, but I don't usually talk about it, because I'm sure very few people will understand that.. only if you are used to experiencing weird / or magic moments, you can understand what I'm talking about).

(my guitar at York Mills Subway Station)

7 December 22

Hi guys,
see you tomorrow Thursday December 8th at the @tranzac292 (292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7) at 7:30 pm. I'll play voice & guitar (English & Italian) and we'll also exchange Christmas greetings.
Pass by and show some love ;-)
(here me on my last movie set)

2 December 22

heading to Ottawa for the weekend.
I'll see you @avantgardebar today, Friday December 2nd from 6pm to 7:30pm and tomorrow December 3rd @ Casa Abruzzo (Ottawa) from 7pm.
Looking forward ;-)
(picture of the train at Union Station)

29 November 22

you're playing, everything is normal..

then around 10 am you start hearing from the speakers that there is a problem between Eglinton and St Clair and that the buses are running to replace the trains..

after several announcements of both a male and a female voice (which punctually distorted to an unbearable level) the announcements start in a loop.

one every 40 seconds, over and over

(if you sing a 4 minute song, you get 6 ads per song).

I call (through a passer-by) the collector of the station and ask him if something can be done, he tells me that he will try to make a phone call..

nothing changes, we are already at the first hour (only 90 ads more or less).

I take a break and then I try to play again..

a homeless lies down in the middle of a passage, not too far from my position..

people dodged him, but no one said anything, nothing, as if it were normal.

I stop playing, I go to check and ask him "everything ok?"

I understand it's fine, so I ask a passer-by to call the person at the cash desk again..

he arrives with the supervisor and they have the homeless removed .
I talk with them and I ask the supervisor why all these messages, it was only for 1 hour and a half that every 40 seconds there was the same announcement.

he says.. “to update the costumers”

and I tell him, with a smile, that to me it seems more like a method of torture, like the scenes seen in the movies, where the prisoners rotate around in a circle and always feel the same thing.. the same.. over and over..

he was a smart guy and he tells me that he's going to make a phone call and try to make it right..

after 20 minutes the frequency of the announcements decreased, I guess 1 every 2 minutes, a significant improvement.

After 2 abundant hours the problem was solved and that announcement stopped to leave place to others, but that’s another story.

apart from the stress and my mood gone, what surprised me was the fact that when I asked the supervisor  "but am I the only one who pointed this out to you?"
he replied "so far, yes"

"but how is that possible, don't you feel the annoyance? I asked him..

and he tells me.. "yes, but they don't listen.. you use your ear because you are a good musician, but they don't listen"

it wasn't entirely true, because I saw elderly ladies going out or in with their hands over their ears, they were fed up with the distorted sound, the noise (like me)

then when I got home, I phoned the TTC trying to make them understand what had happened and providing at least my feedback..

I think the point is to take action and or at least provide feedback !

if nobody does anything, there will never be a chance to improve something that is causing a nuisance.

the point is that no one does or says anything even when they see a person on the ground.. everything is normal but it's not at all !

it's that if it doesn't concern us directly we don't give a damn, but it's wrong !

we have to act, to improve, each in his, otherwise everything goes adrift.

let’s take action for the better, we all need that, we all live in the same place !

27 November 22

two beggars come down the stairs, one yells and sends everyone to fuck off, the other has a bicycle.. they approach me and after asking me what song I was playing, the one who inserted a "fuck" every two words he approaches my "treasure chest".. I tell him "stay away".. then (he was also drunk) he starts talking to another guy.. the one with the bike approaches and apologizes for the behaviour of the other, then all three of them move behind, near the elevator and they talk, talk so loud.. maybe they were trying to repair the bike.
At that point I wonder, what song should I play now to improve the situation, I said to myself, let's try "Hallelujah", maybe the Lord will give me a hand to resolve the situation..
I start playing it.. after a while a very elegant handsome boy (black suit, white shoes, white shirt, black tie) a very nice black guy with short hair gets up from the bench behind me and comes in front of me and looks at me.. after a while I see that he is crying.. he looks at me and cries.. red eyes and cries.. at a certain point I stop and I ask him "what's up ?".. and he says "I'm depressed I broke up with my girlfriend.. the way you play touches my heart, I can't stop crying" then he asks "can you play a Christmas song?" I: "Silent Night is it okay?" and I start playing..
down tears, badly.. after a while I stop, I didn't know how to help him and he asks "with 4 dollars and 25 cents, can I get your cd?" clearly it was very far from that, but I said him "keep this, in this cd there is a song dedicated to the Angels and another called "I'm On My Way", they will help you.. he thanks me, and tells me that on Tuesday he will receive his salary and he'll come back to give me the difference.. I tell him that there was no problem then he goes away.
I remain a bit perplexed, I turn around, the 3 homeless people are gone

funny thing..
after a while I was playing a quite strange guy, he walked fast military model.. he says something to me.. I don't understand, I'm in my song, and I ask "what?" he repeats "Canada 1 Croatia 0, the world championship !!!". "ok congratulations" I answer him and he walking away "it's not over yet"..
In the afternoon he comes out, from the same exit, and says something to me.. consider that every time there are many people and he walked (in his own way) among the others people..
Again I ask "what?".. and he "Germany Spain 1 to 1"
Then I realize that it's still him.. he walked like a soldier and spoke militarily.. determined, serious..
so I can not help laughing.. and he impassive without making a crease raises the index finger of his hand and says "THERE IS A REASON !!!" .. and I "sure, of course there is" and I couldn't help but laugh and he goes straight away..

last anecdote that I share..
the station was empty, I hear the ticking of the cane.. a blind lady.. she stops away from me, she had gone down the stairs.. after a while rummaging in her bag comes verses of me.. she heard the voice.. but there were also columns in the direction towards me.. I follow her with my gaze and I understand that she's coming right to me.. one hand with a stick, the other extended to give me something.. she approaches.. I stop, thank her and take what she wanted to give me.. 3 coins whose value was 5 dollars.. I am surprised.. the blind lady walked 50 meters to come and give me 5 dollars.. that's why years ago I wrote "Thanks To You".. dedicated to all these "incredible" kind people I meet on the subway..

only 3 episodes of today 5 hours.. there would be more, but this is what happens to me every day
(memory from the station)

24 November 22

I was towards the end and I see this person standing in front of me near the wall and staring at me for a while.. then she moves to the opposite corner behind me and I'm like "ok, here we go again, another weird person".. but then at the end of the song she approaches, places a banknote in the "treasure chest" and thanks me..
then I understand she had followed the song, the lyrics..
I give her a business card with all my links and I tell her "it's called "Let It Go"" a song I wrote years ago.. she asks me more about the lyrics.. I explain to her.. "how the Lord tries to show us the way.. we can do a lot, but not everything depends on us, a good % He makes it happen"
She tells me that she was going to the hospital and that she was seriously ill.. but that she liked a lot the lyrics which she could believe in.

This is the reason why I started writing songs, trying to share positive messages and life experiences..
I was pleased to be able to give her a little relief in such a delicate moment for her..
music and songs must serve this, to make the soul feel better.

"Music is to share emotions, songs are messages to communicate experiences & beliefs"
(memory from the station)


22 November 22

I have been licensed to play in the Toronto subway since 2009.. I always felt safe and even though I met a lot of "strange" people, I never had any problems.. in the last 3 weeks I had to argue with unlicensed musicians who they made a big mess and didn't want to leave, very aggressive beggars and even yesterday chasing a guy who had stolen some things (usb pen drive - with my music on) from me while I was playing..

They tell you "be safe" but no one does or says anything.. everyone is scared and you have to wait for the police who, if you're lucky, arrive in 40 minutes.. and when problems arise, you often have to get away from your position, leaving all your things unattended, including money, etc.

Lately everything has become more "dangerous", the beggars don't care about anything, they have nothing to lose.. but it seems like a joke to me this "be safe".. when in reality nobody does anything and you are necessarily alone in your station with your guitar.
Right now I'm not worried about my safety but for a potential theft I'd say yes.. the situation has gotten worse.. but everyone says "be safe".. what exactly do they mean?
(a not so random memory from a movie production the day after)

20 November 22

I feel this city needs positivity, something different from money..
I see everyday people passing me by.. but many of them are lost.. lost in their own world.. turned off.. probably crushed by the costs that become more and more unsustainable day after day..
Man, this city has changed.. but for the most in the wrong side..
I try everyday to give what I have..
It's not easy with just a guitar, but I'll always believe that a song can change the world.. or at least can make the day of many of those walking bodies..
Come on, turn on again.. and be yourself.. turn back and land again on the earth.. step by step.. think and live in a sustainable way.. we are all roommates of the same planet.. and in the end, you won't take anything material up there.. so what? try to lend a hand too.. there is a need, believe me..
(a TTC spot to play at)

19 November 22

these first twenty days in Toronto have been really intense.. always busy between movie sets and music.. nice to be back in the subways, it's always a separate journey, an adventure each time.
but I also have to admit how much the city 'has changed..
I see people even more "lost", walking around with those masks, they look a bit like zombies.. then everyone behind that cell phone for anything, even for walking..
I think that a little positivity is needed..
there is too much gray here, we need more humanity, more joy, a human dimension of closeness is missing.. it seems they are all on their journey, always very busy running behind something,  which in the end is paying back the various mortgages


18 November 22

it's the first time, since I'm back, that I see my gym with the day light.. nice atmosphere..
It's not training for an IronMan.. but you can sweat here too..
(pic of the fitness center at the rooftop)

17 November 22

I'm glad to announce my new 3 gigs in Canada !!!

Thursday December 8th at 7:30 pm
@ Tranzac Club - 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7
link to the online tickets

Friday December 2nd at 6:00 pm
@ Avant-Garde Bar - 135 Besserer St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6A7
link to the online tickets

Saturday December 3rd at 7:00 pm
@ Casa Abruzzo - 705 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6X2

for info and reservation

save the dates and show some love !


14 November 22

Thoughts always go so fast and we trudging after them..
Toronto has been a sea of ​​memories in these last 15 days, I didn't imagine such a profound impact
(the beaches of Toronto)

walking around Toronto is a bit like reviewing and reliving a long part of my life, an infinite series of anecdotes, memories, battles, dreams.. how much effort and commitment I put into it..
and now coming out with a smile, being surprised by the see that I've grown up

10 November 22

here a new interview (in Italian language) by Andrea Gioe' - MEI - Nuova Rubrica Pareidolia Musicale
link to the interview

09 November 22

Thanks for the interview Voyage Phoenix Magazine
"it is right to take the path that you feel is yours, rather than follow a simpler one than not will take you where you want to go." TOZ

02 November 22

after a long time, I'm finally back in Toronto

27 October 22

a good read for you guys about music, life & creativity

thank you to Cefe Flynn Mastering for the great interview & collaboration.

26 October 22

it was nice to record a live video voice & piano @ Piano-Hays kunze in Schwerin, playing with a great Wilhelm Grotrian grand piano.
stay tuned for the result (memory of the day)

22 October 22

now we know the genre,
Santiago Piretti is on his way, he will arrive at the beginning of March 2023
come on little, we are looking forward to hold you in our arms

16 October 22

Hey guys,
I am happy to announce that I have finished the video story of the last triathlon race, IM 70.3 in Cervia on September 2022.
Give it a look, I like it, what do you think?
click here for the link to the race video 

10 October 22

back in Seedorf, it was a very heavy 4 days.
It is difficult to drive many kilometers with two small children, there was often tension and it certainly wasn't relaxing.
I can't mention the fact that prices (for hotels, restaurants, Airbnb, food, ice cream, etc ..) have gone up a lot, to the point that it often seems to be almost robbed.
We will treasure what we have learned, avoiding planning mistakes in the future.
Now better stay a little quiet

6 October 22

Two beautiful days in Alicante, a beautiful town with an excellent climate.
We were in the old historic center a stone's throw from the beaches.
Finally some swimming in the sea and a minimum of beach life.
Always nice to go jogging before dinner. 

(Alicante hostoric center) - (while jogging)

4 October 22

our last day in Valencia.
We have been to the beach and in the city center, ate Paella Valenciana and various ice creams, saw beautiful and ugly places rented bicycles, and traveled by bus and metro.. in short, we tried to get an idea. Nice the port area (a memory from the view) and the pedestrian one above the river that cuts the city in half, Jardí del Túria. Beautiful to run at sunset on the seafront.

29 September 22

this time we stopped over in Perpignan (France).
Nice to order takeaway pizzas from the hotel room which had a nice balcony over the lighted pool among the palm trees.

28 September 22

after many appointments and visits from friends and relatives, today we were finally able to leave, the final destination Valencia and Alicante (Spain).
We stopped to sleep in Varazze (Savona), a very nice town on the Mediterranean Sea. Always nice to walk in the evening through the historic center of the city, between narrow streets and the relaxing sound of the sea.
Nice to see the change of meals indicated on the menu, obviously the "Genoese pesto" was the most popular, but I got an excellent pizza.

26 September 22

the day before the race, in the late afternoon, I said to myself "I'm going to run a little bit to relax". I passed the Transition Area (luckily the campground was very close) and I saw several people in line to check in the bikes.
I inquired, I was convinced that it was for the full Ironman race, but that check-in was also for the 70.3, which was my race (which should have taken place only the following morning).
They had changed the program of the race, but the official communication would have come only in the late evening.
So I went back to the tent, took my bags (already prepared), my bike and came back. There was an incredible line, I think I waited more than two hours to finally check in my bike & the blue and red bags.

Ok, there was a storm, they tried to save what can be saved, ok all clear. but it is undeniable that the number of participants was excessive (even if the two races, full ironman and 70.3 had been separated, as they should have been in the program).
I think this is due to the eagerness to collect as much as possible, allowing races with an excessive number of participants to the detriment of the safety of the athletes.

What I want to say is that I appreciate and consider it very nice to participate and certainly also organize this type of events, but I feel the connection with reality has been lost to the detriment of a business that grows exponentially, not only for registrations fees but for every aspect linked to the race, the photos, the merchandising, nutrition, gears, etc, etc. For me it should return to a level more oriented on the race, on the athlete and less on the business, sometimes you just feel to be squeezed by this organization that pushes like a buffalo to get you to sign up, buy, etc, etc.. every day, they have lost the measure @ironmanitaly
(check the pic of the queuing)

21 September 22

let's talk about the race of a few days ago...
this time the swimming fraction was smoother. I never pushed but I kept a constant speed also due to the fact that with contact lenses I could see the buoys quite well. Surely the salt water helped the buoyancy and the last stretch was particularly beautiful because you were seeing in front of you the arch under which you had to go.. for the first time I was able to run immediately even after swimming in fact the time for the T1 change was 11.29 minutes against the 20sh of the previous IMs .. ;-) it improves!
I finished the swimming leg with a decent 31.48 minutes for 1.9 km @ironmanitaly IM 70.3 Cervia
(here are some pics of the swimming portion, check them out)

cycling portion;
there is always a good feeling when you are close to home, you know those places, you have been there as a child, memories... during the portion of the bike I tried not to make mistakes, there were many cyclists on the road and you had to be careful because if the one in front of you was bullshit, it would have been difficult to dodge it. I managed the effort by checking my average pace with my watch, it was ok. Very nice to ride along the salt flats, on the E45, go through Forli, and the ascent, and descend from Bertinoro. I was surprised, that is, it is undeniable that it benefited a little from the "draft" (which is not allowed in IronMan) but the number of athletes was so high that either one flew or was almost always in contact with others. In the end, I finished the 90km section with a decent 2h: 39m: 59s with an average of 33.8 km/h. I never wanted to push, because I knew that then the running portion was waiting for me, I was fine like this.
(here are some pics of the biking portion, check them out)

running portion:
everything was fine,
I had no pain anywhere and no cramps, I was pretty incredulous.
I started running following my average they all were passing me.
I kept checking km by km and I was at my average pace (more or less) but they all kept passing me.
I finished the first lap and finally saw my family, I started worrying, usually, they were always at the transition point but I hadn't seen anyone before, I was afraid something had happened.. it was ok so, then in the second lap, I said to myself "ehi, these are the last 10km.. without overdoing it, go" and so it was, they passed quickly, they passed me less, I passed too and several athletes vomited along the track. I reached to the last 3 km and I was still fine, I was happy, I had never stopped and there were no dramas.. at 2 km from the end I stopped in the shower that was there before the last nutrition station (pure personal satisfaction).. I drank the last glass of water with pleasure, I threw another 2 on my head and I said to myself "we are ready for the last 2 km".. on arrival I heard some screams, it was my family.. nice post-race, lots to eat and drink.. a different planet than Hamburg and nice then relax at the beach umbrella with everyone.
thanks for the support, even the smallest has always been important!
I have learned again, now I reflect.. then I will evaluate the next devilry!
(here are some pics of the running portion, check them out)

19 September 22

in Bologna, a certainty !!!
The best bicycle store to fix your bike!
I gave them my very old road bike for a global "tuning" for the race and they gave me back a fireball!
The first 45 km with a good climb with and average of 30.83.. the second 45 km with an average of 37.34 !
For a nice global average of 33.78 ;-)
Thanks guys for the great job 🚴🔧(a pic together)

18 September 22

A day to remember
Great race, great atmosphere, great place & super people!!!
It was very special for me to participate in the IM 70.3 in Cervia, practically at home.. thanks to everyone for their support! (pictures of the medals)
Now I will think about the next adventure !!
Stay connected ;-)

17 September 22

My day before the race..
just holding the tent to avoid it to fly away.. there is a kind of storm here..
(here the pic as memory)

14 September 22

every time, returning to Bologna is like a dip in the memories, beautiful. I used to run here when I was at Liceo E. Fermi, here I am again after a long time.
(pic of the athletic track "Campo Bauman")

11 September 22

after my son's baptism, it seemed like the best idea - (San Luca - Bologna)

Ps: I got a shock when on the climb to San Luca I noticed that the phone was no longer there.. on the boulevards the cell phone, due to vibrations, fell to the ground.. so I redid it, ALL the way back, "in the wrong direction "... I arrived home... I dialed the number.. a Police Man answered me telling me that someone (SUPER HERO) with a scooter (THANK YOU!) had picked up the phone and given it to him... I reached with a document of identity and he gave me back the phone.. INCREDIBLE !!! THANK YOU 💎❗

8 September 22

in Bologna nowadays.
happy to see my family and friends after a long time.
honestly, the training for the IronMan could be better, but among all the appointments and commitments I try to do my best.

The weather is very hot and different from the North of Germany but I feel somehow good with this temperature.. it is still the one with which I grew up.
I hope to improve my preparation in these days and arrive "ready & in shape" for the race on September 18th.
btw, the bicycle that "Clinica Del Ciclo" has prepared for me is good, I've just to be used to it ;-) 

4 September 22

some few days in Riva del Garda, between music, sport, and relaxing with my family
(a cool memory)

20 August 22

it is always special to play on the beach and Strandkiste Neustadt is beautiful
a memory from the gig

18 August 22

a memory of our first pitch with a tent (see the pic)

17 August 22

today and tomorrow will be 2 days of testing for the upcoming tour "A Tent & A Guitar"
we are in the camping ground of Travemunde, facing what it means to manage this new huge tent and the little room that you have in the car among, music equipment, tent & accessories, food, clothes and of course 4 for us. It's challenging, but we're positive.
Ps: nice vibes today at the Cafe Bohne in Lubeck, second time there, but always cool & kind people

16 August 22

I've created some videos to update you regarding the IronMan 70.3 triathlon race in Cervia that will take place on September 18th.
here is the link to the playlist, where I introduce and present also the partners that are with me in this adventure - IM 70.3 Cervia playlist 

14 August 22

finally new good goggles!
I'm used to swimming in a lake open water where I don't wear goggles. Preparing for Cervia (where there will be salty sea water) I tried these brand new Speedo goggles "Fastskin Hyper Elite", lenses with anti-fog coating and 100% UV protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Another planet! (me with the new goggles)

11 August 22

today I did 93.3 km with an average of 30.2 km/h. A guy in a super professional outfit (I was shirtless) passed me on his triathlon bike like I was riding very slowly. Maybe I have to consider changing bikes.. even if I am beginning to be fond of this nice bike, taken for 200€ and then spent around 600€ to change everything. It's called "2 Danger Roubaix".. or maybe I am just slow, even if I must say that I have not spared myself. (me on my bike)

I'll see you on September 18th in Cervia for the 70.3IM

7 August 22

gig by gig, km by km, keep on running.
I'll see you on September 18th in Cervia for the 70.3 #IM
(running at the sunset)

5 August 22

A day to remember...
I was so destroyed that I asked my wife to take a picture to remember this.
"sleep little and badly, play 4 hours under the sun at 36 degrees, come home, run an hour, and here it is my face at the end" (check the picture of that moment)

3 August 22

after a week of hard work, the redesign of the company website was finished, it was time!
check it out and tell me what you think - Dream Ideas Srl

1 August 22

keep on doing the right thing
(pic, I training on the bicycle)

31 July 22

training 1 h at least a day
trying to fix certain errors too
times improve, let's see 
(pic, me swimming in open water)

23 July 22

and what about the new logo for the upcoming tour "a Tent & a Guitar"?
(check it out)

17 July 22

very nice vibes yesterday @ the Seedorf Garden Concert - (some memories)

15 July 22

I just released the second "IronMan video introduction - race & around".

In this video, I'm showing item by item what you are going to receive when you register yourself at the race and how to use it. Of course, the video is for those who have never done a long triathlon distance race yet. Just trying to explain or clear doubts that I had before doing it.
check it out

13 July 22

nice acoustic gig @ Cafe Bohne in Lubeck for the sunset, waiting for the full moon
(a memory from the gig)

12 July 22

an elderly lady approaches, I was playing in Travemunde
she gives me a dime then she places next to the little Treasure Chest a box of berries.
I'm a bit surprised
then, when the song is over, she tells me that a lady who was selling fruit on the promenade had told her to give it to me.
we start talking, she tells me that she too with her husband played on the street
then she tells me that her husband died 5 months earlier
I ask her if she wants us to sing Hallelujah and she willingly accepts
we start playing/singing, she sang too even if slowly
and she starts to cry, the song is long and she sings and cries
she is moved
in the end, she tells me that she had put her husband's guitar on her body inside the coffin
and that this song sung together, it's like her husband is playing and singing with her
I gave her a hug, I felt she need it
(I felt like in the Ghost movie, when he can dance with her through the body of the medium woman
it was a strange feeling but I got it right away and I tried to carry it on in my better
I played and sang softly, it was a moment for her.. and so it was, very nice

11 July 22

after a long time that I was thinking to do it, I finally recorded a first "spontaneous" video regarding the long triathlon race, IronMan.
Two years ago, I was checking videos and info online all over and I would have been so happy to find a video with this exact information into.
The video is aimed at those who are thinking or would like to sign up for the first time for a full IronMan, trying to highlight and summarize the three main aspects to know before registering.. to then be able to face this adventure at least knowing what you are going to encounter.
here the link to this first video:
 IRONMAN Registering For A Full Triathlon Race, Global & Cut Off Times, Training Dedication, Expenses

03 July 22

the garden concerts are a smart way to share your music with new people in unconventional venues.. always ahead

02 July 22

another concert on a camping ground. Good vibes at Schaalsee-Camp in Seedorf.
a nice memory with my daughter

29 June 22

swimming without a wetsuit is definitely harder. As usual, I swim in open water for 1 hour for each workout session.. my face after the one of today.

26 June 22

a really nice Sunday afternoon at the Schlick Cafe in Hamburg.
this place is in a very particular location that was also on the Triathlon race path.
(while I was driving I recognize the streets.. it was a pleasant sensation be there again,
from that area starts the best part of the biking portion, where you can really push)
however, the Cafe was very cool, staff very kind and the stage was in a super spot.
(me during the sound check)

25 June 22

it was pleasure to be part of the "Straßen Musik Tage Schwerin 2022"
kind people and very particular stage. 
(check it out here)

15 June 22

finally, It's ready on all music platforms this new fantastic version of "Semplicemente Noi (Librasonus Remix)" !

check it out & let me know your vibe - (Spotify) - (AppleMusic) - (Deezer) - (Amazon)

12 June 22

nice vibes and cozy atmosphere at the Schaalsee-Camp in Seedorf - here a memory
This summer we are going to plan a new tour right in the camping grounds in Italy, Spain, Germany.

8 June 22

great, the IronMan race video summary is ready! here the YouTube link

I put together the videos taken by my wife during the day (from her mobile) and the best pictures available about my race

5 June 22

second IronMan accomplished !!! What the F**K !!!!! ;-) I'm super Happy !!!
7 months of training for one day. Fantastic !!!!!
A unique experience that I'll keep forever among the most special feats I have achieved in my life.

Thanks to all the people that supported me in this fantastic adventure. (pic of the finisher shirt)

Swimming Portion:
I felt prepared for swimming, I had covered the total distance in training many times and the temperature of the competition lake was warmer than where I usually train.. but I had not foreseen the "bumps and knocks" during the competition.
This year the athletes were more than double compared to the year before and near the bridges it was really a struggle. I will have received thirty (at least) strong blows all on the right leg that led me to stiffen and therefore unexpectedly I got very aggressive cramps for 5/6 times that forced me to stop for a moment and change my style. In the end I was definitely tired with a gap of 2 minutes compared to the previous year, but relieved at least I had completed the first portion of the race.
(pic of the start and the arrive of the swimming)

Cycling Portion;
In the portion of the bike I went quite well, an average of 29.58 km/h which with the bike I had is almost a feat.
I was happy because I had improved the time of the previous year by 8 minutes. The route was beautiful, initially we were in the center of Hamburg and then went out for about fifty km, there were two laps of 90 km each.
The best part was the one outside the city, where you could push long straights and have fun.
Despite the poor performance bike, I really overtook a lot of people, covering 180.2 km in 6h07m09s.
maybe one day I'll take a serious bike, who knows?
(pics during the cycling)

Running Portion:
during the marathon I encountered some unexpected problems. I was feeling ok, but I was very thirsty after the bike portion. I drank some water at the filling stations, but the water was really cold, I'd say too cold and this added to the constant wind that I took on my stomach during the journey along the lake caused me a stomach congestion. During the middle of the marathon I was without strength and struggling to breathe, so I had to walk for 10 km to avoid failing to complete the race. I started running normally again in the last 2 km.
I was angry to have walked for so long because I was not able to beat my previous year time but I was very happy to have managed to finish my second full IronMan !!!
Beautiful experience and magical adventure! Indeed a challenge with yourself.
(pics during the marathon)

4 June 22
I checked in the bicycle, the red and blue bag (pic of the bike)

2 June 22
we moved to Hamburg for the race preparation process.
I registered on June 2nd and here me finding my name on the IronMan board (pic)

28 May 22
here the weather is quite cold.
Me thinking one second before starting to swim in the cold water (pic)

27 May 22
I was driving home and I saw one of the most beautiful rainbow of my life (check it out)

22 May 22
today I played in a the picture
a nice and relaxing Sunday at Salem See bar

21 May 22
I replaced the chain, the front and rear spools on my bicycle
I took a picture of the chain.. because I'l never see it so clean again (pic)

14 May 22
Good vibes last Saturday at @ Gute Stube Hamburg
Very cool people & place (memory of the gig)
and a special thanks for this drawing on my guest book

11 May 22
it's always beautiful to be back in Boltenhagen, great place
even more relaxing with the bike (instagram pic)

7 May 22
despite the very nice venue & kind staff, we are far from where we should be. There's no point in planning an event if it's not organized how it should be. Our fault yes, but I'm starting to get tired (instagram pic)

6 May 22
first swim in the lake of the season
water temperature 10 degrees, outside temperature 16 degrees
little desire to laugh (instagram pic)

4 May 22
Travemunde, Songs & Nature (instagram pic)

1 May 22
ok the color, but the scent is magic (instagram pic)

29 April 22
running with the sun.
longer days, but still quite cold (instagram pic)

25 April 22
starting pushing harder on the training for the IronMan race.
between playing 3/4 times a week and training everyday..
I can say that, at the end of the day, I'm usually pretty tired

15 April 22
the days are longer, the workouts harder
(pic after the training day)

8 April 22
finally released my new single, "Dammi una maNo" (Spotify direct link)
after two and a half years of pandemic, I felt the need to do something, this is my contribution.
a huge thank you to Metroopolitan Music Studio and Max Vol 
I tried for the fist time "AudioMovers - ListenTo" and I have to say that it worked very well!
I was able to work sharing my ProTools session above the distance, with friends even if they weren't beside me.. a big step, also thinking about future productions ;-)
The Single will be available online in a few days..
happy about  what came up.. I'm improving step by step..

31 March 22
current society surprises me every day.
All to comment on the gesture between Will Smith and Chris Rock.
I saw the video in question and I can't understand how a comedian can pronounce such an offense against a sick person in the audience at the Oscar award ceremony.
That was not a joke, it was in my opinion, an offense in bad taste.
Then I read the comments of many famous people (eg K.A. Jabbar, who I always followed as a child with his incredible "sky hook") who claim that Will Smith dishonored blacks because he reacted on impulse, he didn't respect women because he didn't allow them with his gesture of defending themselves and many others bla bla bla.
I wonder, are we kidding?
Will Smith tried to defend the honor of his wife and family, unfairly ridiculed by an offense in a public ceremony (the audience was laughing at the joke/offense about his wife's illness).
A slap is wrong, but the offenses, mostly towards a sick person who is suffering, are wrong too.
But of all, why all these people are judging?

I feel that only those who have experienced the disease and the consequences of that can tell us how much harm Chris's words about Will Smith and his wife have done.
God said, "let him who is without sin cast the first stone"
in his time no one threw the stone but even now, no one should speak.
It is too easy to posthumously criticize something personal and emotional.

The point is that we are men, women that is human and as humans we react.. there was a bad offense or provocation and a bad reaction, this was. They should both apologize and understand each other's shortcomings, but also the people in the audience laughing should apologize and finally also the organizers of the evening, who have allowed that the presenter would foment such a confusion.
Why for once there can't be a bit of silence since none of us are perfect and nobody can say how we would have reacted if we had found ourselves in that situation?

Have we always been perfect in every circumstance of our life?
no, so why do we allow ourselves to judge?

and if this is judged as absolutely guilty (from the most), then I ask, but what do all these "judges" comment about how the various governments around the world treat citizens by forcing them to inject themselves with a substance they call a vaccine but unfortunately it is not such (the results speak, but just the time it took to create it is clearly not in line with the procedure that doctors have always recommended) and they are so aggressive in imposing it to the point of suspending people who do not comply with their indication from work and force them to marginalize?
Therefore, everyone is scandalized by a slap, but instead forcing "everyone" to inject a substance (which unfortunately in many cases has also proved harmful, let's check how many people died during sport races lately or had to stop their carrier for problems connected to blood circulation.. aspects that can reasonably be linked to the intake of this substance (called a vaccine) how is it judged?
How much hypocrisy is out there?
As soon as someone dissociates from what they are forced to say or do, they are labeled "homophobic, Nazi, racist, violent, etc.. the list is long"
but someone still has the head that works?
I am disgusted by this type of mental nullity, indeed I would say stupidity

21 March 22
Spring is here, at least on the calendar
I'm increasing my IronMan training and fantastically, as for this period, the daylight is becoming longer day by day.
I started with the swimming pool too, June 5th is not too far

05 March 22
I started recording a new song that I'm going to name "dammi una maNO"
this tune is what I feel and think about these last 2 years and half of "pandemic isteria".
soon it will be done.. stay tuned 

27 February 22
regarding what unfortunately has been happening in these last days, this is my thought.

What life has taught me is we must learn to live as roommates on the same planet, if this can help, this song is here to remind it - We All Are One - Spotify link - Apple Music link

16 February 22
Hi Guys,

after several months I finally completed a long job, remastering all the old albums and reloading them on the music platforms from which I had removed them years ago.
It took a long time, even to synchronize most of the songs with the lyrics, but now everything is ready.
So, you can find all my past and present from now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and all the others, just searching for "TOZ Antonio Piretti" as an artist/musician and then you can search and listen among all the albums, single.
If you can, remember to put a like to the songs you prefer and to follow me, so you can be updated when I will upload some new songs, which I am already working on.
I hope you can enjoy and discover some new/old songs that you may not have known.
Thanks as always for the support and let's proceed great !!!

7 February 22
thanks to Demar Grant (Toronto Star) for this cool article: 
TTC buskers to return to subways after nearly 2 years. Here’s what they did with their time off

5 February 22

thank you guys for all the birthday wishes (Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Calls, Msg, etc.)
it was really something !

2 February 22
a bad experience
I was running in the dark, it was raining & blowing a lot of wind, as well as obviously being cold
(as always).
I couldn't see anything, no even the asphalt (but this is how I run in the dark every time)
I thought I was in the middle of the street, but this time, that was not true.
Suddenly I was on the ground.. I fell badly with incredible pain in my left ankle
While down, I thought about a hole in the asphalt that I didn't see.. but then
I realized I was unfortunately in the left very hand side.
The sole of my left shoe (Hoka One One, with high sole) was sore on the margin of the street,
causing the twisting (bad sprain) of the left ankle.
It was too dark and in the fall the portable light (which I use to let cars see me) got out of my hand.
after several minutes a car was approaching
I asked for help, but the car slowed down and then started again.
bed situation..
I was still totally in the dark with an unrecognizable pain in my ankle.

With the light of my watch (Garmin) I looked for my portable light and finally I found it in the grass after a long time (around 10 minutes of rain).
I breathed a sigh of relief. then I realized I had to do other 4 km to reach home,
with an ankle that really was hurting me.

I didn't have my cell with me (for the statistics of the run I only need the watch)
so, in the rain I start slowly limping home.
after a week (when I'm writing) I'm still not perfectly recovered
but luckily it wasn't broken.

25 January 22
ain't funny?
I traveled through 16 European countries with a bike during '20, I played many gigs and accomplished an IronMan during '21 and I got this now in '22 at home while I was rehearsing alone.

22 January 22
at home every time I was looking for a pen, I never found it

so I had them done, the new gadget has arrived, (see  pic)  and I like it

11 January 22
just released a new live recorded video: C'era una volta (Acoustic)
song dedicated to all the Italian immigrants & emigrants that I met during this long journey
we are little pieces of Italy, but we are really many and everywhere
we bring our homeland up high, which we miss day after day

8 January 22
thanks to MusicalNews & Giancarlo Passarella for the kind article
"Il video del brano My Name Is Not Important di Antonio Piretti (alias Toz) in versione acustica"

6 January 22

here a new live recorded video: My Name Is Not Important (Acoustic)
thanks to Metropolitan Music Studio for the sound

I'm attached to this song, I often sang it in the subways of Toronto and every time something beautiful happened.. between me and me I started calling it the song of "miracles".
I wrote it many years ago, trying to lend a hand to a boy who did his utmost to help children in Africa..
the song was written imagining what an African child might think of our Western world.
The text seeks precisely to solicit more concrete and important help.

Ps: I used this guitar for the first time. This is a rare "Piretti Guitar", handmade by luthier Sergio Piretti (Bologna) many years ago, even before I was born. I received this guitar a present from a friend last year.

1 January 22
this year has to be better !
let's make it a great one !

Hamburg - IRONMAN 22
CERVI - 70.3 - 2022
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